A Crash Course on Spirituality (4 Levels of Consciousness and the Big Questions by Alan Watts)

A Crash Course on Spirituality (4 Levels of Consciousness and the Big Questions by Alan Watts)

Okay, so you’ve had a really intense two weeks. You guys have been learning for around eight to nine hours a day. What I want to do here is try to give you a framework where you can digest a lot of the stuff that you learned.

I call this presentation: the evolution of consciousness, and what you’re gonna learn here is a map for understanding your personal growth. The reason I picked this particular presentation – and I’m doing it in this particular style – is because fifty years ago, this coming week literally this coming week as in Monday tomorrow, something interesting happened.

It was 1968 and on CBS television, a man called Alan Watts, made us made one of his first appearances. That’s what the footage looked like. It was CBS television, it was a program called camera. Three, and Alan Watts went on with a group of students to teach his unique philosophy of Zen to America. Now, in that program, Alan Watts asks people these three questions.

He said, if you ponder these questions enough, it unlocks a lot of new meaning in your life. The questions are, Who am I? What do I desire, and what do I know now? These questions sounds simple enough right, but it goes way deeper. Last week I was with Alan son mark watts.

It was me, the MindValley team and Mark’s team. We are working on a new quest with Alan Watts, and this quest goes deep into these questions, plus two additional questions, but mark explained to me why these questions were so profound, and these questions are why people today, hundreds of millions of people, love Alan Watts, Alan Watts, fans in the house raise your hand and make some noise he’s so influential Volvo just used his his one of his talks in one of their advertisements. This was like six months ago now. The reason these questions are important according to Mark watts, is that there’s a Sanskrit term called upaya and upaya really means to get back in flow. So mark explained it this way.

He says: imagine in India, there’s this wild river flowing and the boatman. There know exactly where to aim their boat so that when they take off from their part of the bank, they can gently navigate through the flow of the river through all the rocks and danger points and hit the opposite bank. That is oppaya. It’s knowing where to port, it’s being pointed in the right direction, so that no matter how dangerous the rapids are, or whatever rocks, come in the way you end up going to where you want to go, and he said these five questions are like upaya for your Soul for your mind, when you truly truly truly reflect and answer these five, then questions no matter what crap comes your way. You know how to navigate that and get back to flow.

You guys get me so now, let’s take what Alan Watts was speaking about and connect it with a model that you guys know is MindValley students, and that is the model from my book. The code of the extraordinary mind where I talk about the four different levels of evolution because, as I was there listening to mark, I realized that those three questions you would answer them differently, depending on where you are in this particular model of conscious evolution. So first, let me explain this model. This model basically says that at each level of your conscious evolution, you react to the world and shape the world in different ways. So let’s go deeper, right.

Many people in the world today the majority of human beings exist at level one they are living in what we call the culture scape and at this level the world happens to them, but at a certain point people start questioning. They start waking up. They go to level two. I call that the awakening this is where they realized that you can choose certain experiences in the world. Now, when you do that enough, you go to level 3 level.

3 is called recoding yourself. This is where you realize that wait. A minute the world isn’t just outside you, the world is inside you as well, and you start paying attention to your inner world as soon as you start going within. This opens you up to level 4 and level. Four is where I say you really start becoming extraordinary level.

Four is where an important shift happens that completely transforms how you live your life, and it puts you in perhaps what could be the one to five percent of human beings in the world today? Who are truly fulfilled, happy and giving that will explore that in a moment? First, let’s look at the three questions right, Who am I? What do I desire? What do I know?

Who am i? What do I desire? What do I know, and in each of these levels we’re gonna ask these three questions and I’m gonna show you a couple of things that connects what Alan said to modern science, modern philosophers and many of our teachers here at MindValley. Let’s start with level one the culture scale, so the culture scape is that tangled web of rituals of beliefs of ideas that come from culture, whether you live in a tribe in some developing part of the world or you live in a modern tribe, such as a Corporation, all of us are a part of this culture escape. In other words, the world that we exist in is really a world that is happening cognitively in our minds, based on beliefs, rituals, culture, social indoctrination and what our mom and a dad and a media and a priest and our teachers and a preacher tell us to Be do and think that’s the culture escape, but we don’t see that because, like a fish swimming in water, we don’t realize that the rules in which we live life are not necessarily true for everyone else.

