5 Stages Of The Spiritual Awakening Process: (A GUIDE For Your Awakening)


5 Stages Of The Spiritual Awakening Process: (A GUIDE For Your Awakening)

Namaste, my friends, and welcome to my YouTube channel. My name is Victor, And today I’m going to share with you the five stages of the spiritual awakening process journey, etc. Now I know some of you are thinking Victor. This is way too Personal. You know, multifaceted and Dynamic of a process to.

You know, chunk up into five stages, and I completely agree. But what I can say in looking back, and not only my own journey over the last decade, but also working with literally hundreds of people from all walks of life from all over the planet. You can.

You can chunk it up a little bit, and you can certainly glean a lot of insight by understanding the significance and some of the maybe the challenges and the things to expect with each particular.

You know a chapter of the journey So for anyone who knows they’re going through a spiritual awakening and wants a better understanding of what they’re going through and also where they’re at in their journey.

Then this video is gonna, be perfect for you That what you’re going through is more than just a funk or a midlife Crisis, that there is something profound going on with you right now.

It’s now undeniable, and it’s spiritual in nature. There’s the shake up phase where life will? Let you know that this can manifest in many different ways For a lot of people. It’s a mystical experience.

Like wow, I floated out of my body, I talked to Jesus, there must be something divine out there and that opens them up to the realization They’re going through an awakening, A lot of people not allowed to some people.

It’s something kind of tragic like a car accident, or you know knowing they’re not You know dead or anything, but something where you know a loss of a job Where you know something really big, that really wake you up and cause you to step back and in Didn’t start reevaluating yourself in your life path and all those things which is kind of what the spiritual awakening process does for you Anyway, there’s an event.

It causes you it shakes you awake most people are a lot of. People must also start seeing synchronicity, The number patterns on the clock. 11:11, one on one.

You just start seeing these repeating numbers over and over again Simultaneous to the thought that you know what I think, I’m going through something I think I’m changing I’m suddenly looking at everything in my life Vastly differently and also there’s all these numbers, and also I had this crazy thing happen to me.

So, it’s life again, We’ll use what is Necessary to wake you up for a good chunk of people. Finally, I’ll touch on this last part, But there’s probably more to it than I’m gonna get into in this video.

But a lot of people find themselves To things highly anxious, like suddenly like out of the blue. They have all this anxiety And they’re.

Also, really, really depressed, and they go to the doctor. I have anxiety doctor, I’m depressed. The doctor is not gonna help you, even if they put you on some kind of magic pill, it doesn’t go away, it lingers, and it intensifies now that might for those people, that’s what they needed to cause them to guess.

What looks within the shakeup’s phase is to cause you to relinquish the hold that your external reality has on your focus, so that you can stop and look within the awakening process is an inner journey that does reflect in your external reality eventually, but we have lost.

The balance of Focusing both in and out of our lives and the spiritual awakening in some way shape or form us are causing you to look within by any means necessary. Fortunately, if you’re watching this video, you’re probably who probably already been through that phase, and they’re curious for the next step.

But it’s in case not know that if you’re feeling really, really depressed or really, really anxious – and you resonate with what the craziness I’m talking about – then that’s your way of revealing to You that you are on an awakening journey and then that depression and anxiety.

And So forth is actually going to help you heal and transform yourself number two is the Hermit phase of awakening, and I already have other videos going much more into detail about this phase.

But generally this happens after you’re shaken awake, and you know you’re going through something and you sort of in a sense giving yourself permission to go through the cleansing and the healing and the energetic upgrading process.

The process of expanding your mind and stretching your beliefs and reevaluating every aspect of yourself. This is the hermit phase, It’s its where you, finally, where life finally gets your attention, and you finally heed the message.

Or the call to look within and then, when you start looking within, you realize there’s a lot of there’s a home, a lot of work to Do, and then the Work begins, and the hermit phase generally takes people out of the game a little bit. We are not doing so much activity in the external world, and you’re now all on board, I’m focusing on yourself.

Generally, you read a lot of spiritual books, and you’re really seeking enlightenment in your own way, and you’re doing your Meditation, and you’re going through energy healing and there’s many other things that are part of this I’ll get into in just a moment.

