Awakening the Mind & Ascending to Higher Dimensions (Explanation + 3 tips for the Ascension Process)

Awakening the Mind & Ascending to Higher Dimensions (Explanation + 3 tips for the Ascension Process)

Awakening the Mind & Ascending to Higher Dimensions, (, Explanation, 3 tips for the Ascension Process,) Your To universe law of attraction awakening the mind to an expanded, consciousness allows us to achieve ascension and go beyond the3d experience. Ascension is the act of rising infrequency and consciousness is directly related, to your, mind and ways of thinking.

Therefore, ascension consciousness is a rise in both frequency and thought. That creates a new experience of reality combined. These are also referred to as the awakening process.

Your individual consciousness is connected to the universe and all that is your body contains that consciousness in your daily waking life consciousness, uses the physical body to explore and experience itself becoming self-aware of the experiences as they occur but as a spiritual being.

Your consciousness is also able to reach far beyond your body, your biological body and your consciousness combine to make it what you refer to as you and. You are here to spiritually evolve and progress into a truer understanding of who and what you are through this type of exploration, essentially.

The ascension process is a raising of your overall energy are what’s referred to as your energy signature, to include your mind, body and spirit and there’s a direct relationship. Between all of these things combined your thoughts, beliefs emotions and actions make up this energy signature changing.

Any of these things can increase or decrease. Your overall vibrational frequency the ascension consciousness and awakening process consists of finding ways to create and maintain the higher, energetic signature and, in turn, move into a totally new experience.

Your energetic makeup or vibrational frequency determines the outcome of your personal experience you, unique story is your ascension. Process your spirit is on an adventure. Learning and growing each step of the way, until you return back to your true sources.

You can’t get it wrong. The spiritual part of you is constantly searching for new experiences. To assist you in this growth and expansion, and there comes a time when many feel on a deep soul level that.

They have spiritually grown beyond their current experience, in fact, this will happen many times as the ascension process continues. Whatever can help the spirit, grow after completing something that is learned.

Is what will show up next, and we do have control in the form of free will regarding the nature of how. We can create these experiences in our lives beyond. The individual consciousness we are all connected as reawakening the Mind & Ascending to Higher Dimensions, Explanation, 3 tips for the Ascension Process.

Your To universe law of attraction, all a part of the source, all energetically connected as everything is energy because of this connection there’s a close, energetic relationship between. Your consciousness and matter your consciousness is in the physical body to explore and experience itself. As I stated earlier, the physical body is a creation of the consciousness of what.

The consciousness thinks the body to be it is and. What the consciousness thinks reality to be it also is: if you’re experiencing something negative it will be your consciousness.

Projecting that experience back to you as a learning experience and, you can collapse that reality and create anew one by understanding your spiritual, power and changing your consciousness. This is a part of the ascension consciousness and awakening process to touch on dimensions, lightly, a dimension is merely, a plane of existence or what we refer. Toss reality.

It’s where spiritual beings of the same frequency, coexist, interact, learn and grow each dimension is composed of light, moving at, different wavelengths and frequencies when.

Your frequency matches what may be referred to as a higher dimension. Your plane of existence will reflect that these other dimensions are undetected by the human senses until this occurs, in other words, the consciousness, is vibration ally tuned to the frequency of your reality. And directly relates to what you experience, but our universe is much bigger than just one. Dimension some say there are 12.

Others say there are 22and stills. Others say there are infinitely more than that, then there are different densities, which are different frequency groups within a dimension and.

There is also planetary: ascension where the planet travels into another band of energy vibrating at a higher frequency causing, a dimensional shift for all and. I will discuss all of these things in another video, but for now.

The understanding of this video is that through ascension moving through the densities and therefore into higher dimensions, our perception and therefore our experience changes, and we do have free, will to accelerate this process in our lives.

If we choose, we are each responsible for evolving our own consciousness. And all have and will continue to experience. Ascension free will gives us the option to change our script by, focusing on and living in fear, pain and hurt we hold ourselves to the frequency, of more experiences that relate to that through, elevating ourselves, the thoughts and feelings of love, happiness and joy, we hold ourselves to the frequency of more experiences that relate

To those things you get to choose the reality, you experience through the use of your thoughts, beliefs, feeling sand actions or your total energetic signature ascension consciousness on a personal level involves.

The conscious decision of understanding the difference between what may be considered, the lower or lesser experiences and what might be considered the higher and more positive experiences and then redirecting the personal energy to the higher reality. This means removing the self from cultural illusions that create chaos and.

The continuation of exploring the lows of the different aspects of human experience what is often referred to as awakening although. These lower aspects are great. Teachers they are not intended to be the sole experience” Awakening” the Mind & Ascending to Higher Dimensions, (, Explanation, 3 tips for the Ascension Process. ),

Your Yo universe law of attraction, ascending beyond them, creates the prize ascension requires moving the thoughts and emotions to higher level of consciousness. It means learning and understanding the concept of oneness that.

We are all together in one sea of conscious energy, for example, all beings of light such as angels and spirit guides, are integrated, forms of consciousness and are readily available for assistance at request. However, free will gives each part of our consciousnesses the ability to acceptor deny this truth.

If your free will accepts this truth, you can begin or even advance your ascension process simply by stating your intention to do so and by making the request that these higher dimensional parts of the one assist you in doing so connect with whatever resonates most with you and your understanding.