They’re only true for us, because of our conditioning now, the problem with this culture escape is that many people believe it’s real and thus they become a victim of the culture, escape the things that happen to them. A breakup, a business, failure being hospitalized severely influenced them. The world happens to them now. The interesting thing is Alan Watts said: none of this stuff is real, in fact, there’s a famous lecture by Alan Watts. I’M gonna play you a minute of that where he says this.

There is no such thing as a thing: nine-to-five is a thing. No such thing: marriage, religion, God mindfulness. None of these exist. They are simply ideas in our head. Listen to Alan explain it in his cool accent, and so what I would call a kind of basic problem we’ve got to go through first is to understand that there are no such things as things, that is to say separate things or separate events.

That is only a way of talking. If you can understand this, you don’t have no further problems. I once asked a group of high school children. What do you mean by a thing and first of all, they gave me all sorts of synonyms. They said it’s an object, which is simply another word for a thing.

It doesn’t tell you anything about what you mean by a thing. Finally, a very smart girl from Italy who was in the group said. The thing is a noun. She was quite right, a noun. Isn’t a part of nature?

It’s part of speech. There are no nouns in the physical world, there are no separate things in the physical world either in the physical world is wiggling, the clouds mountains, trees, people are all Wiggly, and only when human beings get working a thing stayed build buildings and straight lines and try And make out of the world isn’t really Wiggly, but here were we sitting in this room all built on straight lines, but each one of us is as Wiggly as all about so there’s, no such thing as a thing think about it: everything that we often label A thing only exists because it is a noun in our heads now this sounds philosophical right, but what if modern science is now saying? That’s true, I want to introduce you to a really fascinating idea, so let me explain it this way. Our ears hear the sounds of the world around us right. We hear the sounds outside us, but what?

If we could hear the sounds inside our body now? If you could hear the sounds inside your body, it would be really really really messy. You’d hear your heartbeat you’d hear your lungs breathing you’d, hear your hormones going in all directions: you’d hear blood flowing through your body. You might hear your kidneys doing what kidneys do and your liver doing, what livers do and your stomach juices churning it would be messy and you wouldn’t be able to concentrate on anything else, and so what? How do we evolve?

We evolved to listen to. What’s going on outside, but not to listen to what’s going on inside or do we because one scientist suggest that we do listen to what’s going on inside? We just don’t hear it as sounds. We hear it as emotion. Your emotions are governed by what’s going on inside you and then we give a label to these emotions jealousy anger, hate joy happiness, but it’s nothing more than what’s going on inside you now as crazy as this sounds.

Let me tell I’ve got to share this with you. This is a picture of Tahiti in Tahitian culture. There is no word for sadness. In fact, there’s a famous book called on emotions by a scientist called Lisa, bellman Barrett, and she says in our culture, meaning in the US culture. We have sadness, but in Tahitian culture they don’t have that.

Instead, they have a word whose closest translation would be a kind of fatigue. You feel when you have the flu. Imagine that there is no sadness now what she’s saying is even deeper than this. What she’s saying is that emotions are not a thing, just as Alan Watts said, emotions are not a thing. In fact, there are only four different emotions.

There is unpleasant Pleasant, arousal or calm, arousal, calm, pleasant, unpleasant and everything we feel in the world that we give a label to is really the intersection of these four basic emotions which are based on the chemistry going on in our body, so check this out. This might be jealousy to American culture to a different culture. They might label it different, you’re feeling unpleasant more more unpleasant than Pleasant, but still slightly aroused by an object. Someone else has jealousy. This might be the emotions you feel on a first date, arousal you’re feeling pleasant a little bit of unpleasant there you’re wondering if you’re doing things, okay and you’re, mostly jittery so you’re, not so calm.

