Can A Spiritual Awakening Stop?


Can A Spiritual Awakening Stop?

External factors that can cause your spiritual awakening to slow or stop all together. So when I hear this question um, usually the first thing that I could feel in the question is that there is a there’s, a fundamental misconception about what spiritual awakenings are and what happens when we awaken.

And the fundamental misconception is that when you awaken the path Forward is constantly moving in a linear fashion, one day at a time really fast, And if you ever stopped from that something’s going wrong with your spiritual awakening. That is the fundamental misconception. And so, I want to, I want to cut that myth.

I want to cut the legs off of that myth because a spiritual awakening first of all, it’s not linear, and it isn’t going at the same speed Um, that’s not how a spiritual awakening works.

But another thing that happens when people have this belief is that we are we’re a template to be in masculine dominant energy, And so even when we have a spiritual awakening when we’re starting off the spiritual awakening that masculine energy that young energy of action, it wants to keep leading.

And so, that’s why we have this belief that, if I’m not constantly moving forward at a really fast rate, something’s wrong with my spiritual awakening, I’m doing something wrong. Okay, So I want to cut that myth.

It’s absolutely not true, And the way really to understand this as first of all, to understand that a spiritual awakening is not linear and moving quickly and fast in a linear way. Constantly Okay, That’s not how it works. That’s not how any of life works, really, So the way that you can think of a spiritual awakening.

My best way of understanding of spiritual awakening is to mimic the cycles of nature. To look at nature. Look at the cycles of nature.

And then you’re going to understand what a spiritual awakening really is. Okay, So what do I mean by this When you look at nature, there are cycles of spring and then and then summer and then, then winter.

Okay, So there’s a contraction in winter, all of the flowers, kind of die down and snow and cold kind of fills the air And there’s a little bit of of sleepiness in winter right Things are darker in winter, There’s not really a lot of things growing in winter, then spring comes and all of the beautiful flowers come in.

Everything starts to bloom, So there’s this there’s this contraction, energy in winter and an expansion energy in spring; Okay, And – and I could talk about this with various different things in uh in nature – right There’s this there’s this kind of contraction, expansion, contraction, expansion, stop-go, stop, go, Okay, And these.

This is exactly what happens in your spiritual awakening When we go through cycles of awakening, where nothing’s happening a lot of times the mind wants to say what did I do wrong? Did my spiritual awakening stop, Um is? Is there something going on, but it’s not It’s just that you’re in a cycle of contraction, All right Contraction cycles have a lot to do with more feminine energy?

So and that’s how the spiritual awakening really is supposed to go, I move forward, and I expand so much with that beautiful masculine energy And then a certain cycle comes in, and I’m now called to contract and go in and down and deep and be still and Be in the dark, almost like um, like an um like a seed When you plant a seed, a seed stays under that soil for quite a while

Before it. Finally, before it finally comes, uh comes up through the dirt Okay, So that contraction state, that’s a very feminine energy state And that’s what’s happening during your spiritual awakening.

This happens many times. Actually, it happened to me. It happens pretty much to everybody. These contraction cycles and expansion cycles are a really important part of your spiritual awakening, And don’t run from them.

Don’t feel uncomfortable because really what’s happening is when you feel uncomfortable when things are paused when things stop, when everything stops, when the energy contracts, and you’re being asked to go inward, when nothing it’s going on in your outside environment instead of thinking what’s wrong, something’s wrong, I need to do something about, and I’m starting to get restless You can catch that.

It’s your masculine energy, That’s restless because the masculine wants to be on the go, And you just take that opportunity, and you say to yourself: wow: okay.

I seem to be still in masculine dominance. So, I’m going to train in my feminine I’m going to go into my feminine: I’m not stuck, There’s nothing wrong. Everything is fine. There doesn’t always have to be things happening on the outside for me to enjoy life and to really, um, be grateful for life.

So, right now, I seem to be on a pause. I seem to be in a contraction moment in my spiritual awakening, I’m in a contraction moment in my life, where I’m my energy is pulling in Its contracting in, and I’m going to learn how to work with that.

I’M going to learn how to work with the phases of expansion as well as I work with the phases of contraction. I have to learn So what’s the difference when you’re in phases of expansion, that’s pretty easy. That’s masculine dominant energy.

