3 Signs You Are Having a Spiritual Awakening (and dont know it)


3 Signs You Are Having a Spiritual Awakening (and dont know it)

Now, in this video we’re going to be particularly talking about spiritual awakening and how we can know we’re really going through the process, I learn some signposts that we can have what, if some signs that we can have to know whether we’re on that right track or Not now I’ll say the first one I’ll give away right now has to do with just simply, knowing that you are watching this video now that was one of the first signs for me is when I was going through. I would just start to see things about spiritual awakening, and it was something that I never really you know even came across before.

Maybe I heard the words before, but it never really resonated with me, so understand, first off that, if you’re even watching this video, there’s a high likelihood that, in order for you to even perceive of this video you’re already vibrating the quote-unquote vibrating at that understanding, and You’re resonating with this idea and this type of experience, so that’s empowering to know because you’re on the path already, you may have just not note it 100%. Meditation was something I just did, because I thought it would help me with what I thought I had ADHD, which means it was hard for me to focus.

I started to feel so different about who I was. I started to have very deep realizations for the correlation between by thinking and what I was experienced in my life, so I became aware of the limitation I had around thinking I had ADHD and how you know thinking I had to go to the doctor to cure That or I had to take adderall to cure that how that was feeding into that reality and how I could simply change it by redefining myself.

That’s what I did for that point going for. Go through a spiritual awakening, I know that even growing up, I went through a lot of you may have heard me talk about this before I won’t go too deep into it, but I went through a lot of abuse growing up for my ex stepmom and from That that made me go within because for years I asked myself the question: why did this have to happen?

The first sign that you are going through a spiritual awakening is that you are simply watching this video that you find yourself resonating with this kind of information and that you’re starting to integrate it more into your daily life. What I mean by this is maybe before like people would do things to you or people would say things to you, and you would just listen to the words that they say.

What happens is after a spiritual awakening you become aware of not just the practical like physical or the words themselves. If somebody was trying to get something out of me, it was like clear as day you know it’s just there.

That was the way she was, so I learned manipulation at a very young age, but I’d say that after spiritual awakening, it was just so easy for me to see. I was just so aware of what people’s thoughts were and like what people’s intentions were, and then I could simply decide where I wanted to put my energy and really who I wanted to be around so realize it’s not just about the words that are said.

It’s not just about the physicality of things, it’s also about the energy underneath it, and one of the other parts of this is also knowing that you are more than just this physical life that you are an immortal. What this means is you just become sensitive and aware to the idea that this isn’t all there is you become more aware of your dreams?

Now, there’s more vibration than we can even precede, because you could think of this in the way that we can hear. When we hear there’s you know sounds that Doc’s can hear that we can’t hear doesn’t mean that those sounds don’t exist.

It just means it’s out of our vibrational range of interpretation, so same with sight. What we think to be true, and from that point going forward, you start to understand things at a much deeper level.

The third thing sign that you are going through a spiritual awakening has to do with just completely redefining all of the limitations and definitions that you have. I remember that I just became aware of all the correlation between what I was thinking, what I wasn’t, even in my life or what I was receiving in my life, and from that, I was able to let go of a lot of limitations.

Then, that’s where the conscious awareness comes in you’ll find that you start to become more aware of who you have become. Does this have to be true for me when you see that you see that everything in life is perception?

Water is just water. Good is an idea, it may be an opinion, but good is just.

We are constantly doing that in imposing these ideas on reality. Obviously, water is good or that’s one perception of it, but water might not be good to somebody.

It depends upon the perspective that you have so the reason I’m saying this is because when you become aware of the fact that everything in your life is an opinion, it’s one like perspective one reference experience, you can start to expand your own bubble, and you Can start to become much more aware of who you are and who you define to be now?

You realize it’s not just the words that are being said, but it’s the energy underneath it. You realize that the five senses are just limited ways of interpreting and seeing reality.

You become aware that everything you see in your life is an opinion, it’s a perspective and that you can kind of transcend it with awareness. That’s the way YouTube Dustin’s now is you actually have to hit that button to see those and other than that?

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