This could be good an angel or a more ascended version of yourself you are, simply connecting your conscious energy with the consciousness of a higher dimensional energy personal. Acknowledgement of this energy is helpful and.

You will find that this higher energy will assist you with your request, however, only at your request as they cannot interfere with your path otherwise. In addition, how you think a feel and act your conscious energy creates frequency, because of this ascension can be accelerated by consciously repolarizing negative feelings and emotions for instance.

If a situation or person causes a negative reaction, you can recognize this by stating something to the effect of this energy is not. In alignment with what I choose to experience feel, where this energy affects you most in your body and then just imagine it as a black cloud of energy.

On that part of your body and, then imagine a large white cloud above you and how this smaller black cloud is pulled up quickly into this larger white cloud completely, removing itself from you, and being, totally absorbed by the white cloud then, announce either mentally or out loud that.

You will no longer allow this negative energy to be a part of you or to affect how you feel another powerful, ascension processor, integrating higher frequencies known as an ascension chamber goes as follows visualize a white bubble of light.

Surrounding your entire body and extending out just past it the inside of this bubble is also filled with this bright white light feel this white light energy penetrating your body moving down through the top of your head and working its way, down completely through all parts of you into your legs and out through your feet, being absorbed by all of your muscles organs and cells.

Once you’ve moved through this part of the process, imagine the light in this bubble forming a shell around the bubble itself, in more concentrated color of golden light creating, a thick layer around it.

This is a stronger higher frequency shell holding. This light in place around you for a few minutes, just concentration strengthening this outer layer and feeling the light within your bubble. Continue to flow through you, raising your vibrational frequency and assisting you in the ascension of your consciousness.

It’s ideal to work with this process for about 15 to 20 minutes per day. But you can remain in this state longer if desired, awakening the mind and accessing higher dimensions is achieved through higher frequency and. We achieve the higher frequencies through, the use of our consciousness, moving us through the ascension process.

Our consciousness and therefore our frequency will, always, determine our experiences and, at this time many, feel the completion of experiencing the 3dlessons and have a desire for an advancement of consciousness that creates new discoveries and new adventures.

Free will allows us this conscious decision to evolve as a spiritual being and progress to higher frequencies awakening the mind to new experiences and new realities Awakening the Mind & Ascending to Higher Dimensions, (, Explanation, 3 tips for the Ascension Process; ) Your  universe law of attraction.

Why Awakening Using Brainwave Entrainment Is A Good Thing

Brainwave entrainment will help you in your awakening, which is the procedure of raising your awareness and vibration, taking you out of a mainly three-dimensional presence, and incorporating a 4th- or fifth-dimensional state of awareness. Entrainment is an advantage to utilize to access your subconscious mind, which stands in the way of you accessing and integrating your Higher Self.

The process of awakening is used in spirituality or metaphysics and implies that you awaken to who you are in pure awareness, and how it connects to who you are in this version.

When entrainment raises your vibration, it modifies your dominant brainwave frequency to activate locations of the brain that can access the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind is the gateway to the cumulative unconscious or your Source.

Awakening has to do with the development of your human self with that of your Higher Self, permitting you to utilize info from the Source to end up being the very best you can be, for yourself, mankind, and the Earth.

You have no concept what memories are playing in your subconscious mind and you do not need to understand. You will have numerous layers, developed one on top of the other, that may come from your youth, your ancestors childhoods, or from experiences that only your spirit keeps in mind. The liquifying of a subconscious block is hard at the very best of times, but doing so with entrainment, makes it occur must simpler and faster.

All you require to do is gain access to the theta brainwave frequency utilizing brainwave entrainment, and start to clean your life’s plan, replacing hidden negatives (often it’s finest not to know what the blocks are because in a way, that would be adding to their energy making them stronger, instead of eliminating them) with conscious inspired thought- out positives. New neural paths will form and physically and mentally alter how you believe, feel, and experience life.

What does Awakening Do For You?

· Inspires great changes, transforming you during your journey towards communion with the Creator.

· Brings about a modified state of perception.

· Challenges the ego to let go of primal drives and subconscious obstructs making you more conscious and living “in the now.”

· Is a private process of recovery and releasing illusion and fear that are manufactured by the ego while discovering the expression of love and growth in heart consciousness.

· You will analyze your awareness and how you relate it to your body, mind, and feelings, and after you figure that out, you take this knowledge and use it to your everyday life to produce a paradise in the world on your own and others.

· At the highest level of awakening, you merge awareness with that of divine consciousness, the awareness of the Creator. This level is Christ Consciousness and you end up being more Live and christ-like and act from this state.

Because the source of life is Eternal, · The awakening procedure never ends.

When you lastly merge your self with the Divine Self, you will understand who you really are.

The peace you will feel as soon as you begin the process of awakening utilizing brainwave entrainment, requires to be sustained by constant cleaning of your subconscious blueprint. The number of blocks you may have are layered like an onion. If doubt or fret creeps in about how long it is considering you to reach your expectations about awakening, you simply require to clean those ideas.

At any time you are not in a state of peace and delight, you know you are using and experiencing a memory brainwave entrainment to cleanse those ideas, will have a favorable effect on your journey to awakening.

Brainwave entrainment is a great tool to use to guide your awakening.

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