So that means you’re out there You’re doing things, you’re going to online courses. You’re you’re doing a bunch of different things: Life is moving, Opportunities are presenting themselves, and you’re just doing this.

and that And the other those are phases of expansion and those are beautiful And it’s wonderful And it’s delicious when you’re in these beautiful phases of expansion, but what I’ve learned from personal experience and – and you know what I’m sharing this because this is something that I struggled with too.

This was one at one of mine. This was one of my greatest struggles was to develop this beautiful, feminine energy because I’m naturally masculine dominance by nature And so coming into my feminine wasn’t a comfortable process for me.

But what happened was I started to discover that if I stopped fighting the contraction moments, if I stopped panicking or feeling restless when times of contraction and nothingness appeared in my life, I started to just reformulate the way I was talking to myself.

So, I stopped saying that times of contraction were, I was blocked, or I was stuck because we use these words a lot When things aren’t moving, we say we’re stuck where blocked where something’s going on We use these words but B, just because something isn’t moving doesn’t mean we’re stuck right Like if, if You know is I park my car on the street – and I turned it off, my car is not stuck Right.

I would never use the word stuck by just parking my car in the street Right I stopped my car, I park it and I turn it off. It doesn’t mean it’s stuck So because something stops doesn’t mean it stuck, And, so I reformulated the way that I spoke to myself about these contraction moments in my spiritual awakening when things stopped, I no longer use the word stuck I no longer use the words blocked.

– And I said okay, Oh all right, I can feel it I’m starting to go into a contraction energy I’M starting to go into a contraction phase. What can I do?

Well, I’m going to I’m going to play with the feminine I’m going to learn to be in my feminine nature. I’M going to learn to flow I’M going to learn to sit and meditate more I’m going to learn to dance, I’m going to learn.

You see, like all of these beautiful characteristics of feminine energy, I’m going to learn to be patient because maybe this contraction moment in my spiritual awakening is a moment of teaching me patience And I’m going to learn patience.

I’M going to learn that everything happens in the exact time and that I don’t have to worry about it. I’M going to learn that I don’t need to struggle in life, that I don’t need to push that.

I don’t need to be constantly in effort mode. I’M going to learn, I’m going to take this opportunity that the energy is contracting and nothing is happening in my life.

I’M going to use this time to just learn how to be in this beautiful energy to learn how to be grateful to learn how to feel abundance, to learn how to really be okay.

When the energy is paused, It’s its just it’s just a different way of seeing things right And then, sooner or later, the energy is going to open up again, and you’ll, be in an expansion cycle again, And you just keep going like this contraction.

Expansion, contraction, expansion, That’s really what a spiritual awakening is about. Um but uh as soon as you start to reformulate the way that you speak about these moments of a pause in during a spiritual awakening and in your life when we reformulate the way that we speak about it, and we stopped giving it a negative connotation.

Everything changes in you’re going to start to really savor these beautiful contraction moments because you’re going to realize that these are wonderful moments to pause, to flow more with life, to be in my beautiful feminine energy to feel to connect.

So, there, their beautiful moments. You just have to create that mastery of being comfortable, whether your life is in an expansive mode and you’re having a bunch of opportunities or whether your life is in a contraction mode right now, and things are paused for higher purposes. I hope this helps

A Cross Cultural Experiential Perspective on Spiritual Awakening

Thirty-two years ago, I began my journey, a fascinating and remarkable inner and external journey into the experience of Kundalini awakening and the procedure that unfolds when that effective inner spiritual energy is fired up. It was my great good fortune to get shaktipat initiation (the awakening of kundalini) from Swami Muktananda who was the understood Master of the Siddha Yoga lineage at that time.

I state it was my terrific good luck because, in this custom, not just is the initiation provided, however the necessary teachings for comprehending the awakening and the spiritual experiences and process that unfolds as a result of it are freely and freely offered.

I quickly realized, through my own inner experience and the experiences of others around me who had actually received shaktipat, that this magnificent inner energy not just has the power to give one the highest of magical experiences, but is also a supreme healer. In her objective to take the applicant to the realization of oneness with Supreme Consciousness, she must help us to eliminate our inner challenges on the physical, mental, psychological, psychic and spiritual levels.

As with any development and recovery process, being faced with obstacles, restrictions, negative emotions, negative tendencies and past unresolved problems and difficult experiences, can be often frightening and challenging.