All that’s going on is these four emotions grow and shrink within our bodies, and then we give it a name, and that name defines how we experience it now. Lisa Barrett goes on to say this. She says if you know the word for an emotion. If you hear the word often, then it becomes much more automatic, just like driving a car, it gets triggered more easily and you can feel it more easily. In short, would we experience jealousy if there was no English word for jealousy?

Would we experience hate if there was no word for hate? It’S an interesting question to ask ourselves, but this idea of a thing not being a thing, goes on to everything that we do in the world: every construct of human society that we often give a name to so in this first stage of consciousness. The mistake that people make is that they associate. Who am I with a thing Who am? I is your vocation, I’m a lawyer, I’m a doctor, I’m a meditation instructor.

Then they associate. What do I desire with a thing? Well, I want love. I want wealth. Those are things that don’t really exist in the real world, then they associate.

What do I know with a thing I want to be peaceful. I want. I know that I am a kind person. I know that God has my side, but kindness God they don’t exist. They’re, nothing more than labels that we have given things that we have created in the culture scape.

You see how this works. Basically, like the ancient Indian said, we are living in an illusion or Maya, and these and when you go as deep into this philosophy, you start to see that illusion, and this is what happens next, you go into what is generally an awakening. You start to understand that this illusion is only there because you’re blindly, following the language and the culture of your forefathers and the media and the politicians and the newspapers and mom and dad now, the solution is so so so pervasive that the words that you learn.

As a child determine what you see in life so check this out, there was a study that that that showed that certain cultures cannot see colors the way we see them. So, there was a famous podcast and in the podcast they spoke about this phenomenon that this historian was studying. Where in the ancient world, there was no word for the color blue and he asked, did people see blue 2,000 years ago, because if you look at Homer’s Iliad right, which was written around 2300 years ago, there is no mention of the color blue.

Though sea is referred to as the wine-dark sea, no mention of blue, you look at ancient Chinese texts. No mention of blue, so deaths blue exist, so he wanted to figure this out. So he went to this tribe called the Himba tribe in namibia and he showed them this television screen with these green squares. And can you see the blue square, say? Yes, if you can see the blue square?

Well, guess what, the Himba people they could not see! The blue square – they couldn’t pick it out. They have no word for the color blue, but they have over a dozen words for the color green. So he showed the Himba people this slide. They could instantly see which square was slightly off shade of green.

Can you guys see the square with the off shade of green? I like how you flip-flop right? Yes, No, but the Himba people could instantly see that again they have more words for the color green, less words for the color blue. Now it’s the same with Russian speakers. Russian speakers have two different words for the color blue, any Russian speakers in the house.

Okay, what is the shout-out? The two Russian words for the color, blue, Seanie and eagle, a blue Rollie, something and something but Russians have two words for the color. Blue scientists showed that Russians are 5% better at identifying shades of blue than Americans and other English speakers, right. So, the words we get used to governing what we see in the world, which raises the question bad emotions that we feel are we simply feeling them because our parents gave that emotion and name. Do you really see something?

If you don’t have a word for it? Now, when you start understanding this, you start to see that we exist in a world that is filled with rules, orb rules and these rules govern so many things about how life is meant to work, and so I want to introduce you to another Zen philosopher this. Guy has a different take on it and his take allowed him to do some really amazing things in the world. Listen to this Zen philosopher when you grow up, you tend to get told that the world is the way it is, and your life is just to live your life inside the world. Try not to bash into the walls too much try to have a nice family life have fun, save a little money.

That’s a very limited life. Life can be much broader once you discover one simple fact, and that is everything around you that you call life was made up by people that no smarter than you, and you can change it. You can influence it, you can. You can build your own things that other people can use once you learn that you’ll never be the same again. You guys know who that Zen philosopher is scream.

