Causes For HEADACHES During & After MEDITATION. Third Eye Pineal Gland Activation & Cleansing


Causes For HEADACHES During & After MEDITATION. Third Eye Pineal Gland Activation & Cleansing

Headaches After Meditation, Pineal Gland Third Eye Activation & Body Cleansing, It’s normal to experience some discomfort or physical pain when you start to meditate for the first time Some individuals not all experience physical pain or emotional turmoil when they first achieve silence of the mind and open The gateway to cosmic energy Much cleansing occurs within both your physical body, complex and subtle spirit body. Some stored-up negative energies are dislodging and beginning to clear, causing some physical symptoms to occur.

Headaches are common, especially at the top of the head or the forehead due to the pineal gland or third eye, getting a work-out that it’s not used to When you close your eyes, the darkness activates the pineal gland, which then secretes melatonin into your cerebral fluid, which starts the process of sleep. You are conscious, however, during meditation, but the same effect is felt. Meditation is conscious, sleep turn out the lights, the pineal gland, activates and the gateway to intelligent infinity opens.


You use your pineal gland during sleep and at certain points of the day, while subconsciously, sending and receiving energies and communications to and from the spirit world. However, the process of meditation gives your pineal gland a more strenuous workout than usual If you rarely used your left arm and had to lift a heavy weight, it’d be hard work right. It might even hurt at the time or ache after, The same is true for the pineal gland. You need to exercise this organ and increase blood flow. By using it, It will become stronger as a result.


During the first week or two, you may experience headaches straight after meditation. The headache can last for several hours. There are two possible causes for the headache the new strenuous workout, as already mentioned, plus the clearing of negative energies from the pineal gland and the head area itself. Imagine that many years of stress, anxiety and negative energies have built up in this area before your spiritual awakening and urge to meditate began The process of dislodging and expelling these negative energies causes pain and discomfort in the affected regions of the body. As few as five to ten half-hour long meditation sessions could clear these blockages, but meditation should be continued to keep them clear.


Pain can be felt throughout the body. One reason is that you may not be used to sitting in your meditative position, such as the lotus position. This may be resulting in some backache Set down some cushions and give yourself a back rest to lean against Your body should adjust and get used to your new positioning over time. Pain can also be felt throughout your physical body or in different areas of the body due to accumulation of negative energies. Daily stresses worries and negative emotions are stored in several parts of your body, but each person tends to have a main area where these energies build up.


Some people experience upper back pain, others, digestive discomfort, others, headaches and so on. Have you ever noticed that, during times of intense stress, your usual physical ailments, flair up You are collecting and storing your negative energies in the usual place in your body?

Once your area of concentrated negative energy accumulation is targeted by healing energies, a great deal of pain can be experienced in that area. You’re being healed, however, and you will feel better soon When you first start to meditate, you open the gateway to intelligent, infinity and cleansing healing energies. These enter through the top of the head through the pineal gland and trickle down through your body.


Your subtle, (or spirit) body is cleansed, and your physical body in turn is cleansed. Your chakras are being unblocked so that energy is free to flow in balanced amounts. Your sub energy, centers and energy pathways too are cleared and energized Negative energy is ousted and removed. The mind is also rejuvenated by the in-pouring of healing energies, The process of cleansing the mind and the unblocking and balancing of the chakras can cause emotional flare-ups and turmoil. You may find yourself thinking’why am I acting like this?


You could become quite bi-polar in your emotions. That is, for instance, angry for a time and then very happy soon after stored up negative thought, forms and emotional energies are being dislodged and cleared. This outpouring of negative energies can cause emotional and erratic behavior on its way out, while physical pain and emotional flare-ups only occur for some people when they start to meditate for the first time it should not discourage anyone from meditating More and more meditation will clear your physical complaints and fully activate your energy centers cleansing. The physical and subtle body over time know that the benefits both physically and mentally will have a big impact on your life.

9 Awesome Spiritual Awakening Symptoms

Once the soul awakens, the search starts and you can never ever return. From then on, you are inflamed with a special longing that will never again let you linger in the lowlands of complacency and partial satisfaction. The everlasting makes you immediate. You are loath to let compromise or the risk of threat hold you back from striving towards the top of satisfaction. ~ John O’Donohue
What Does a Spiritual Awakening Mean?