When integrated with intense, spontaneous experiences of energy relocating in a manner ins which an individual has no prior training, knowledge or understanding of, it can be frustrating, leading the specific to look for help from clergy, spiritual consultants, psychological health practitioners and holistic practitioners-many of who are lacking in the necessary experience and understanding offering adequate support, and some of whom might actually misdiagnose the person’s experience, labeling it pathological.

Thus, it is vital that anyone providing assistance to individuals with awakened Kundalini have understanding and experience of the kundalini process across spiritual cultures.

Energetic Paradigms Across Traditions

There are lots of names for the kundalini throughout spiritual traditions. A few are: the Tibetan Buddhist tummo, or inner fire, the Chrisitian Holy Spirity, the Chinese Martial Arts and Healing Arts Chi, and the num of African tribal dacers and healers.

When one checks out the magical texts, poetry and anecdotal product of a variety of customs, experiential paradigms emerge explaining the awakening and movement of this changing inner power.

The most articulated system is the Chakra/Nadi system that appears in Yoga, Tibetan Buddhism and Sufism. In this system, the kundalini is awakened and goes up through the main channel or sushumna, piercing the chakras or energy centers in the subtle, energy body.

In the process of moving through the chakras, the kundalini launches a range of physical, psychological, emotional, spiritual and psychic experiences. Throughout the Yoga, Tibetan Buddhist and Sufi customs the words might vary in describing the paradigm, but they are basically the same. The Christian system is less completely articulated, but is hinted at in the Book of Revelations as John, after receiving the awakening of the Holy Spirit from Jesus, later on experiences a series of magical visions.

In one of them he is shown the seven seals and the 7 spirits of God who preside over them. Each seal represents a level of revelation or consciousness. In Kabbalah, the mystical path of Judaism, there is a detailed system of the Tree of Life and the sefiroth.

Mention is also made from the 7 heavens and the Hebrew letters or noises used to attain them. In the Native American custom, the Hopi Creation Story explains vibrational centers that run along the axis or spine.

These 5 centers lie under the navel, at the heart, the throat, simply below the top of the head and at the top of the head-a system quite comparable to the chakra system.

A clay artifact discovered by archeologists in the mounds of the ancient Cahokian people that lived along the Mississsippi River in what is now the state of Illinois, shows a berger woman seated on an uncoiling snake. The snake rises like a vine up the center of her back, along which are positioned a variety of gourds.

The uncoiling serpent is, in the traditions of Yoga, a sign of the awakening kundalini, or serpent power. The ancient Druids of what is now England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland had a system of cauldrons. The cauldron of warming situated in the navel area includes an inner fire, the cauldron of fire, which lies in its very center.

The Druids would meditate on the cauldron of fire to awaken it. Once awakened, the spiritual power, fanned by the breath, rises, firing up the cauldron of occupation in the heart region.

Through the intense desire and yearning that emerges in the cauldron of vocation, the heat is brought upward opening the cauldron of Knowledge at the top of the head, opening the Master druid to getting divine inspiration, fact and knowledge from deep space.

There is an interesting parallel that appears to have actually traveled from the ancient Druid system to the Knights Templar and back to Scotland and the development of the Freemasons.

Leadbeater describes the connection between the first 3 degrees of Free Masonry and the chakra/nadi system, but might well have actually also revealed the link to the ancient Druid system of cauldrons.

Spiritual Awakening- the Experience

The timeless yogic experience of kundalini awakening through shaktipat initiation that is described in the mentors of Kashmir Shaivism is quickly seen in the Siddha Yoga experience. In 1979 I started the process of researching this experience for my doctoral dissertation on kundalini awakening and human advancement.

The study was a qualitative and theory finding design finished in 1984. 6 Siddha Yoga professionals with three or more years of regular spiritual practice were spoken with thoroughly about their experience of shaktipat and their resulting ongoing change.

Qualitative analysis of their experiences and shifts in awareness starting with their search for spiritual awareness, their shaktipat initiation and the effect of kundalini awakening and spiritual practice on their experience of modified states, mental/ self principle, physical and health experiences, worths, and lifestyle were done.