It out write that Zen philosopher so question the walls, the artificial walls of the world around us. He went to create things that you guys now carry in your pants, such as the iPhone right, but the interesting thing is look listen to what he said. He said you are told not to bash into the walls too much, but pretty soon. You realized that all of these rules were made up by people no smarter than you, and you can question them. You can challenge them.

You can build your own things that people can use and that’s where, at this stage of awakening questioning, starts entering your mind, but we are so trained as a culture to not question how many of you hear us. Kids, when you ask questions, you know, you know how kids go they’re like why? Why why why? Why and find your parents are always gonna say, because I told you so and so we’re trained to not ask these questions at level. Two though you start going back to that childhood nature of questioning, you start realizing.

The world is bendable, you don’t like the 9 to 5 great, you start your own company or you introduce flexi tied you, you don’t like religion, no problem, you join MindValley and just learn from spiritual teachers. Life can happen to you, or life can happen from you and at this world at this level, life is emerging from you. You are creating the world as you want to see it. You don’t like the university system, you create MindValley, you, you don’t like the way mobile phones, work, you create the iPhone. Now, that’s not to be something as big as that it could be the way you hack your education.

It could be the way you start your business. It could be the way you you told your parents that you are not going to blindly follow their fundamentalist religious ideas, even though they have been part of your family for 300 years. You create your own rules, and this is when this great awakening starts happening. So all of us have beliefs about the world and the thing about the about beliefs. Is this right?

Your beliefs are not you. We confuse our beliefs with who we are whether your beliefs possess you. All. Your beliefs about the world are implanted in you by society, by media, by parents, by preachers by teachers, by religion by Dogma by culture, and you can pluck out those beliefs and when you start doing that, you really start questioning the rules. Michael Beckwith said it best.

Yesterday he said this the world, as you see it, is an artifact of a previously held point of view. Your eyes are always looking at the past everything we see in this room in as we get out of this room as we go home as we survive in the world as we go to our jobs. It’s looking at artifacts of the past and at this level the level of awakening you come to see that and so you’re constantly thinking about.

How can you create a new world that suits what you how you want to live life? And so you know that thing about how thoughts create reality at this point, it’s true and you know it’s not it’s not the mumbo-jumbo version of your mind, creating reality, not that that’s not real here.

Your thoughts are actually creating reality because you are questioning the cognitive plane, you are questioning the rules and the assumptions and the cultures and the beliefs that we hold on to so tightly thinking. They are real. Many of these have hit their expiration date, but people still leave that leave it in their fridge, like sour milk and what you’re doing is opening the refrigerator door. Looking at what rules, what beliefs have hit that expiration date and discarding it and then creating your own stuff to put in that refrigerator? Now we come to the three questions.

Who am I? What do I desire? What do I know and you find that how you answer these questions is really really really different. Who am I? You may no longer be a traditional vocation?

You may decide that you are a philosopher mystic or you are a tribe builder engineer, you’re creating your own vocations. What do I desire? Often you desire things that other people do not desire because they, their desires, are coming from this rulebook of the culture scape. You have your three most important questions. You have your life book.

You want to create a new life for yourself, but the biggest question that really really really gets addressed when you hit this level is what do I know? What do I know? Alan Watts said just an exercise: he calls it the to list, he says, make a list, and please do this when you get home, make a list of everything that you know because you experienced it and then make a list of everything that you know because someone told you it was true, it’s a really interesting exercise, because pretty soon you understand that so many things that you think are true are only true, because someone told you they were true. Somebody told you that you need to own a car. Somebody told you that you need to send your kids to school.

Somebody told you that your body is going to be prone to aging. Somebody told you that obesity was in your genetics. What is it that you know that it’s true because you experienced it directly and what do you know is true because you were programmed and you had a belief installed in you, that is level 2 now the funny thing happens right when you go into level 2. That’s when you really start embracing personal growth, one of the great things about the people in this room is they have very few people here who are in level 1 and if you, why it’s ok, it’s all part of growing up. Most people in this room are at level 2.

