3 HUGE Spiritual Awakening Mistakes I made (that changed my life)


3 HUGE Spiritual Awakening Mistakes I made (that changed my life)

This video, I’m gonna, show you three huge spiritual awakening mistakes that I made that I wish I had it. I wish I would have known some of these things earlier because it would have made the process so much easier.

I’M gonna share those with you right now welcome back to another video, my name’s Erin, and I help people to expand their consciousness. Now, in this video, I’m gonna be sharing with you, those three spiritual awakening mistakes that I went through and things that I did. I kind of made some impulse decisions back in the day.

This is like 2012 we’re talking. I went through a huge shift in consciousness, I went from needing and not being able to focus to being able to meditate. I changed the way that I thought about myself. I realized that I wasn’t. I wasn’t a separate ego.

Having a separate ego experience, I realized that I was a spiritual being having a temporary human experience and when I had this realization I was so excited about it, and I was excited to share it with everybody, and I thought it was like the coolest thing ever.

However, what I learned is that not everybody was going to be as excited about hearing it as I was, and when I look back at it now, it almost seems funny some of the decisions I made some of the choices I made back in 2012?

It’s funny for me to see the things I did because now I know I mean of course now. I know what I know, but I would have never done a lot of those, so the first one has to do with feeling different and developing an identity around that spiritual awakening. Now what I mean by this is here is kind of what happened.

I went through that I spiritual awakening. I started meditating, my whole entire life changed. I started feeling differently, got rid of taking Adderall for ADHD. I stopped then, no longer to smoke weed anymore. I just felt really good a majority of the time.

It was like way beyond anything I ever thought I ever could imagine, but now it’s just like my natural state, not that I’m saying I’m enlightened or anything, I’m not saying that, but I am saying that I have raised my vibrational set point.

I do feel like it would be blissful compared to the old version of me, of course, they’re still waves, they’re still there’s still peaks and lows. That’s for sure. However, it’s much higher than it used to be now when I went through this, I was so excited about it that I went to my dad different parts of different family members. I went to friends.

I was telling everyone about this and I also at the time this is back in 2012. I thought there was a connection between the day 2012 and like an ascension of humanity. Now, when I say this, I still in a way, do believe that I do believe that we are raising our frequency and that that is what some people call ascension.

And I believe that in 2012 is a pivotal time for us going through that energy upgrade in a way, and I was interpreting things at the time that were meant more figuratively or metaphoric like in metaphors. I was interpreting that more literal, like one day.

Maybe we are here and then the next day, maybe we ascend into a higher level of consciousness. We don’t have to be in the old 3D reality anymore. So because of that, I shared that with a lot of people when I shared that with a lot of people, it made me look much less credible. It also was something that I realized. I became so attached to a certain perspective of how I thought things were gonna.

Go that I ended up in a way really developing this resistance around people that didn’t believe in the spiritual awakening process, and it caused a lot of distance between me and other people and at first, I was trying to sell everyone on spiritual awakening.

I was writing. I was like you, don’t understand your spiritual being you’ve forgotten this all of this stuff because I had such great experience from it that I thought to myself. Well, everyone else would have such a great experience with the two, like. I don’t want their family members that may feel negative emotion.

Well, if you do this, if you feel so much better, and you’re able to process it and all of this really cool stuff. However, what I ended up learning was that the more I tried to sell it to people the more I was like dependent on what they thought, the more resistance they could feel and then the more they would repel, and they would not to learn more about the Spiritual awakening stuff, so as almost that my insistence was causing a level of resistance insistence Eagles resistance?

So, what I learned to do is to no longer try to sell it to anybody so for after that, two thousand twelves. What I did is four years. I just focused on, I was working a job that I wasn’t that passionate about, but I knew to have been.

She wanted me on YouTube, but what I did was I just decided. I was gonna stay in my lane. I’M gonna focus on what I’m doing. If I focus you know what I do eventually that’ll lead to something, and it’s funny now because I couldn’t care less what people think. But now, of course, I have all the validation from so many different people offs because of the YouTube channel and everything, but even family members and friends.

That used to think what I talked about was weird, there’s a lot of people coming around. It’s pretty cool, and I don’t have to sell it at all. So, the first mistake I made is I tried to get everyone on board and when you try to get everyone on board, especially with the way that you do it. If you, if you just come out the gate, and you’re like listen, you, you know we’re all star seeds multi-dimensional beings like all of this stuff, they may just completely shut down. But if you start kind of small, you start kind of small.

You like to put little seeds here in there, like you, show certain correlations between different philosophies and how your thoughts create your reality, or at least your thoughts influence reality with you.