At this point in the journey, You probably find that you’re being led around you’re guided in a sense through synchronicity you’ve developed a stronger faith in your process, and you’re letting your intuition guide your steps now.

And Sometimes your intuition can guide you into steps that you Never anticipated taking steps that make you question: is this really the right move to make because I’m unsure and Most of the people who know me and know my patterns? They think something’s up, and I just don’t know So.

This is like that test of faith where you’re just following the Synchronicity and as you do even though there are those moments of doubt, Life will always come back around and show you that. I see why you did that, See why you were a nudge to do that, see how well it worked out.

Well, Good! Remember that because we’re doing this now, Oh Right, and you’re probably just watch binge-watching a lot of videos just like this on YouTube.

Reading blogs, reading books interested in your food and raising your vibration and learning about the secret government and aliens and all that kind of cool stuff. This is where you’re at right now.

You’re in the hermit phase, It’s a very important phase to again expand your mind and, more importantly, to go through the energetic upgrade That you need to go through.

This is a tough time of Raising your vibration And, as you do this, there are also other symptoms where the anxiety might be over. Like really, really intense. You might feel so sensitive where you don’t even want to go out in public.

You don’t want to go out with your friends. Is this busy places have too much like a racy energy, and it drains you, and You absorb some of that crazy energy – and I know this all sounds kind of weird, but at the time we’re just really cracked open, Really focused on finding out who you are And why you’re here

And you’re finding it synchronicity, is guiding you to more of yourself one step at a time Before I move on a little word of the wise that this is you if you find is you’re like yeah Yeah, dude I’M in the hermit phase, What do I do You just do what I just said.

You follow your intuition. You follow yourself, ignore the naysayers, ignore the conventional norms, Even your own personal mental judgments, upon what you’re doing Let go and follow your intuition.

It will never lead you astray; It will only always lead you to more of yourself and, as you reclaim more of yourself, You will literally get happier and Happier in more and more and more fulfilled and whole and complete and content and all the things you want In life are within yourself, And the hermit phase is a way where you guide yourself in that direction.

Number three wrote down the integration phase or the life purpose phase at this point, You’re probably well, on your way, You’re probably very comfortable with videos like this. Nothing I said, is gonna shake you up, probably at all.

In fact, You might even be more too used to even more esoteric concepts, and I’m exploring in this video. At the same time, you sense things are changing.

The tides are shifting, You don’t know what it is. You can’t quite put your finger on it, some of the magic and like the zest and like the excitement of the awakening is wearing off.

Maybe your synchronicities are coming fewer and far between less frequently and At the same time you haven’t maybe undergone You didn’t really experience some magical crazy.

You know Transformation yet that you thought you were building up to and all of a sudden, you find yourself kind of back in your life, Where you were Yeah you’re expanded, Yeah, you see things differently and more clearly, But here you are.

You got bills to pay Yeah, I’m from your mouths to feed children, obligation, responsibility, A synchronicity is wearing off the magic squaring off. You still have no idea where it’s going, you’re waiting for that next intuitive nudge.

That has been guiding you up to this point, But they’re not coming Where. Where do you turn, What do you do?

It’s the integration phase, man, It’s that it’s the purpose, PHA This is where you claim your power. This is where you stop requiring so much of what seems to be external guidance through synchronicity and so forth.

And you start deciding what you want to go out there and create who you want to be what you want to represent And what you want to do Out there in the world is gonna, involve some form of help, helping Others in some way, whether it be through your art and creativity or some other more direct way.

It’s a time where you’ve already kind of found yourself, but you’re still waiting like you think you need to wait longer, like you think you don’t have enough information To just start going forward, and it does feel that way. I totally have been there for me. My hermit phase ended in South Florida.

I was shaking up in my hometown in Michigan, and I was Hey. Let go of everything and I moved all the way down to South Florida and I went through my hermit phase, where I was Lucid, dreaming and doing all the cool spiritual stuff and all of a sudden.

I ran out of money and I didn’t know what to do next and the magic had one off for me and I Came down to it for me, And this is what guides a lot of people back into the world that the integration phase was.

