7 Symptoms Of Spiritual Awakening (Are You Experiencing These?)


7 Symptoms Of Spiritual Awakening (Are You Experiencing These?)

You hello, everyone in this video, I’m going to go over some of the signs or symptoms of the shift in energy and energy of the energetic ascension that we are all going through on the planet.

I’ve been talking a lot about the changes in energy on the planet, and it makes sense that as the planet is changing an energy so2 or we because we’re a part of all this beautiful system that is in constant evolution and expansion.

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So, some people have been commenting about shifts or signs of symptoms in their own bodies, and they’re asking me whether that may have something to do with the energetic shifts on the planet.

Good intuition, they do indeed, so I’m going to go in this video, I’m going to divide the symptoms into physical and non-physical, and I’m gonna go over those symptoms a little bit with you guys so that you’re a little bit more at ease with everything.

That’s going on because a lot of times when people are commenting that they’re that they have these issues going on with their bodies, it’s causing them a little bit of anxiety because they’re not sure where all of this is coming from.

So, I hope that you know. I answer this question and this video will help you kind of navigate these energetic shifts and these times of change with more peace and stillness inside, alright.

So let’s go to these symptoms. The physical ones have a lot to do with the lower three chakras, and how? What they govern in the body, and I’ll go over the lower three chakras in a little bit, but I wanted to go.

I wanted to go over these physical symptoms first, so, if you’re experiencing anything from bloating water retention weight gain, sometimes people will say that the weight gain is really rapid.

They have no idea what has happened, so the weight gain is very related to water retention. People say they feel exhausted, and they don’t know why some people are saying they have a lot of muscle, pain, joint pain, bone pain.

So, a lot of aches and pains, a lot of water retention issues. So people will say you know my stomach is just out, and I don’t know where all of this is coming from, so abdominal water retention, pain in the legs, so lower extremity issues are very common right now.

What does this have to do with the three lower chakra chakras, it’s actually quite beautiful, so the main chakra system is seven, comprised of seven energetic centers the three lower chakras?

They are considered the roots of the system, so your three lower chakras, coincidentally or not, they govern your bones muscles. They govern stomach, they govern the gut area, so these three chakras because they are the roots of the system and because they are your grounding aspect of the system.

They are using their power to ground you to your 3-dimensional reality, and that’s why things like water retention and weight gain actually make a lot of sense right now. So, if you find yourself retaining water, what does that mean?

What is it doing on a physical sense? It’s grounding your heavier means you’re more grounded, so you see it’s actually quite beautiful what the chakra system is doing and how those three lower chakras are really working hard to help us stay grounded, while all of this energy is shifting and shifting very quickly.

So, these are some of the physical symptoms of energetic ascension. Now, let’s go to the non-physical symptoms, and these include psychological, but also more energetic symptoms.

So, the psychological symptoms of energetic ascension have a lot to do with the bringing up of old energy old patterns, old thoughts and just subconscious beliefs that are ingrained in you that you are unaware of so in this non-physical symptoms.

Realm people will say. I am just reliving my past. I keep thinking about something that happened to me years ago, and it’s very distressing because I don’t why this memories coming up, and I’m thinking about it every day, so people are getting a little bit nervous about this part.

The non-physical part symptoms of energetic ascension and in this realm I ask you to please just be very patient, and I like to use a mantra when I start I went through this too.

So, all of the symptoms that I’m going that I’m reviewing with you guys is something that I went through also and the non-physical symptoms were the most difficult in my lives.

So, I started using a mantra that helped me when I began to experience these old thought forms these old memories, painful memories that started to come to the surface they started to be they were.

It was sort of a reliving of my past. It was jarring, and so I developed this mantra that really helped me and the mantra you can change it a little bit, but the mantra goes something like this.

I see and accept, and I’ll ask this thought form to be transmuted. So, the mantra is basically an acceptance of what you are feeling, so don’t repress anything.

That’s coming up psychologically, don’t repress it because it’s coming up to be transmuted to be purified to be just thrown out into the universe. So, when these memories are coming up, when these old thought forms are coming up just say this mantra to yourself or a variation of it, I see and accept this thought form.

Please allow it to be transmuted, and, as all of this is coming up in your subconscious, mind the art of allowing it to be, will let it be transmuted. So, there’s a little bit more of the non-physical symptoms.

There’s one last one that I wanted to go over, that a lot of people have been talking to me about, and it’s this general sense that people feel like they’re not here, so people will say to me.

I feel like I’m in la-la land. I feel like I’m not here, I feel like I’m somewhere else. This is very common right, and so this is a symptom also of energetic ascension.

So if you feel like you are floating somewhere, if you feel like you are not here at this present moment, it’s okay, everything’s. Okay, that’s also a symptom of shifts in energy and energetic ascension.

So, there you go. I’ve quickly gone over some of the physical and non-physical symptoms for the physical symptoms. Please be kind and patient to your body. That’s my, that’s my word of advice for the physical symptoms. There’s nothing really that you can do that’s going to.

You know somehow miraculously just stop all of these physical symptoms, they’re occurring for a reason, the physical body is the densest part of us. It’s also the slowest part to change.

So, I remember the physical symptoms just to give you guys a timeframe. The physical symptoms in my life, they took about four to six months, to kind of go away. So four to six months, that was my timeframe.