You came here because something about how MindValley question the world attracted you and you decided to buy a ticket, get on a plane and get your butt in that seat right. How many of you here came because you were drawn to something that you heard me say, or that a MindValley teacher said that was against the rules of the culture of escape? Make some noise awesome most of you I’d level, 2 or higher. Now the unique thing about this room is that many of you have actually already gone to level 3. So level 3 is called recoding yourself see the more you start, questioning the rules ultimately and the more you decide that you can shift the world around you.

At least in the cognitive plane, what happens is that you start understanding that there is a world within you and that world within you is as real that spirit that soul, the intuition within you. How many of you here have a meditation practice? Look at the number of hands right. How many of you here believe in some form of spirituality? This is a sign that you’re moving towards level three.

Now, one of the interesting things about level 3 that I believe our education system completely ignores is the idea of intuition is the idea of of knowing that comes from within now Emily Fletcher, whom you saw on stage earlier, explains it best. I want to play this two-minute video of Emily telling you what intuition is about so intuition is one of these words that people throw around a lot and I’m not sure how many people really are practicing or cultivating the skills to be able to hear your intuition.

On a daily basis, and if you ask every high performer every super successful CEO, every entrepreneur, you know, how did you come up with this idea? How did you know to turn right instead of turning left and they say it was just my intuition. I just had this feeling in my gut and so the sort of elusive gut thing can be like well, how do I hear it?

How do I know, and so here’s the reality, if you don’t have a daily meditation practice, that it’s very hard to tell the difference between your critical mind and your intuitive mind all right. It’s like our left brain critical mind is always screaming at us. Like I suck, I suck I’m gonna die along with cats, eating my face and it’s very hard to hear your intuition. While your critical mind is screaming at you, because your intuition whispers and if you’ve got this screaming, I suck. I suck boys happening all the time.

How are you supposed to hear that intuitive voice, and so what meditation does is that we actually start practicing taking our right brain to the gym every single day, and your right brain is the piece of you that is in charge of intuition. It’s the piece of you that actually connects to collective intelligence right, like I like to think about intuition and creativity as a Wi-Fi network, and our right brain is the router. Our right brain is the piece of us that allows us to connect to the collective intelligence. Now the left brain is the actual computer right now you could have the fanciest computer. You could have the most developed into life.

You could have such an incredible life experience, but imagine how much good a computer is gonna. Do you just sitting there not connected to the Internet? Now imagine you connect that computer to the Internet, how much smarter have become how much more capable does it become because you’re exchanging ideas, you’re able to intuit other people’s desires, you’re able to hear how nature actually wants to use you to deliver your fulfillment. So when you start going within at level 3, you start recognizing that you’re more than just a physical body that there’s this there are these abilities within you, intuition, being one of them, and this helps guide you now. A big shift happens in question 1.

Who am You’re? No longer the doctor, you no longer the tribe building engineer, you are a soul having a human experience. Things shift very very very rapidly, but I want to bring back Allen with his smooth sexy British voice and these beautiful visuals that a YouTuber put up around that voice to share his vision of how you would answer this question. Who am, I feel, free to keep your eyes open to watch the visuals or to close your eyes and just meditate on the voice to wake up, you’re gonna wake up and if you’re not ready, you’re gonna stay pretending that you’re just a little poor.

Little mean and since you’re all here and engaged in this sort of inquiry and listening to this sort of lecture, I assume that you’re all on the process of waking up or else you are teasing yourselves with some kind of flirtation with waking up which you’re not Serious about – but I assume here maybe you are not serious but sincere – that you are ready to wake up so then, when you are in the way of waking up and finding out whom you really are, what you do is what the whole universe is doing at The place you call here and now you are something the whole universe is doing in the same way that a wave is something that the whole ocean, the real you is not a puppet which life pushes around the real deep down.

You is the whole universe, so then, when you die you’re not going to have to put up with everlasting non-existence because that’s not an experience, a lot of people are afraid that when they die they’re going to be locked up in a dark room forever and I’m Sort of undergo that, but one of the most interesting things in the world – this is a yoga. This is a way of realization, try and imagine what it will be like to go to sleep and never wake up! Think about that children. It’s one of the great wonders of life: what will it be like to go to sleep and never wake up, and if you think long enough about that something will happen!

