13 Unmistakable Signs You’re Experiencing A Spiritual Awakening


13 Unmistakable Signs You’re Experiencing A Spiritual Awakening

13 unmistakable signs, you’re experiencing a spiritual awakening and don’t know about it. What is a spiritual awakening? Do you think you’re experiencing one, but don’t know whether it’s a spiritual awakening or not?

The spiritual awakening is an awakening of a dimension of reality. Beyond the confines of the ego, in this case, the ego is our exclusive sense of self or eye spiritual awakening can happen to anyone at any time and for any reason – and sometimes we don’t even know if we’re experiencing a spiritual awakening in the process.

Spiritual awakening involves opening the heart center. It’s deeply associated with one psychology, the emotional body and soul. In this video, we’re going to talk about some signs that someone is experiencing a spiritual awakening. I promise you this video will be especially useful for you guys. People who experience a full awakening process are typically experiencing all of these signs and, roughly, at the same degree of intensity as well.

Although the intensity could vary depending on a person’s overall wakefulness. Someone who experiences a high intensity of wakefulness is also experiencing a higher state of well-being and mental quietness as well. Anyways here are some common signs of spiritual awakening you might be experiencing, but don’t know about.

Please note that these awakening symptoms, I’m going to tell you, are also common for temporary spiritual awakenings as well, but before moving to this list. If you think this information is helpful, for you, don’t forget to like and share this video guys 1 intensified perception during the process of spiritual awakening, your perception is becoming more vivid and direct.

You begin to see the beauty in everything, small details become so clear to you, and you begin to cherish the little things that other people take for granted. Therefore, you’re becoming more and more captivated by nature, you often enjoy spending time alone in nature, gazing at the natural landscape, the sky, the lake animals plants and everything.

This intensified perception can also be interpreted as increased sensitivity. This means you become more sensitive to things that people are not aware of. You see, becoming more sensitive, can sometimes feel so overwhelming and exhausting.

So, you need to pay attention to your overall well-being. Although it’s not going to be a problem, once your wakefulness is established to increased intuition and desire to reconnect with yourself, someone who experiences a spiritual awakening will have a greater desire to reconnect with themselves.

The reason is that they completely understand the only one who can make them happy is not anyone but themselves. Well, you can ask for help to be inspired by others. Only you and your higher consciousness know who you really are.

Therefore, you can only give the answers to what you really want. You begin to spend more time with yourself and have strong desires to follow your gut feelings or, in the other word, intuitions. 3 increased present Nisour. The importance of living in the present has become more spiritually awakened. The past of the future become much less important to you.

You begin to strive and focus at the moment when you can fully interfere, which is the present every minute is to count and doing the best will obviously make a better past future. Therefore, they rarely spend time recalling past experiences or ruminating over past events, just as they really spend time looking forward into the future or daydreaming about future goals.

But surely, they also have a big plan for the future? It’s just that by focusing on the present experience. Will become a step closer to their future goals for awareness of spiritual energy.

Everything in life is vibration, said Albert Einstein: everything is energy, including you, in a sense we’re made of literally nothing more than vibrating energy. We might not feel as if we often take it for granted, but it still is the fact, however, at higher stakes of spiritual awakening you’re becoming more aware of a spiritual force that came from all things and the space between things.

These vibrations can be seen as a wave when a person has bad vibes. This means their emotional and/or thought waves have low frequency, or when people are meditating they’re actually trying to raise their vibration to a higher level. This means they want to increase their thought and emotional wave frequencies, five aliveness harmony and connectedness.

In other cases, you might not be aware of the presence of the life force in your surroundings, it’s possible. Actually, it could mean that you’re at a lower intensity of awakening. However, you can still sense its effects indirectly. What’s more important in this spiritual awakening process is for one to feel a sense of aliveness around them to the awakened person. There is no such things as inhibited objects, since everything is vibrating energy.

These spiritual energies create a sense of connectedness or oneness, which means everything happens for a reason and there’s always a meaning behind everything. Six willingness to love and give without expecting back since you can feel the connectedness of everything, your desire to be of service to the world is greater than anything.

Your heart and soul can feel fulfilled. When you are helping others, you don’t need anyone to give something back in return for helping them. You only wish for their happiness by giving your love for free, seven, inner, quietness, spiritually, awakened people, have less inner noise and thought chatter inside their mind.

They’re calmer and compose and lose interest in worrying the more you understand, your emotions and yourself, the more you know that living in fear and worry is the most useless thing to do. After all, we create our reality based on our thoughts, and we attract something in which we give our attention to.

Therefore, you begin to act based on love and not fear. Eight changing sleep patterns, although many factors can cause changes in sleep patterns. This is often one of the most obvious signs of spiritual awakening, especially if other symptoms are present.

He might need a lot more sleep than before. It’s expected at a time of integrations for your body to feel tired. Even after waking up, you may be unable to sleep at all the night, frequently wake up or even experience, panic attacks when you wake up once again, it’s natural since your body is undergoing such a massive awakening, it’s important to just surrender and give into it accept Whatever pain and overwhelming emotions.

You’re currently experiencing things will get better once the awakening has been established, 9, deep sadness or compassion about the suffering world experiencing such a massive transformation is not always the best feeling in the world be connected to your surrounding world also means.

You can feel its suffering as much as you can feel its joy and happiness once you are becoming more and more aware of your surrounding environment, you become more attractive to negative emotions wherever you’re going. The reason is simple. You suddenly feel responsible and that you have to do something to fix the world or the people 10, feeling the need to make the world a better place.