All 5 topics knowledgeable timeless shaktipat experiences of such things as energy increasing, lights, visions, waves of happiness and love, unity consciousness, and spontaneous physical movements in meditation. With time topics experienced the following:

  • Energy pulsating in the chakras
  • Spontaneous pranayama (yogic breathing).
  • Spontaneous hatha yoga postures.
  • Spontaneous weeping, spontaneous eruptions of sounds-animal and other.
  • The mind becoming still or uninhabited.
  • The Siddha Meditation mantra spontaneously welling up inside.
  • waves of happiness.
  • Hearing inner noises (celestial voices, roaring of energy).
  • Loss of body awareness.
  • Energy gushing through the spine and/or other parts of the body.
  • altered visual perceptions.
  • Heaviness or lightness of body.
  • Feeling life diing.
  • Consistent awareness of energy vibrating within the body.
  • Spontaneous singing in unidentified foreign languages.
  • Spontaneous involuntary development of poems and songs.
  • Magnificent visions.
  • Spontaneous deep understanding of scriptural teachings.

Experiences of the Inner Self.

Spontaneous experiences of being charged with energy in the morning and early evening hours (sunrise and sunset).

A lot more experiences and classifications of experience of kundalini awakening and unfolding are explained in this study. From the stand point of both the applicant and assistance providers it is very important to acknowledge that all of the experiences described here are typical kundalini experiences that are not just recorded in this study, but also described in such texts as Devatmi Shakti and experienced by thousands of people on the Siddha Yoga path and other paths where the goal is to obtain God realization through the awakening of the Kundalini.

Proof of these experiences is seen on the Sufi path in Irina Tweedie’s autobiography, Chasm of Fire. Here she describes receiving initiation from her Sufi Master, and the significant experiences of the unfolding of the Kundalini. The fantastic Sufi mystic and poet, Rumi, explains the inner experience of the Kundalini in his poem “Song of the Reed”:.

This flute is played with fire, not with wind;.
And without this fire you would not exist.
It is the fire of love that motivates the flute … It is the ferment of love that finishes the white wine.
The reed is a convenience to all estranged lovers.
Its music tears our veils away. (1981, p. 19).

After Jesus breathes the Holy Spirit into his disciples, they begin to have a variety of spiritual experiences including visions and speaking in tongues. St. Serafim prays to God to give Molotov the experience of the Holy Spirit and the two are engulfed in light so intense that Molotov can not look at St. Serafim saying that the light flashing from his eyes and face is too dazzling look at.

These methods are not clearly articulated on the Christian path, one sees evidence of both in the experience of Molotov and St. Serafim.

The Throne Mystics of the 2nd and third century were the predecessors of Kabbalistic schools of Judaism. There is a story of Rabbi Yohannin and his disciples. If fire, as they were discussing the meaning of Ezekiel’s vision of God’s chariot the Holy Spirit descended on them in the form. Kabbalistic instructors Rabbi David Cooper and Mark Stavish freely mention parallels to the kundalini experience in the practice of Kabbalah.

Rabbi Cooper compares the experience of the sefiroth and the kundalini paradigm in his recorded course The Mystical Kabbalah. Mark Stavish in his current book, Kabbalah for Health and Wellness, really presents Kabbalisitc meditation practices for awakening the kundalini.

In the Native American Lakota custom, Archie Fire Lame Deer, in his autobiography, Gift of Power, the Life and Teachings of a Lakota Medicine Man, vividly explains the experience of his dad energetically passing him his power and understanding hours before his death. He says that at this time he entered into a totally various spiritual dimension and truly ended up being a medicine man.

In the Tibetan Buddhist tradition there exists the tummo, or inner fire tantric practice for awakening the kundalini. Geshe Gyatso, in his book Clear Light of Bliss, explains the intricate practices and the traditional experiences of state of consciousness that are accomplished as the inner fire is directed up through the chakras into the crown chakra where a “drop” of happiness is launched, then directed downward through the chakras, and then back upward in the reverse order till the drop combines again in the crown chakra taking the practitioner into the state of enlightenment.

In the ancient Druid tradition the powems of Nede Mac Adme, and Amairgen, equated by from ancient Irish Druid texts by Caitlin Matthews, explain the experiences of the cauldrons of knowledge, warming and vocation. In both the poems of these ancient druids and in stories of dialogue in between the Master Druid Nede mac Adne, it is recommended that only the Master Druid experiences the full awakening when initiated by a Master who has achieved the highest state of Druidic knowledge.

That knowledge is just gotten through the tipping upward of the cauldron of understanding to get divine motivation and knowledge from greater consciousness.