You will find out, among other things, that it opposed the next question to you. What was it like to wake up after having never gone to sleep? That was when you were born, you see you, you can’t have an experience of nothing. Nature abhors a vacuum, so after you’re dead, the only thing that can happen is the same experience or the same sort of experiences when you were born. In other words, we all know very well that after people die other people at home and they’re all you only.

You can only experience it one at a time. Everybody is a you all know, you are you, and wheresoever beings exist throughout all galaxies. It doesn’t make any difference, you are all of them and when they come into being, that’s you coming in. You know that very well only you don’t have to remember the past is the same way. You don’t have to think about how you work your thyroid or whatever else it is.

You don’t have to know how to shine the Sun. You just do it like you breathe if they doesn’t it really astonish you that you are this fantastically complex thing and that you’re doing all of this and you never have any education in how to do. Wasn’T that beautiful. So, as you can see that first question fundamentally shifts, but as we start going more and more and more within and we are now balancing us playing in the outside world and us playing in the inside world, we move to level four becoming extraordinary, and this. This is the next step for many of you guys, you guys already so ahead of the mass the masses of people on planet Earth, you’ve gone from level, one to level two you’ve learned to question the culture scape.

Many of you now have a spiritual practice. You understand that you’re more than just your physical body level, four is where we want you to get to next level. Four is what we call becoming extraordinary and what happens at level. Four. Well, something funny happens, the more you meditate, the more you practice, these spiritual practices, the more you realize that you’re more than your physical body, the same time, you realize that you are so much beyond your body and that you really extends to all other human beings And all life and, in fact, the entire planet.

You really is a part of a greater whole unity and to explain this idea. I want to bring in Neil Donald Walt you see in conversations with God book three Neil said something really interesting that I always remembered, even though I read that book like twenty years ago, he said the number one value of advanced civilizations, the one thing that gets Them to that level of being an advanced civilization that eradicate swore that eradicate poverty that makes living so much a joy. Is this one idea: unity? There is only us, let’s hear Neil say that it’s very powerful for us to embrace the notion of no separation. The notion of unity, because suddenly, we begin to live in to experience life in a dramatically different way.

We see everyone else as part of us and everything else as part of us as well, and that includes that essence of life that some people call God. And so we begin to see things differently, to act differently, to react differently and to experience ourselves in a brand-new way, a way that can change your life forever. It would take me far too long to describe the benefits of that, but I’ll give you an idea, try it just try it for 24 hours. Imagine that everyone else who crosses your path is an extension of.

You is one of the wonderful fingers on the hand that you are and imagine that everything did you think and say and do with regard to that person, you’re thinking and saying and doing with regard to yourself and as you begin to change the way you interact With other people, you will discover the powerful, powerful benefits of the notion of unity.

This is the single idea that could change the world virtually overnight and make everything better than we ever imagined it could possibly be. It could affect produce heaven on earth. So if you’d like to have one single tool that could advance your spiritual evolution overnight, this is the tool, unity, the oneness, of all things thanks for listening and enjoy your experience of oneness. So now the magic happens right, as Neil said, as we start embracing this idea of unity, we realize we are one race, the human race. We realize that how we vote, how we start a business has to start acknowledging this.

We have to stop embracing politicians who try to gain votes by telling us that we are separate from other people, whether they are Britain versus Europeans or Americans versus Mexicans. We have to go for the politicians that speak of unity. It’s not easy because there’s a deep part of our brain, the amygdala that is, has evolved to fear people who look different. It’s actually part of our evolutionary bias, but as you go into level 3 and you start tapping into your soul, you learn to overwrite. That, and unity is that answer.