For those of you who aren’t knowledgeable about what a spiritual awakening is, it is the procedure where a specific becomes aware of their spiritual nature, in addition to the spiritual nature of the entire physical reality.

An individual going through a spiritual awakening is coming to the realization that people are so much more than simply their name, profession, relationship status or possessions; they are everlasting spirits linked to each other, to the earth, along with to the whole Cosmos.

To the earth chemically. ~ Neil deGrasse Tyson
When we experience a spiritual awakening, we literally “awaken” to truth. We start to question whatever including our old beliefs, routines, and ideals, and understand that there is a lot more to life and to ourselves than what we have actually been taught up until now.

A spiritual awakening is usually accompanied by a variety of remarkable symptoms, which I am going to be recording bellow. Due to the originality of each individual and the subjectivity of each perspective, not everyone going through a spiritual awakening is going to experience the exact same signs.

The list bellow is made up based upon the symptoms that I have been experiencing throughout my spiritual awakening.

Spiritual Awakening Symptoms


1 – Reduced Stress and Overthinking

When a private understands that they are so much more than their physical type, their point of view shifts. As we control our ego and the Spirit within becomes in charge we tend to end up being less emotionally involved with everything that occurs; we begin taking things less seriously.

g1fed9759188d6186c6b0f5e605058c4f411b7c634d94fc5640d4c93433825f8282c8b5c93cc1a5fbb910225e9f84b6e1 640Issues and awkward situations that are taking place can be seen more objectively, or as I like to call it “from a 3rd individual’s viewpoint”, and therefore become simpler to be solved and surpassed.

Everything existing in this physical truth can be lastly seen for what it actually is; irrelevant and impermanent, thus why bother worrying over it?


2 – Feeling That Who You Used to be Was a Different Person

One day you will get up and you will recall one year and recognize that even though who you used to be, feels familiar, it likewise feels exceptionally distant and separate.

As I am recollecting, I understand that I utilized to feel like a confused, lost kid; a kid who was not just unaware of its confusion, however as far away from the road towards clarity and direction as possible.

Just a year later on I can’t believe the quantity of modification that I have actually been subjected to. I am still feeling confused, however confused about various situations … Situations about which I want to be puzzled.

Scenarios that used to bring me joy appear to become significantly empty and meaningless. I seem to greatly value the time that I invest by myself, and sometimes even feeling that I require it.

None of this appears to actually matter as long as I keep walking on the path towards understanding myself.

A course is set and the path is more apparent than ever.

3 – Increased open-mindedness

Given that our more youthful age, we have actually been taught to live our life in particular methods; we have been absolutely conditioned by actually everyone and whatever around us.

As the Spirit within awakens, we become significantly able to recognize that practically whatever that we have been taught about living life remains in truth, false and outdated. It nearly feels like we are being required to carry a really heavy burden; a load of dead weight.

Nevertheless, no matter how scary and troublesome this realization is, in order to keep our peace of mind and our power to keep moving forward, we have no choice however to drop this dead weight and expose ourselves to this brand-new state of being.

ga47e91760c5fbb9a7b4f7a0f1aee94b2167d9120839377356a4fae077db49efd96ad4384eec5ca97d38f1c867478640b 640The only way that we can grow is if we alter. The only way that we can change is if we discover. And the only way that we can end up being exposed is if we toss ourselves out into the open.
When we start questioning whatever that we have actually ever understood, our mind inevitably opens up to a brand new method of being, and it remains open forever. As a result, and in an attempt to broaden our horizons, a lot more, we discover ourselves easier stepping outside of our convenience zones, yearning for new experiences, enjoying conference brand-new individuals, seeing new places, and understanding different cultures.

A mind that is stretched by a brand-new experience can never ever return to its old dimensions. ~ Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.
4 – Experiencing Intense Clarity, Serenity, and Bliss

Clarity, bliss, and peacefulness are inherent qualities of our Authentic, Spiritual Self. They are not qualities that can be cultivated, however rather qualities that concern the surface area when our real spiritual nature ends up being more apparent and layers of conditioning start removing.

The more we become aware of the spiritual nature of truth and the more linked we end up being to our Authentic Self, the more clearness, happiness, and tranquility we are going to be experiencing.