As I said before, since you can feel the suffering of the world, you somehow feel responsible for it and wants to do anything to make the world a better place. Basically, taking care of your own self is not enough for you, you can only feel fulfilled if you can get a positive impact on the world, you’re caring and passionate.

You feel empathy for others and animals. You can’t understand why people are so selfish and not able to see the world the way you see it. 11 increased inspiration and creativity.

You can often notice things most people are not aware of, and it becomes a huge opportunity for you to produce something. Creative you’re constantly receiving images, ideas, music or other creative inspirations, and which makes you want to accomplish more and more aside from helping others.

You can only feel alive when you’re able to create something useful for you and other people, 12 heightened sense of mortality. It goes without saying that awakened people tend to be more ethical and responsible, just like how awakening allows them to give unconditional love to others. It also fosters a more all-encompassing and unconditional type of mortality.

They can sense what’s right and wrong or good and bad, and they will uphold their moral standards. They may go as far as breaking laws or sacrificing their own happiness in order to maintain their moral principles, 13 appreciations of self and living more authentically. You may have heard about the taking for granted syndrome.

It basically means that, rather than feeling grateful for what we already have, we feel dissatisfied and create more for the things that we don’t have. This is not one of the symptoms of spiritual awakening as awakened individuals.

Do feel grateful and appreciate everything they have so far doesn’t necessarily mean that they don’t strive for other things, though they just have the ability to count their blessings, such as their health, freedom or the fact that they have a loving partner. This sense of appreciation eventually leads to curiosity and openness, which allows them to explore more and discover more beautiful sides of the world.

Well, those are the thirteen unmistakable signs you’re experiencing a spiritual awakening and don’t know about it. So, what’s your opinion about this, I hope you enjoy watching this cool video and if you have something on your mind, don’t hesitate to share your thoughts and experiences in the comments below don’t forget to subscribe to our Channel and click. The bell to join the notification squad thanks for watching.

Symptoms of Spiritual Awakening – Learn Why You’re Feeling So Off-Balance

The amazing energetic ‘awakening’ phenomenon is continuing to gather speed and power and is affecting more and more people. This is just a guideline to a few of the experiences it can trigger.

We can relate to most, if not all of these symptoms; in fact we have actually been having a lot of them for several years so it’s good to understand there’s a plausible explanation! We prompt you not to over think this; excessive analysis goes directly against the grain of awakening.

There are people out there who just love to visit medical websites and online forums and compare their symptoms with major harmful illness and freak themselves out. Please evaluate this list in the spirit in which we share it; as a context. If, however, you do have any genuine concerns about your physical health, please go to a medical practitioner.

The following was influenced by Geoffrey Hoppe of Crimson Circle, directing Tobias.

Indications of Spiritual Awakening

This is the result of intense changes at your DNA level as the “Christ seed” awakens within. This will pass in time.

This is similar to the experience of moving from a house where you lived in for many, many years into a new house. As much as you want to move into the new house, there is a sadness of leaving behind the memories, energy and experiences of the old house. This will pass in time.

It’s healthy and good to let the tears flow as it helps to release the old energy within. This will come in waves and will also pass in time as the old energy gets released.

This is a very common symptom. As you change, things around you will change. You’re in transition and you may make several job changes before you settle into one that fits your passion.

5. Not feeling passionate or excited about anything. Related to the above sign, is the sensation that nothing delights you any longer. This is due to the fact that you no longer resonate with the old enthusiasms, but you’ve not yet developed the new ones. Sometimes, you can feel actually bored. Hang tight, and this will change with time. We are updating our DNA and our internal software and this suggests that we no longer resonate with our old referral points.

You are connected to your biological family via old karma. When you get off the karmic cycle, the bonds of the old relationships are released. Over time, you may even develop new relationships with them if it feels.

6. Uncommon sleep patterns & sleep disruptions. It’s most likely that you’ll awaken lots of nights in between 2:00 and 4:00 AM. There’s a great deal of work going on within you, and it frequently triggers you to wake up for a “breather.” Do not stress. If you can’t fall back to sleep, just get up and do something instead of staying in bed getting stressed over your lack of sleep!

Again, you are releasing the old energy that’s been stored up, and these energies are often symbolized as battles, being chased or fighting with scary creatures. This will pass in time.

8. Feeling physically disorientated. Many individuals are experiencing periods of dizziness or sensation extremely ungrounded. You are starting to stroll in between 2 worlds, so it makes sense that at times you’ll feel spatially challenged. Sometimes your awareness shifts into the new energy, however your body lags behind. Spending time in nature (ideally barefoot) will assist to ground the new energy within.

9. Talking to yourself more. There is a new level of communication occurring within your being, and this is just the start of this new sort of self-talk. As the conversations increase, they will become more fluid, meaningful and most interestingly, more informative. You’re not going crazy, you’re just waking up!

Feeling lonely, even when others are around. During this period, many of us are finding it a challenge to be around others, who are also releasing energies from the past. Soon enough, this void within will be filled with the love and energy of your own higher consciousness.

You have completed your karmic cycle and you feel restless and alone. You’ve come this far, so don’t check out now, before the next stage of the journey takes place in the new energy. We are living in the most exciting time ever; the time of huge transformation.

You are never ever alone and there are lots of others that feel the like you do. Get in touch with other similar individuals and take time to get to know your greater self. Feel into what makes your heart sing.

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