I was running out of money had to give job ID to get working, So I just decided to start a gym and it was so scary. I didn’t have all this, like divine Magic, just leading the way, it was me.

It was more like Victor dis, figuring things out because he couldn’t really wait any longer. Okay, But here’s where the magic is in that process of victor dis figuring it out. Seemingly, on his own, without being so directly led with divine guidance.

Guess what That’s when I discovered, Who I am, What I’m made of and just how powerful I am That’s what I really that was. That was a huge shift. I don’t know a lot of you watching her in this phase right now, You’re waiting, you’re waiting for the next sign.

The sign is in you, it’s in your own common sense, And what do you want to do? Not what should you do is? What do you want to do? Well, go do it, It might not be easy in the beginning, We’re on earth, We got forces against us.

You’re gonna have to figure it out a kind of like white-knuckle it and sort of like you, dodged some Punches along the way, and you might get bruised up and make it smacked in the face once and once or twice.

But guess what You’re gonna Still be standing at the end of the day, feeling like a total badass which you are, and this integration face is all about realizing who you are and what you’re made of and then once you’ve found Yourself in an experiential way.

You start radiating that into everything you do everyone you meet and that’s when you become a real powerhouse of a light worker of all the light bearer of Can’t think of any cool other cool word, but you’ve kept. My drift numbers four is the embodiment phase.

This previous stage more about to get you out of the clouds in a sense which it was appropriate to be in for a time and Bring you back down to earth and remind that you’re on earth. And you got stuff to do, And now you’ve accepted. That and you’re doing it You’re still looking for something deeper, You might still not quite be satisfied.

You still know No, there is something more that you haven’t found you and what you haven’t found yet Is your true life purpose and that word ticks off a lot of people because they’re frustrated because they know they want it, but they just I still haven’t found it And they’ve been looking for a long time, and it’s still not there.

So, it’s easier to say screw it not. Everyone has like purpose, I don’t, buddy. Yes, you do, and the more angry you are at what I just said, the closer you are to finding it. Your life purpose won’t leave you alone.

It’s gonna keep, calling you and nagging at you over and over again just to keep you taking that next appropriate Step. It’s the time! You want to find your purpose in your, you’re gonna.

Do it You take an action in some sort of way, You’ve except there’s something more, and you know you’re gonna go for it And as you go for inevitably good luck, fighting it for a long time. It’s not gonna happen.

As you inevitably go forward. You also, during the stays, go through profound Cleanses, profound healing, like mind-blowing. All of what I said before was, in a sense, healing. I know, you’ve been dealing with stuff this whole time. Don’t get me wrong, This when you really let go of some crazy stuff?

You didn’t even know you were carrying around, but past life stuff, Ancestral, stuff, weird cycles, you absorb from your parents, all that kind of stuff

You become so aware of just how influenced by others and soap and conditioning you, then you start letting it go pockets of Stale old energy leaving your system and sometimes in a noticeable way, and You are you’re you’re going towards your dreams and your purpose, and you’re healing a Ridiculous amount along the way.

Meanwhile, you’re keeping up with the Jones You’ve got you got your job, You had all the sort of stuff, maybe kids, you know relationships you’re back in the world, So it’s like a real juggling act.

I will admit During this phase. For me, It was uh When I, when I had to get out of my hermit phase and start making some money, I started a gym. I opened up a gym because I was a personal trainer prior to that and that’s all I knew Anyway.

Well, I was like okay, cool. I found my thing until this phase hit, and I started to really know, there’s something actually even more than this, And at that time my gym started breaking down, and I was really seeking my life purpose, and I was going through these periods of like deep, Deep healing, where I would start to correlate my external patterns and cycles in life which were more visible and faster pace than ever To.

I correlate them to my own issues. Basically – and I got really good at that – and I would just sometimes sit there at my little computer chair and just think about what it transpired that day, and I’d correlate it to some kind of inner wound or something and as I would like it would – Click with me, I would literally feel a pocket of stale energy just leaving my system. I just felt like my vibration, what, got so high During that phase, but this was the hardest phase of all.