Unity should be the number one principle we teach our children that, yes, they can embrace the flag of their country, but that we really as a species, need an earth flag that we should start tossing away. Ideas that create separation, that one culture is better than another or that’s, or that our religion is the most efficient one or that we are the chosen people and the more you care the more you expand your circle of compassion to other people in the world. Something interesting happens, the greater the opportunity that the universe gives you, because this is the unique quality of level four. I call it inspiration leading to intention see at level one and level two. You have goals, and I heard someone earlier here asked Deborah King say you know I have a problem, I don’t have any goals, I’ll explain.

What’s going on there at level, one an 11-2, our society teaches us to have goals. We have a checklist. I want to get this good job. I want to have this much say for a time and I want to travel the world. We have goals that these goals are coming from the culture escape when you get to level 2.

The goals come from your soul, they’re coming from your spirit, but when you get to level 4, the goals are coming from a compound different place. They’re coming from inspiration. Now, what is that inspiration? You could call it God, you could call it the universe. You could call it your supra-conscious.

That inspiration leads to intention. You think you came up with a brilliant idea for that book or you came up with that. Brilliant idea for that new program – or you were the genius who came up with the idea for your business, but you were not, you were simply the conduit, you have a boss and that boss has been whispering in your ear and she’s, been telling you and pushing You and inspiring you to make that happen. The inspiration leads to your intention and then this boss she’s there for you. She clears the roadblocks when you start showing that you have intent and you’re gonna start moving towards it.

So you don’t set goals that are coming directly from you. You hear whispers. As Emily said you have these little intuitive nudges. You might be showering or waking up in the morning and boom the idea for that next blog post or the idea for that next product. You have to build on the idea for the next course you have to serve.

It just hits you. This is inspiration leading to intention, and this is when you know you have you’re on the right path. Now, when you do this, something else interesting happens. You see this boss, she doesn’t just whisper to you. She clears the way for you as soon as you show that you’re going to take that nudge and act on it and that you have the contents to make it happen.

Luck starts happening on your side, so there are a couple of unique qualities of this state and Emily Fletcher. She has a really interesting story right off of what happens when, when you start listening to this inspiration, she was telling me about Michael Jackson and how Michael Jackson would wake up at 3 a.m. And call his manager and go butterflies, butterflies and his managers, like Michael what the hell is going on it’s 3 a.m.

and Michael goes. I got this idea for a song. It’s about butterflies. I gotta ride it now and the manager goes Michael. It’s 3 a.m

can you contain this wait till tomorrow morning and Michael goes? No, if I don’t write it Prince, will you see the universe doesn’t play favorites if she’s giving you an idea and you don’t listen, she’ll just go to someone else. They are like 7.5 other billion meat bodies on the planet, so you want to get to this state. You want to be the person who acts on that inspiration.

If I didn’t start MindValley you, someone else would have. If I didn’t start mind at least someone else would have because it didn’t come from me, I was simply a good listener. What are you listening to? Are you acting on it? Are you going to take that nudge and follow through with it?

Knowing that somebody has your back, so when you get to this state, there are a couple of different qualities that start emerging right. I wrote about this in my book. I basically said that we are particles of God having a human experience. We are a particle of God and I call it a Gothica, so we are all: God calls here on planet Earth playing God within our own cognitive plane. So, when you start getting to this level, for this is what happens first, you have a deep sense of connectedness with all life with all human beings.

Now this sense of connectedness with all life opens you up to intuition because you’re tuned in you’re tapped in third. This intuition gives you inspiration, and this inspiration leads to your intention and thought because you are following true on inspired ideas. Luck is on your side. Your boss clears the way for you, so when I think of myself as an entrepreneur, it’s kind of a conflicting thought because I don’t feel I run mine valley. I feel I work for mine Valley.

I feel I’m taking marching orders from a higher power that not just me in terms of what to do, and I’m constantly try to listen and act on this. In my book I drew this diagram. Connectedness leads to intuitive insight, leads to being pulled by a vision, leads to a feeling of luck, which leads to further connectedness, which leads to intuitive insight, which leads to being pulled by a vision. Now, I used to work pulled by a vision for a specific reason. Right, Michael Beckwith, whom you heard yesterday said motivation, is rubbish.