You know planting little seeds like that it begins to open people up more and more so that first mistake I made is I tried to sell it to everybody and because of that, I felt resistance when people didn’t agree with it, and another thing that happened too was it’s almost like? I started to develop a spiritual ego because I became kind of pretty lonely for a while. There was a time when I wasn’t hanging out with that many friends. I wasn’t really doing much because I felt like people didn’t get me and I developed a spiritual ego where I was like.

Well, these people they just don’t get it they’re just still asleep. They don’t want to know the truth and that belief that there were people that were like that was causing me to not feel connected to other people, because then I had a belief that people weren’t awaked, but instead what I did is, I learn, do as I Learned to not judge so just let people be everyone’s at their own level of conscious is not higher, not lower.

Just there’s just different, there are just levels to this: okay, but they’re not up and down levels. Just like I don’t know like side to side levels that were, we don’t feel better than anyone else, so that was the first one. How the second one say.

Oh, it’s got funny. Okay. When I got to the spiritual awakening stuff, I went all in okay. I’M talking you, I went for someone that would never meditate. I smoked a lot.

I would drink a lot all of a sudden, I’m meditating, and I wasn’t just meditating like I was doing mantras and stuff like I was in. I would be in my room – and I lived with my mom, her husband at the time and then my brother and my sister on my mom’s side, and we all lived in this like house that was kind of in the middle of nowhere here in Vegas. There’s like this place about Sloan, Nevada, we lived right over there. It’s like a couple of miles south of Las Vegas. It was a really cool house.

If I went back there, it would be real cool to bring back the memories. However, what happened was: is I’d be like in the backyard I’m doing mantras I’d be you know I was? I was just, I went so far deep. I went from like eating crappy food to going like straight raw vegan like right away. I just did some pretty extreme and I look back at it now, and I just went hardcore.

I was like this is what I believe, and so, when I had friends with them, it didn’t understand what I was like, didn’t understand why there was such a huge change in me. It makes sense to why they thought that I went from. I went from zero to 100 real quick, okays. Now. What happened, though, is I became unbalanced?

I became almost to metaphysical like I was, like I don’t. What to work in 3D. Reality has a 3D job and listen to people. I don’t like to listen to. I became almost kind of like a 3D snob or like a 5d snob.

I don’t even know what you call it, but I was like no, I’m not gonna, I’m not gonna go into a job. I quit my job on a whim. It’s like this doesn’t resonate anymore at Nordstrom’s and women. Shoes and I just went in one day, and I wasn’t really happy with the management there because there was a lot of politics going on. So, I just went in one day, and I was like you know what, I’m not coming in tomorrow, and I was there for five years.

So, some of the things I did is I just kind of had some pretty dramatic changes because I wasn’t happy with the 3D world and I went from where I was to just complete, different state to where I was. I was almost to the area.

I remember one of the reasons I left Nordstrom’s is because there were these like global meditations, I every Sunday at 11:11, and if I had to work on his Sunday, I would go on a break like I was helping the customer of shoes. I’D be like, I’d have to find an excuse to go on a break. I’D take finish up with them.

Real quick, go on a break so that I could go across the street to, of all places, a Trump Hotel, okay, where I worked here in Vegas. That was right across training. There’s a grass, there’s like little grass. So, I wanted to go like ground myself and grass and meditate, and there were like hard driving by it was like I was. I was hard poor.

I was like we’re gonna send a collective consciousness. This is what we’re all doing, it doesn’t matter. 3D jobs are of no importance. I’M gonna go meditate at the Trump Hotel inside of the in the grass and allow my vibration to rage that it can help the collective consciousness. So, the moral of this story is that is still about being grounded in 3D physical reality.

I remember that I didn’t want to get it like after I quit my job, and I was like okay, I’m done with this whole 3D reality there’s like I’m just gonna be in the 5d ascension mode right. There was this lady that I talked to on the phone about kinesiology. She was like a don’t know, some type of kinesiology thing shaking like ask questions and get yes or no answers from Microsoft, conscious, mind, which is very similar to the power of your source.

Stuff that I talk about, but it was like a certain branch of it that I wasn’t that familiar with, but she was like this really old, like 70 something year old lady, she was really, really sweet, and I was on the phone talking to her asking Her questions and she was like dead-on for a lot of things like there. Was this one thing which is like what happened when you were like 20 years old and there was like, and then she would like, go through these different yes or no questions, and she’d narrow down why it was there?