5 – Spontaneous Bursts of Creativity

As consciousness ascends to greater dimensions and mind ends up being more subtle, obsolete idea patterns begin to lessen or even disappear. We grow more able to think out of package and to see the larger photo of whatever.

Sometimes, we might experience unintended bursts of imagination which may assist us make enormous leaps towards resolving issues that we are currently dealing with, discovering answers to unanswered and formerly complex questions, and/or lastly comprehending who we truly are, why are we here, and perhaps even what our life’s purpose is.

6 – Emotional Stability

Feeling like being on an emotional roller rollercoaster, experiencing intense mood swings, abrupt waves of emotions, psychological confusion, isolation, disconnection, and despondence are some of the indications that you are spiritually awakening, according to most individuals, books, and websites.

While this might really hold true, those feelings are similar to waves on the surface of an extremely deep ocean. There might be a storm above the ocean, manifesting huge waves, but the much deeper you dive into it, the more serene, quiet, and steady it appears.

As the Spirit within awakes and we dive deeper into our real essence, we realize that no matter what type of emotion triggers turbulence on the surface, this deep ocean-like peace is constantly going to exist with us.

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7 – Experiencing Oneness

Experiencing Oneness is most probably one of the most special and incredible symptoms of a spiritual awakening.

While I will be taking about oneness, I will not be taking about the awareness of the limitless connection in between everything and the Universe Itself. Rather, I will be speaking about the awareness of the oneness of opposites, or as the alchemists and hermeticists call it in The Kybalion – the Principle of Polarity.

Everything is Dual; everything has poles; everything has its set of revers; like and unlike are the same; revers equal in nature, but different in degree; extremes satisfy; all truths are but half-truths; all paradoxes might be reconciled. ~ The Principle of Polarity, The Kybalion
Triumph exists inside every defeat. Unhappiness is the foundation of happiness. Stress and anxiety brings to life tranquility. Nerve is originated from fear. Failure is part of success. As the issue rises, so is the solution.

Everything that we view as unfavorable is its unmanifested positive. Unfavorable couldn’t exist without positive, along with positive could not exist without unfavorable.

It’s the empty space in between the notes that literally allows the music to be music. ~ Change Your Thoughts – Change Your Life, by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer
Understanding this, the awakened guy searches for the positive inside every negative, and thus he is continuously in control. He constantly remains centered, even in the midst of turmoil; he is not swayed, regardless of being surrounded by luxury; he is in touch with his root.

8 – Moving Through Life With More Ease

During a spiritual awakening, we are pertaining to the understanding that what we experience in life is a direct usage of our belief system, ideas, and mindsets. Whatever we hold in our mind tends to unfold in our life.

This awareness renders us able to stand guard on the door of our mind and become aware of already embraced bad habits while dropping whatever we believe to be holding us back from being the best variation of ourselves.

Subsequently, we begin manifesting our desires faster and much more effortlessly; everything seems to be falling into place. Issues seem to be fixing on their own.

Life feels more like a game.

9 – Craving For Our True Purpose

While being in a state of ignorance of our Spiritual nature, we tend to keep looking for ways to please our senses. We believe that this is the sole method towards enduring and real joy, thus we are constantly setting materialistic objectives. We “have” to attain things; we “have” to meet more individuals; we “have” to fall in love; we “have” to have money.

As Gaius Baltar insightfully mentions in among my favorite series, Battlestar Galactica:

There is constantly a cravings for more cash, higher popularity, various people. The point that we are missing out on is that there is a particular futility in focusing one’s entire life around attempting to please hungers that can genuinely never ever be sated. ~ Gaius Baltar – Battlestar Galactica
Being awake now, we can lastly feel that none of those shallow desires is going to make us really delighted and peaceful. The only way to attain joy is to look beyond our physical type and the physical kind of things.

Everyone was born on this earth to meet a purpose and while every person has a different function to satisfy, all of us have to fulfill the exact very same function, which is to live life on our own terms and become our most Authentic Self.

CAUTION! Being totally in tune with who you causes a serious, life-enhancing condition called “happiness”! There is merely no better feeling on the planet than taking a look around at whatever and everybody that’s in your life and stating, “Yes, this is Me.” ~ Manifestation Miracle

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