For me, This is when the financial insecurity was. Definitely there. The real world did not stop because I was going through all this stuff. It was a matter of I had to like to manage all of that stuff.

My family, my wife, my job, Everything and go through this insane healing process, while not at all being fulfilled because I knew there was something more to my life, the life purpose, But guess what Jack I found it!

Oh, And it was worth the wait. Oh, it was perfect timing, as he can probably already intuitively expect fear, So the timing was brilliant by the time I found my life purpose, which is exactly what I’m doing right now before you.

That’s when I really Everything was stacked. I was still on rocky ground. If that means, had an earthquake an hour ago here, so it’s like it was still felt like that.

But Everything worked out and, as I got deeper and deeper and deeper into my own healing and my life purpose, my Life purpose started to literally take on the life of its own and that’s when you get into the next phase.

So, once I Discover my passion and my purpose and started going forward with it, That’s when all the things I really wanted to happen.

You know, years ago, years back when I first woke up, started to actually happen. I started to actually create financial abundance for myself, finally, and that that ache of debt was finally eased, and I developed a lot of freedom in my life, where my Day-to-day life was of my choosing.

It was of my own creation, and it was funded and fueled by my life purpose, something I just love to do Anyway.

I started meeting the right people and developing really good relationships. I relocated my family to a much better place where I just it feels so at home here in Las Vegas, believe it or not.

And that’s when, like the real results, started to happen, But it still didn’t come easy, even though I found my purpose and Things were going, well, I still was it is to the state.

It’s a continued healing process. For me, It’s a continual going forward expanding in my own excitement And as I do, there are blocks that come up as I press outside of my boundary.

Yet again, And this is just cycle keeps happening, But as I continue to go forward out of my comfort zone sharing my truth with the world, my life gets better and better and better and better and better – and this is something that you can all look forward to it’s literally, not a product of Like you winning the lottery.

That it is this! It’s! This treasure you uncover Within yourself and then the magic all that what you seek it really is within, and That seems kind of boring always go with it.

Well, that’s what about my Ferrari and here’s the thing within what is within, and so it is without. I don’t know how that that thing goes, But as you find out this treasure within your it’s it just it’s out there in the world.

It’s all reflected out there for you, but what sort of feeds this Windfall of everything you’ve been waiting for is sharing Its sharing. Yes, even you who doesn’t feel yet ready or who feels shy.

It’s sharing and expressing all of my abundance is a reflection of what I put out there for other people, and it’s scary. Man, has one of the scariest things in the world to really express your Authentic self, whether you’re on YouTube or whatever if you’re. You can be.

Do we do it in any infinite numbers of ways, But as you do that and there’s no magic bullet, The blocks will come up? You’ll feel frozen day after day, It’s just about pushing through with imperfect action, doing your best to share and express You the light that you’ve uncovered it’s not about keeping it to yourself is about sharing it Brightly with the world.

And, as you do you start getting These amazing ideas, and it’s almost like your life, becomes like you’re just the observer, like all the things you do and create don’t even come from you And you’re this just a little life you live is your soul starts to kind of take over everything and live Through your needs, good to kind of sit back and enjoy the ride and All the cool things I set aside.

What feels the best is the sharing the thing? That’s scaring you probably right now, if you’re in this phase, It’s what’s gonna make you really, really happy that the feeling of sharing, not even the impact you have That’s awesome, But that’s more like a mental accomplishment, or I’m helping people That’s fantastic!

I’M talking about the actual feeling of connectedness, with your soul’s truth expressing out of you, just that human experience of doing that. There’s nothing like it, and that’s!

We are all heading and doing that’s gonna lead. You do everything you want anyway, but that’s gonna become totally secondary to that feeling that at the moment, feeling of being at home with who you are, All right.

I know A kind of longer video, my friends, but I wanted to kind of lay it out there for you, a real, comprehensive recollection of the different phases of my own awakening.

But again I saw these themes playing out with all my clients. Every single one, I’ve coached hundreds of people and Everybody – fell into one of these categories, and I always knew exactly what to do with them.

Based on the category, I knew how to encourage them and embrace help them to embrace it. So, whatever you resonate with throughout this whole video Embrace it, just embraces.

