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How Can I Achieve Happiness? How the Natural State Is the Key to Pure Happiness

As we undergo life, often we have attractive experiences. They are so remarkable that we are full of a desire to keep them for as lengthy as possible. But why we can not hang onto them as well as why they go away is due to the fact that we can only remember them in the mind.

Miscegenation – The Unlawful Act of Angels Breeding With Humans

Hybrid of angels reproducing with the human ladies of the earth. This unlawful act can not be left unpunished. God started a 6-step plan to judge the angels. Yet that was not completion.

Ascended Masters – St Germain and Violet Flame Alchemy

Violet Fire Alchemy is the mix, an unique combination of both physical realm and that of the World of Spirit improvement. St Germain of the Violet Flame aids all who look for to be reminded of their very own Divinity. The Violet Fire extinguishes all way of contamination, burning away collected adverse powers.

How Do We Embrace a God We’ve Yet to Find?

For people that have actually magically located God, the secret is less strange. Yet simply exactly how do we accept a God who has not, obviously, embraced us? Just how do we locate God when all our searching has revealed perhaps absolutely nothing?

9/11, The Tenth Time: How You Can Create World Peace

Can there be tranquility in such a fierce world? What power, if any, do we as individuals have to affect tranquility one means or the various other? Turns out, we have plenty. All of it starts with complete and also complete self-centeredness. What?

Spiritual Empowerment – Experiencing an Energy Imbalance

What is the distinction between running out alignment, blocked energy as well as experiencing an energy discrepancy? The difference in between blocked or stationary power, running out balance and also experiencing a power imbalance is for me, fairly unique. It relates to being in the space in between both the physical world and the Realm of Spirit.

The Circle of Life Covers Two Paths

Imagine the trip of life as a basic circle. If we attracted a circle theoretically, we would certainly write ‘Source/Universal/God/ Soul/Love’ on top of the circle. Our company believe that life as we understand it occurs from spirit, from the universal resource of all that is.

Reiki Therapy – Just What Is It and How Does It Work?

There are some false impressions regarding Reiki and what it is and also isn’t. It’s a form of all-natural recovery which has a spiritual measurement. That does not imply that it’s a religion, or needs any special ideas. This articles checks out reiki and also it’s usages.

Enjoying God’s Embrace

Everything that God provides is available eternally, but to just those churches as well as people with the mind of Christ. The expertise of God’s peace, as it permeates our spirits, is conditional upon surrender in shared love. The Lord is, besides, a God of love and tranquility. We understand exactly how to delight in God’s accept. There is no rocket science in pleasing God.

The Bible Secret

A few years ago, I had a revelation. It concerned a specific knowledgeable from the publication of Revelation and also it also worried a white rock. The message had basically claimed that for individuals that ‘get over’, God would offer that individual a white stone with a new name composed on it that only the person who obtained it would know. It was an intriguing verse and also it established me assuming for quite a long period of time before real significance of the verse opened itself up to me.

How to Thrive and Embrace Change in These Turbulent Times

In the space of five days here in Virginia, we experienced a considerable sized quake, a serious electric tornado and also a hurricane! Every one of these occasions are uncommon in Virginia, so to have all three in the space of a week was rather stunning.

Poetic Pair: Two Poems Celebrating God and Life

A poetic set commemorating God as well as life. The first rhyme celebrates the freedom of following our distinct functions; the second rhyme celebrates the happiness of understanding God in stillness and also silence.

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