There was like this heart wall that I had around my heart like it was very interesting, but she was so dead on for everything. So then I asked her to ask one question, not really supposed to ask questions like this, but I was just curious. Like does spirit wants me to go, get a three-d job or whatever, like. That was my question, and she goes yeah, I’m getting yes, I was like. No.

Can you do it again? She does it again. She’s like yes, I was like. Maybe there’s something – maybe all that other stuff was right, but maybe that one thing was wrong. That was kind of my thought process on it.

However, eventually, what I did do is I realize is okay. I got to go back into the 3D world and get a 3D job for now. This is like in 2013, and I was after six months of just deep integration. I was like okay, I got to go back into the 3D world, so what I did is I applied at the first place that I found that I was like okay, it’s like I worked in women. She was at Nordstrom, so I go to a higher in place.

I went to Barneys New York, which is like a higher end, more boutique II retail place, like $1,200 pair of shoes. You know what I mean, and I went in there and I applied and, like, literally got an interview the next day and Hathi got the job that day.

So, I was like it just seemed meant to be. You know what I mean, but what I realized was that this isn’t about having such a 3D such a 5d experience that you’re not meant to be having a 3-tier you’re meant to be having a mixture of 3D and give the experience. But what I had to do is I had to go back to a job.

I didn’t really care about so that I could eventually get to the point where, like I’m like, okay, I want to leave here. I developed the skills and I developed the ability to then go full-time, doing what I love, and maybe that created the pressure for me to make videos. I’M not sure, but I see that happen.

A lot of people that are going through spiritual awakening, they’re like screw a job, this 3D world and stuff. No, it’s about it’s about integrating this world and being here by being 5d, isn’t about being some mystical unicorn that doesn’t have to exist or eats or Burt.

You know, or anything like that, so it’s still about enjoying what I do is I enjoy. I joy life, I enjoy. I go out, and I like to eat it, a nice place every now and then and enjoy the senses do not get identified with them but enjoy it. You know many of us. We have connections to higher vibrational places beyond just his body, and we may not have food the same way.

We do here don’t mean we get identified with the food doesn’t mean we may not fast or may not do things, but it just means that we can enjoy this experience, and I felt like sometimes with spiritual awakening. Is there such a seriousness that comes to that? The seriousness itself causes a level of resistance now. The third thing I want to mention is something called the events. Some people going through a spiritual awakening will talk about this event, there’s qhht quantum healing hypnosis technique and through people that tap of their higher mind.

There’s a lot of information that comes out about this event. That’s going to happen this cosmic event, there’s been this flash of light and all these different things, which sounds pretty cool, and they have been talking about this event and I used to be someone. I was like really keeping up with it since 2012. They’ve been talking about it, it’s gonna happen any moment. Now, I’m not saying it’s not, but what I am saying is that the key is not to wait.

The key is not waiting, so many people are putting abundance on hope, so many people are waiting for something magical to happen for disclosure to happen. For all of these things to happen, not knowing that you are disclosure, not knowing that you are the one that’s going to help in this process, there’s the way the mechanics of this reality are changing.

Is that now the more goods you put out into the world? The more comes back to you and most of us like workers, star seeds, whatever label we want to give it. We have the intention of helping people wake up and because we have that intention, the energy is working in our favor, but it’s not about waiting for some specific time.

You know, some people are waiting for some like funds to be released from other the people that have hoarded the money, and it shouldn’t be with them. What I’ve learned is you don’t want to be in the waiting game, you want to just be you want to do what your passion is about. You don’t want to keep waiting.

I see so many people in waiting mode and thank you is what is more powerful, waiting or tap it into your own power. You see, so the mistakes I’ve made on my spiritual awakening process is one.

I developed a spiritual ego and I thought people didn’t get me, and then I created more and more of that reality to giving everything up and just going so deep down to Unicorn is so deep, so fast spiritual, not instead of integrating that of the 3D reality And being here and there at the same time, and then like I was mentioned three not waiting anymore, simply choosing that you are going to be the change that you wish to see. You are going to be abundant Nomi that the mechanics of this reality have changed to a point to where they can highly benefit you.

So, those are the three things that I wish I knew earlier. That would have made my life so much easier. Let me know if you resonate with any of these or if you have any others, that you wish you knew earlier, let’s go ahead and share it down below.

Also, I have a razor vibration, MP3 that you can download by clicking the link below you can listen to that every day for 21 days, read the comments on that video to see what it’s possible, and it’ll help you to raise.

Your vibrational set point, which is kind of what I was talking about earlier. So if you haven’t already to run the notification bell, that’s the only way you can see the daily bits. I got a lot more good stuff coming other than that, as always, peace. Much love and namaste

Spiritual Awakening – How To Discover It?