Some Considerations In Providing Support.

An experiential understanding of spiritual awakening and the unfolding of the Kundalini is necessary in providing assistance to those who seek it. Charles Tart’s now classic statement about research on alter states applies to offering support to those experiencing kundalini awakening and the myriad modified states and life-changing experiences that follow.

In researching, it is challenging, if not impossible, to research study transformed states of consciousness if you have actually not experienced them yourself. If you have not experienced it yourself, it is difficult to guide and support someone through their experience of awakening and unfolding of Kundalini.

The awakened Kundalini is a fully mindful and smart force that can guide you in both your own procedure and in the process of supporting others.

It is necessary to understand that the awakened Kundalini’s role and function is to purify and improve all dimensions of our experience- physical, psychological, emotional, psychic and spiritual- and finally bring us into the state of oneness with God. One peak of that oneness unleashes a flood of energy that spirals through whatever is between us which extended experience of our Divine Self.

When this happens one’s internal process of clearing barriers, gaining new understandings of self, of broadened spiritual dimensions and of physical recovery can end up being so sped up that one becomes overwhelmed and experiences mental, spiritual and physical crisis.

Without a paradigm for understanding Kundalini awakening and the procedure of the unfolding of Kundalini, the experience can be incredibly puzzling both to the seeker and those who are offering support.

The unfolding of Kundalini through the chakras and nadis is not a linear process. To put it simply, the Kundalini does not clear the impressions kept in the chakras, or energetic centers one at a time. Nor does it move from the lower chakras to the higher ones in direct order, clearing each prior to it moves to the next.

The Kundalini spirals through layers of problems, spiritual experiences, memories and propensities included within the chakras and the energetic body, returning and forth with intelligence that is often awesome to see. When one considers the process that one experiences in psychotherapy, or in recovery, without the awakened Kundalini one sees a comparable pattern.

Problems surface, are worked through and go away, only to resurface from a much deeper level at a later time, often activated by life occasions, or internal work that needs to be done to strengthen us to go on to the next level of improvement.

We all, in our individual development work, peel away the layers of a concern gradually, as we are ready, going back to the problem to transfer to the next level of resolution when we are ready. When the awakened Kundalini ends up being a part of that growth process, the process is heightened and accelerate.

When this magnified individual procedure is combined with the traditional Kundalini experiences mentioned formerly, both the ignorant applicant and the ignorant fan risk of misdiagnosing the experience and confusing the person more. Spiritual visions and energetic experiences can be misdiagnosed as hallucinations.

Uncontrolled physical movements and seeing of lights can be misdiagnosed as neurological disorders. Racing ideas, changes in visual perception and rapid experiences of happiness and unhappiness can all be conveniently fit into a variety of psychological disorders.

Where disorders of a physical or psychological nature have been formerly identified evaluation becomes much more complicated when an individual experiences the awakening of Kundalini, as the crises precipitated by the awakening need significant understanding of both the Kundalini procedure and the disorders previously diagnosed in order to effectively guide the person on their journey to wellness and to transcendence.

Support Roles

Spiritual Masters, spiritual advisors and clergy, mental health professionals and holistic practitioners may all play substantial roles in supporting people experiencing extreme kundalini awakening. Each has a prospective role to play.

Perhaps the most crucial function is that of the Spiritual Master. When it comes to kundalini awakening this Master needs to be a real master, one who has the power to awaken, manage and assist the unfolding of the kundalini. It is the role of such a master to do just that for those who pertain to him or her for spiritual mentor.

Such an expert also supplies time honored teachings from bibles that use assistance to the student in comprehending the process and the practices that support the unfolding of the kundalini. The sankalpa or objective of such an expert can instantly awaken the kundalini, modulate its strength and direct the process of the unfolding of the kundalini in a way that is fit to each individual student.

I have experienced this power lot of times through the course of my own journey on the Siddha Yoga course, starting with the initiation that awakened my inner kundalini and carrying on through numerous intense experiences of the movement of that kundalini.

One of the most amusing experiences happened in the Siddha Yoga ashram in Ganeshpuri, India. This was early in my experience of the traditional kundalini experiences described in Devatma Shakti, and later in my own dissertation. I started to have roaring kriyas, to put it simply, I would spontaneously, without control over this, begin roaring like a lion.

