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hello everyone and welcome to this draw my mind video I didn't want to draw my life today but I wanted to show you what's in my mind yesterday I attended a beautiful workshop about the law of attraction and I wanted to think the person who made it possible for me to attend you know you are anyways I've been studying the law of attraction for so many years and you don't need to believe in this theory but I wanted to explain it to you in a very easy way since I think there is nothing paranormal about it it is actually easily explainable with intellect so for those of you who are not familiar with the law of attraction it's a theory according to which whatever you feel whatever you focus on you attract in your life for example have you ever had a bad day where something bad happened in the morning and so many bad things happened the whole day and you just wanted to go back to sleep upwards and vice-versa have you ever had a period of your life where you felt so positive and confident you started seeing so many changes in life and everything was going the way it was supposed to go there is a famous way of saying things which is when it rains it pours has it ever happened to you well according to the law of attraction the more you focus on what you want and one feeling good the more beautiful things will happen in your life whatever you think whether it's a good thought or a negative thought the fact that you focus on it means that you're going to get exactly what you are thinking about and you become a sort of magnet for it this is off attraction you attract what you focus on so in the case you're focusing on something you don't want there you go that's why everything is screwed up so let's for example think or consider that you might be a very anxious person who constantly worries and feels fearful and anxious all the time you always think about all the possible scenarios all the possible things which can go wrong and you're so full of fears and more thing more things happen the more you fear them the more you get negative things to live in you and you say to yourself oh my god what did I do to bring this upon myself why is this happening to me again oh no again if you ever thought oh no again then you might be in this spiral of not having control for your thoughts that doesn't mean you're guilty that doesn't mean you did something wrong you just need to understand that the more you focus on what you want even in a bad situation the more you're going to get exactly what you want so three's a concept I want to explain we have two points of Attraction the inner self and yourself which is well you the person lives your life every single day and these two points are always connected with the universal energy which is pure and this energy makes it possible for things to become a reality so you're always connected to your inner self but whenever you feel good you are in balance with your inner self which is the wisest part of you there is a stream of energy between the two of you and whenever you are focusing on something negative you are interrupting or making it difficult to establish a connection between you and what you really want your inner self so if you focus on something positive you are feeling good your inner being is feeling good as well because it is pure and you are going to get more of what you want it's a sparrow or vortex but you're focusing on something you don't want the other it under you're interrupting this stability and so your inner being is telling you know go another way just pick another way find another way to feel good this is enough attraction but then how can you feel happy how can you feel good if something is happening in your life maybe a chronic thing maybe it's not something you can control maybe that's to do with your family with money with your relationship what can you do well sleep because sleep and meditation can interrupt for a little amount of time that connection between you your inner self the universe so by resting up your neutralizing the negative energy and you will be able to feel refreshed and attract all the things so definitely when you feel like a crisis is coming just rest a little bit and meditate and focus on what feels good and what you like you see there is another thing called the vortex and the vortex is basically the place where you put all your desires and fears so whatever you desire or whatever your fear whatever you focus on goes into your vortex and according to the law of attraction as soon as you put something into the vortex with your thought the universe is giving it to you if you ask it is given that's why the book is called that way it's like a seed you plant it on the ground you have to wait until you have a plant and eventually a tree but you cannot rush it that's why so many people get frustrated in the process of waiting for what they really want they say why hasn't it gone yet this law of attraction doesn't work but it needs time you wouldn't get mad and planned for not blooming when you expect it so be patient and faith so this is not something paranormal or something extravagant this is something understandable with the intellect if you have a positive attitude in every situation you're going to find new ways of getting on the situation or facing it in a way which doesn't affect you negatively so it is totally normal to struggle but you can find your own happiness you just need to understand that you should focus on what feels good to you what makes you feel passionate and you will become a magnet anything you've ever wanted this is the Moffatt Church and whatever you want to call it try it for yourself try to focus on the way you feel try to focus on what feels good to you and when you have a moment of crisis just try to feel good even that moment of crisis you will see wonders happening in your life I hope you like this video please let me know you want to see more and if you want more drawing videos like this one or if you have any experience with

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