Who does not wonder whether joy that lasts is ever possible, and if so, what does one need to do to bring it about? Will this require to involve some kind of spiritual awakening, and if so, how do you discover it?

Spiritual awakening and modern culture
Much of materialist science has it that we are servants to our inherited nature, family childhood and financial constraints of adult life. To put it simply, we are led to believe that our personal fate is more or less already predictable and that we have little or no personal choice in the matter.

Contemporary analysts thus suggest that the only method for improving things is to attempt to change the external world and therefore the experiences of the people in it – their financial, political, level of education. And so today, knowledge and understanding of spiritual concepts are often sidelined.

It might be the case that the very need for spiritual awakening is challenged implicitly in our Western culture. Nevertheless, I think lots of people independently wonder whether they require going through some sort of personal transformation if they are to be actually happy. If one is ever to end up being a much better person, this would be extremely much in line with what deep thinkers state about the requirement for spiritual awakening.

The trouble is, this deeper type of personal change can appear to be a mystifying procedure.

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Spiritual awakening and Observing Spirit
In Observing Spirit, Peter Rhodes, however, clarifies the process; for example, showing how spiritual awakening includes self-awareness and being totally alert to inner experience.

Observing Spirit: Evaluating your day-to-day development on the path to heaven with Gurdjieff and Swedenborg by Peter Rhodes, 2005.

The reader is offered a series of beneficial spiritual exercises and the necessary theoretical understanding of cultivating spiritual awakening and the personal advantages they can bring. These can be substantial; including increased awareness and vitality, a focusing of one’s energy and sense of uniqueness and credibility.

Personal self-help books remain in abundant supply. Frequently, they beg the question whether it is possible to utilize a strategy or task apart from the framework of spiritual ideas which underlie it. For example, do we require spiritual beliefs regarding what states of mind spiritual awakening can lead us into?

On the other hand, the world’s faiths have plenty to say about human fate, and morality. The inevitable experience of facing death is viewed as a key spiritual test for liberating us from extreme material preoccupation.

Spiritual awakening and world religions

In the three Abraham make faiths, Judaism, Christianity and Islam, destiny is framed in terms of our specific identity making it through death in an eternal afterlife.

This vision, in more comprehensive terms, embraces judgement in relation to our conduct of life, sometimes an intermediate state of waiting or re-schooling and after that, either ultimate union with the divine (called heaven or paradise), or in a state of ultimate separation from the divine (referred to as hell).

In Hinduism there is said to be a constant cycle of rebirth, death, and birth (reincarnation) until – through right action, an increase in selflessness and the practice of a spiritual path – the cycle ultimately ends in release from combining and suffering with the divine.

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But such religious customs have less to demonstrate how their teachings can be used by the spiritual applicant who lives beyond a religious culture: how can such a person usage faith to participate in recovery of the spirit?

Peter Rhodes offers a response. On a personal level, he had found what to think about life and death in the Bible and Emanuel Swedenborg’s analysis of it. However, it remained in the books of Gurdjieff and his partners that Rhodes found a very useful spiritual method for using Swedenborg’s religious idea to the troubles of individual change.

Much deeper ideas and jobs for spiritual awakening
As soon as central concept in the Swedenborgian technique, is that effort should be made to turn away from or put aside whatever is not good about the way one is living. Observing Spirit offers both some deeper ideas and jobs in relation to awakening to:-.

  • Where you are and where you wish to go.
  • Your effects on others.
  • Dominating negatives in your character.
  • Your developing goals.
  • Your natural side in service to your spiritual side.
  • Freedom from natural time.
  • Area for a spiritual life.
  • Remembering yourself.
  • Being conscious of another individual’s difficulties.
  • Eliminating barriers.
  • A genuine sense of self.
  • Being stunned by what is true.

For me, this inspiring book shows that it is necessary to get up to the nature of our illusions and incorrect attachments and to gain spiritual knowledge and comprehending about ourselves and the magnificent source of all that is good and true.

At the same time, what is also needed is a wholehearted approval of the aspects that stand in the method of our journey of individual change and a willingness to deal with spiritual awakening.

The procedure of spiritual growth described in Observing Spirit is challenging. It takes effort, and there are times when spiritual enlightenment about yourself will not be a particularly enjoyable experience.

That with the spiritual power of the divine working within oneself, it is so much easier for you to see your true intentions and to listen to other people and appreciate the goodness in them.

The book has greatly helped its readers to act more in accordance with their real values and to pay better attention to the subtle yet motivating ideas and feelings present within the human soul.

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