It doesn’t mean it’s going to be yours, but just to give you a general sense of time, it took me about four to six months. I went through various aches pains exhaustion, all of the physical symptoms that I’ve just described.

I went through, and it took about four to six months for them to be transmuted and for my physical body to go back to a sense of well-being and just feeling really good the same for the non-physical symptoms so for the non-physical symptoms.

Just you know a repeat that mantra allows everything to come up, do not repress just let it all come up and for the physical symptoms be patient and kind and loving to your body. It’s really trying a lot to just adapt to all of these changes.

So, even if you want to do a self-love meditation, do yourself a favor just sit down in meditation close your eyes and just you know, touch your arms touch your legs and just say. Thank you. I love you to your physical body because it is trying really hard to change in these beautiful new energy, and it’s doing its job, but it’s gonna do its job at its own time.

So, there you go, everyone. Some physical and non-physical symptoms of the energetic shifts, if you have any other symptoms or if you have further questions about the change in energy and what that can mean to your physical body or to your psychological body.

Please shoot me an email, I’m always available to answer questions. I hope these helps have a great week. Everyone you


Symptoms Of Spiritual Awakening

Symptoms of Spiritual Awakening – Learn Why You’re Feeling So Off-Balance

We can relate to most, if not all, of these symptoms of spiritual awakening; in reality we have actually been having numerous of them for years, so it’s great to understand there’s a possible explanation! We urge you not to overthink this; too much analysis goes directly against the grain of awakening.

There are individuals out there who simply love to go to medical sites and forums and compare their symptoms with major harmful diseases and freak themselves out.

Please evaluate this list in the spirit in which we share it; as a context. If, nevertheless, you do have any genuine issues about your physical health, please visit a doctor.

The following was inspired by Geoffrey Hope of Crimson Circle, carrying Tobias.


Indications of Spiritual Awakening

1. This is the result of intense changes at your DNA level as the “Christ seed” awakens within. This will pass in time.

2. Feelings of deep inner sadness for no apparent factor. You are launching your past (this lifetime and others) and this causes the sensation of unhappiness. This is similar to the experience of moving from a home where you resided in for lots of, several years into a brand-new house. As much as you wish to move into the brand-new house, there is a sadness of leaving the memories, energy and experiences of the old house. This will pass in time.

3. It’s good and healthy to let the tears flow, as it helps to release the old energy within. This will come in waves and will also pass in time as the old energy gets released.

4. A sudden change in your job/career. This is a very common symptom. As you change, things around you will change. Don’t worry about discovering the “best” job or profession right now. You’re in transition, and you may make a number of job modifications before you settle into one that fits your enthusiasm.

5. Not feeling passionate or excited about anything. Associated with the above symptom, is the feeling that absolutely nothing delights you anymore. This is due to the fact that you no longer resonate with the old enthusiasms, however you’ve not yet developed the brand-new ones. At times, you can feel truly bored. Hang tight, and this will change with time. We are upgrading our DNA and our internal software, and this implies that we no longer resonate with our old reference points.

5. Drifting away from household & friends. You are linked to your biological family via old karma. The bonds of the old relationships are released when you get off the karmic cycle. It will look like though you are drifting away from your friends and family. Over time, you may even develop new relationships with them if it feels.

6. Unusual sleep patterns & sleep disruptions. It’s likely that you’ll awaken lots of nights in between 2:00 and 4:00 AM. There’s a great deal of work going on within you, and it typically causes you to get up for a “breather.” Don’t worry. Just get up and do something, rather than remaining in bed getting stressed over your lack of sleep if you can’t fall back to sleep!

7. Intense & often lucid dreams. Some of your dreams could be rather intense and could be chased, war or monster-type dreams. Again, you are releasing the old energy that’s been stored up, and these energies are frequently symbolized as battles, being chased or combating with frightening creatures. This will pass in time.

8. Feeling physically disorientated. Many people are experiencing periods of lightheadedness or feeling really ungrounded. You are starting to walk in between 2 worlds, so it makes good sense that at times you’ll feel spatially challenged. In some cases, your consciousness transitions into the new energy, however your body drags. Hanging out in nature (ideally barefoot) will help to ground the new energy within.

9. Talking with yourself more. There is a brand-new level of communication happening within your being, and this is just the start of this brand-new type of self-talk. As the discussions increase, they will end up being more fluid, coherent and most surprisingly, more insightful. You’re not going nuts, you’re just waking up!

Feeling lonely, even when others are around. During this period, many of us are finding it a challenge to be around others, who are also releasing energies from the past. Soon enough, this void within will be filled with the love and energy of your own higher consciousness.

12. Wishing to leave the world. A lot of us are experiencing a deep and intense desire to ‘go house’. This is quite various from a self-destructive sensation, and it is not based in depression, rage or anger. As you don’t wish to produce drama, you likely aren’t informing anyone about this or if you do, they will not likely comprehend.

You have finished your karmic cycle, and you feel uneasy and alone. Soon, you will begin to get in touch with other similar beings and brand-new interests and passions will fire up. You’ve come this far, so don’t have a look at now, prior to the next phase of the journey occurs in the brand-new energy. We are living in the most interesting time ever; the time of huge improvement.

You are never alone, and there are many others that feel the same as you do. Get in touch with other like-minded individuals and take time to get to know your greater self. Feel into what makes your heart sing.

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