We need motivation because we need someone to kick our butt to motivate us to chase those goals that we never really feel. We need to do as a soul in the first place, so you can be pushed towards a vision if you’re in level 1 or 2. But when you get to this level, you don’t have you don’t need motivation? You were pulled by a vision. It’s a complete reversal.

You don’t need someone to crack the whip on you. You wake up every day, pulled by a vision, because that vision is coming true, you connectedness intuition inspired action and luck. So when we talk about people who seem lucky who seem to have it all, when we talk about the people who are tapped in the great artists, the great musicians, the great authors, the great entrepreneurs, luck seems on their side. But really now you know a formula to get there. You have that boss and you’re listening to that inspired action.

So you have these four qualities of the state. Now, when you’d notice, you understand how to make a dent in the universe. This is where it gets. Really interesting so think of that circle as the culture scape and think of the dots as everyone else. Every now and then one of you starts gravitating towards the edges of the circle and you’ll be criticized: you’re, the misfit you’re, the rebel you’re.

The troublemaker criticized by your family or your corporation or your society. You can’t do that. You can’t play too close to the edges, but then you follow that inspired action and you create something new remember. Everything is just a thing right. You’ve just created your own new thing and you push for the boundary of the circle and that’s the dent in the universe and now guess what they label you a visionary.

All of you can start using this formula to become a visionary. It’s not that hard. So this is where the middle question in Alan’s three great questions really comes true right. What do I desire? So I was asking this when I was interviewing the Alan Watts, team and Justin Justin.

Are you in the room? Please stand up Justin, so that’s Justin Justin run on stage with me. Justin as part of the Alan Watts team and come up come up, come up so Justin as part of the Alan Watts team and no worries Justin yeah. If you follow Alan Watts, you don’t need shoes, shoes are just a thing. Can we get a mic for Justin?

So so I was interviewing Justin and his partner Mariah right and I asked Mariah what do you desire and she said there she said: look at a certain point. There were things I wanted, but now I don’t desire anything. I want to live in that space of not desiring anything, because I know I want to see what the universe unfolds for me. Does that make sense to you guys and many of you get there and then you feel guilty. You feel, oh, I don’t have goals, but there’s nothing wrong with living like that, if you’re living a life at level 4 and truly serving thank you, Justin, for helping me with all the videos in here and for helping bring Alan Watt’s legacy to the world.

Please give him a round of applause. You will see Justin in the new Alan Watts program thanks the mission oriented life is not just giving you meaning, it rewards you with so much more when you think about people like Elon Musk’s, the great musicians, the great entrepreneurs. You often find that at some point in their life, they followed a nudge.

They followed a hint Elon, and his story woke up one day in the middle of the night, with an idea on how to create a better rocket people, like John Lennon would often see the lyrics for their greatest music in their dreams. Now you don’t have to be a Lennon or a musk, you can be running an organic farm.

You can be writing a children’s book. You can be decided, you want. You want to be a full-time parent. You can still listen and do good in the world and when you do it like that, you really really really to make a massive impact. I want to play this final video for you and I’m sure you know this.

Lady, listen to her closing advice. I want to invite you, I want to invite you to start dreaming like you’ve. Never dreamed before producing, like you’ve never produced before staying in action like you’ve, never stayed before and seeing the man the woman you’ve never even seen before, and I will always be there to cheer you on. I will always be there to remind you of possibility and prosperity are your birthright. So, I invite you to go dream big, disrupt the norm.

Agitate mediocracy agitated disrupted, make it uncomfortable in your presence, walk into a room and let your light shine bright, and when people can’t handie your light, don’t dim your light hand them some shades awesome. I love that  so as we wrap up today as we wrap up today, remember, go faut, be a visionary, don’t take no for an answer. Question the rules and live life on your terms as you make a dent in the culture scape and create new things, things that truly give you joy that that that you’re truly excited about that make the world better for all of us in unity. Thank you. You



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