This experience continued to heighten. I would begin to hear the roaring internally and know that I needed to run to someplace where I would not interrupt other students who were practicing meditation or chanting.

The roaring appeared to be set off most intensely by the chant they we did each evening in the ashram, so I stopped going to the chant and would stay up on the roofing of the dormitory building, the roaring beginning with the first verse of this chant.

At this time, Baba Mukatananda then stated “Everyone needs to concern the chant.” He would send out people around to ensure everyone was coming. … I had to go to the chant. When the roaring started to subdue me, I sat back near the exit in order to leave quickly. I might hear it, was holding back and shouting, but there was no holding it any longer.

The shakti remained in control and the roaring was errupting, so I jumped up and ran for the exit, only to be fulfilled by an ashram security individual who insisted I sit back down. When I described what was happening he sent me into the hall adjacent the yard where we were shouting.

The roaring emerged and the hall, with window available to the yard, imitated a megaphone sending out the roaring out into the yard where Muktananda sat with all of the students, shouting. Suddenly, I heard him laughing within me, and after that he called me by my spiritual name and stated, still chuckling, “Now, now, be quiet.” Instantly, the roaring stopped and the kundalini shakti picked my body up and I began dancing blissfully, timeless mudras forming with my hands.

From this bliss welled up within me and my body began to whirl like a dervish. I recognized as these gorgeous motions of the shakti unfolded that Baba Muktananda had actually just directed the kundalini to move quietly and blissfully, rather than roaringly! Many times since then when being in meditation intensives that became noisy with animal noises, spontaneous singing and other noises I would hear either Baba Muktananda, or later on Gurumayi Chidvilasananda simply gently say “Quiet now”, and the entire hall would become really still and peaceful as individuals would be plunged into the deepest states if meditation.

When offering assistance to those experiencing intense kundalini awakening, it is frequently practical to send them to a Master who has the power to modulate the strength of the experience, especially if the person has had a spontaneous awakening without the benefit of a Master’s assistance. When this is not possible just conjuring up the assistance of such a Master can likewise be practical.

Studying with such a Master can likewise deepen one’s own inner experience of the kundalini and the Divine Self, supplying understanding and motivation in the work of supporting others.

Spiritual advisors and clergy have a particular role in counseling and mentor others as they pursue their spiritual course. They have not reached the level of Master or Guru, however can have a good deal of inner experience and understanding of the kundalini process and the spiritual disciplines and useful daily methods and strategies for incorporating the experience into one’s life.

In spiritual advisors and clergy to be helpful in supporting the hunter who is experiencing an intense awakening and unfolding procedure, they need to have experience and knowledge of the process.

Throughout history there are cases of terrific saints who were viewed as either heretics or ridiculous by the clergy of their customs, because the clergy had no understanding of spiritual awakening and the classic magical experiences that accompany it.

For those who have restricted knowledge it is important to look for those who have the understanding and understanding and refer applicants to them.

Psychological health experts can be incredible support to those individuals who are experiencing kundalini unfolding and awakening, if they are transpersonally oriented and have experiential as well as conventional knowledge of the kundalini process. It is also important to have an openness to questioning one’s medical diagnosis of mental conditions when working with people with awakened kundalini.

Without the benefit of a spiritual path that supplies a paradigm and normalization of the experience of awakening and the transformation process that takes location after awakening, many individuals present with what they are assuming are either mental crises, or total confusion about what has actually begun to take place to them.

Holistic professionals can provide much assistance to individuals experiencing kundalini awakening and unfolding, supplying they have the understanding and experience of the process themselves.

Any specialists working in the energetic field of somebody with an awakened kundalini must proceed with fantastic caution and sensitivity in order to not interfere with the work of the kundalini, or intensify a currently extreme experience.

Hatha Yoga practice was initially established in order to purify the body and prepared it for awakening of the kundalini, thus many of the asanas and pranayama practices can really intensify the kundalini experience, especially in the early years of the experience when the process is the most intense.


This post lays out details on the cross cultural experience of kundalini awakening and supplies some standards for those supplying support for people experiencing awakening and the change process that evolves from that awakening.

For extra information about the kundalini experience please do not hesitate to call Dr. Wilcox through this site. More substantial consideration of this topic will appear in Fire of Love, Descent of Grace, Dr. Wilcox’s upcoming book.

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