It is trusted, and just trust yourself and just know the stuff I shared about the yen is the payoff, and it’s worth it. I know you, you feel it’s worth it, I’m telling you it’s worth if it’s more work than you can even fathom It’s amazing.

So, it’s an amazing life that you’re in the process of cultivating from within yourself With that I’m gonna bounce. My friends, if you guys want any more help.

I do provide all my new subscribers with a free, guided meditation It’ll, definitely help you connect to your intuition I’ll leave a link down below I made it myself It’s how to connect and reunite with your higher-self consciously It’s totally free check it out down below.

If you liked it’s a bit of a little link in the description and also the top comment, look out for that With that said, I’m gonna bounce you guys like hearing about the spiritual awakening and all this kind of stuff.

You can also click Subscribe. I make videos two or three times a week sharing my experiences and my wisdom and my guidance for all you Souls out there. When I started doing this.

I felt there’s a big lack of Usable information for the things I was going through and my YouTube channel is my best attempt to fulfill what I perceived to Be a big void, especially now. Alright, my friends, enjoy the day.

Indications of Spiritual Awakening – 9 Essential Signs of Awakening

Recently on the Internet I discovered a couple of lists of the indications of spiritual awakening (in some cases also referred to as signs of spiritual awakening).

The lists I’ve encountered up until now are unclear and unclear (for example: headaches and body aches, sensation as though you’re on a psychological rollercoaster “for no factor,” modifications in energy levels, sleep relationships, patterns, and/or tasks, acquiring or losing weight, even an itchy scalp– all apparently for no reason), so I chose to come up with my own list of what I comprehend to be the most vital and pertinent signs and symptoms of spiritual awakening. The following is a list of 9 things I experienced throughout the process of awakening:

Synchronicities that are significant to you. (These help point you in the ideal direction or help stimulate an important brand-new insight.).

Intensely agonizing life “changes” that you can’t know or explain how you’ll survive. (This ensures that you look within for the answers. Keep in mind that “change” is frequently a courteous way of stating “loss.”).

Intense inner contemplation followed by possible reassessment of beliefs, especially at 3 or 4 in the early morning (frequently triggered by happenings or things you can’t explain using your current belief systems or understanding).

Receiving “secret messages” from people who aren’t aware they’re communicating unique messages to you. (If they had known, they may have hesitated, and in some cases spirit just doesn’t wish to take chances.).

Having the same thing (specifically something that’s unusual) take place to you 2 or 3 times in a reasonably short time period, like, state, 24 hours. (This ensures that you actually observe what your greater self wants you to discover.).

Waking up in the middle of the night feeling intense confusion. (This indicates your beliefs are being re-evaluated. Prior to you end up being clear and solid in your brand-new awakened state, you will no doubt find yourself mucking through a duration of deep confusion.).

Favorable synchronicities that happen routinely. (You can expect these to occur after you regularly follow through with your inner assistance.).
Extreme, vivid dreams that appear to point you in a particular instructions. (The more along while doing so you are, the clearer your dreams will be and the more your dreams will assist guide you in your every day life. The dreams will be in metaphor type, often in metaphors that make sense to you.).

Finding yourself chuckling more frequently. (Sometimes you will wake up in the middle of the night, believe something profound that’s also amusing, and after that laugh your head off. This is not a joke. Your greater self is spirited and desires you to have fun while you’re awakening.).

Experiencing any (or all) of these indications suggests that spirit (your higher self) is attempting to get your attention! Spirit is playful and wants you to take pleasure in the awakening process (it’s not all about discomfort and drama but about enlightenment, about ending up being light-hearted). You will also be surprised at the creativity of your greater self.

Remember, the fast track to spiritual awakening does not depend on how much fame or fortune you’re born with (or currently possess), or on how many advanced degrees you have, but on just how much you’re prepared to (momentarily) forgo your comfort zones for the honorable function of spiritual and personal development.

This is necessary because it is your private growth that is of utmost importance at this crossroad in humanity’s cumulative evolution. Keep in mind likewise that the symptoms and signs you experience aren’t just indications or signs; they are designed to assist you in the spiritual awakening process.

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