Fatigue and Exhaustion ~ Stages of a Spiritual Kundalini Awakening


Fatigue and Exhaustion ~ Stages of a Spiritual Kundalini Awakening

Hi there, my name is Carolyn, and today I wanted to talk about why we are so tired when we’re in a Kundalini awakening and a lot of us, it’s just years of exhaustion that we might be experiencing in our early stages of awakening, and I’m in year 9 now – and I really do still go through phases of being really tired and a lot of changes are still occurring within me and what I was really shown about this, because it is so hard to understand the feeling of tiredness.

We don’t understand what is going on within that we’re so exhausted that we can’t be a lot of us. We get to a point where we can’t even go to work anymore, like it’s.

It’s really affecting our lives in such a negative way that we have to let go of how he is to live, and for me, at the beginning,  I used to be very active person running around I’m a Gemini, so it’s constantly doing a lot of things. All at once, I had no problem going for a run outside and had a lot of energy, and I did many things and then all of a sudden.


I was just like flat out and I had to change my entire schedule and lifestyle to accommodate this, because I only had so much energy to get through each day and I sacrificed taking care of myself often a lot of self-care. I didn’t worry even about putting makeup on or brushing my hair, because I just didn’t care.

I didn’t have the energy, so I just really focused on putting that energy into what responsibilities really needed to be taken care of for the day and everything also just kind of let go, and that went on for quite a few years and I stopped working out. I couldn’t, I couldn’t physically move too much. I had a lot of pain and other issues occurring in the awakening, and now I’m just started working out two years ago again, and it’s just very light.


I can’t go for a run still, and I do yoga and Pilates. I basically work out three days a week and I do muscle training I lift weights now again, and I feel a lot stronger than I did for many years.

So, I’m on me that was like year seven I started feeling better to start being more physically active again, but prior to that, I just could really only go for a walk. A lot that was like being in nature really helped me so something I really needed to do daily. It was go for a walk, and I really kept that and that’s as much as I could.


I do, and I couldn’t even do that every single day I spent a lot of time in bed and sleeping and napping, and then I’m I get what I needed to get done in a few hours, and it would usually be later on in the day and Then get to bed so what’s occurring. Is that we’re changing so much within and the way I’ve kind have been shown? It is like a pregnancy so when you’re pregnant, I’m sorry guys, but when maybe you know if you’ve had a wife, that’s been pregnant.

They’re. Very tired, especially at the beginning – and you don’t see anything, there’s no bump yet, and they’re so exhausted and sleeping all the time and it’s going on for months and with the Kundalini awakening its years that we’re experiencing this.


And we don’t see anything and the people around, you don’t see anything, and it affects everybody if you have a spouse or you’re living with your parents or your friends even their like nobody understands they’re looking at you, and they’re confused. Why are you so tired? What is wrong with you, and you feel guilty, and you just want to sleep and no one gets it.

You know, and it’s hard to explaining – you don’t get it yourself, and then you feel bad and guilty, and you’re just pushing yourself when really what we need to do is focus on ourselves and self love and self care, and there’s nothing selfish about that. And it’s totally normal to feel so exhausted in a spiritual awakening and a Kundalini awakening.


Your body is totally changing. Your DNA is changing your it’s changing your physical body’s, changing your brains, changing your purging, you’re tuning you’re getting upgrades like for now. I go through a lot of upgrades, and they come and go all the time, so I’ll have times of extreme exhaustion still and then other times of extreme energy.

But for the most part I still don’t have a lot of stable energy. And if I do too much one day, the next day, I’m very tired, so I find I have to just pace myself, even though I feel like.


Oh, I’m having a really great day today, I’ve got lots of energy. I want to catch up on cleaning and putting my stuff away and laundry and these sorts of things. But if I do that, the next day, I’m just like really suffering and struggling. So, I do I’ve had to figure out how to do the self-care and the balance and taking that time, to stop and rest when I can rather than pushing ahead, even though there’s so many things that need to be done.

What we need to do for ourselves and for the service to all is focus on just taking care of nurturing yourself having baths getting massages doing yoga acupuncture these sorts of things – and these are very nice ways to move the energy and remove the toxins and go For a walk in nature, sit outside in nature and allow the changes within your body to occur on their own at their own pace and just accept that you’re, tired and accept that it’s okay and know that it’s okay.


And if anyone has a problem with it, then it’s their issue, because what you’re going through they won’t understand, so you’re not here to please anybody else, and that was a big lesson for me – is to just learn to say no to everybody that didn’t want to Support what I’m going through, and you have to just put yourself first and there’s nothing wrong with that. We want to be doing that.

That’s what self-love and self there is, and when you worry about what your needs are and put yourself first, you can then replenish and refill and heal and do all the things you need to do, and you can move through the awakening a little bit easier, Faster, if you allow your body to heal and do what it needs to do and grow because you’re going through a change internally and externally, and you’re gonna come out. The other end. Another person thing when you started, so rest is when our body does the most work and that’s why we feel so tired.


Our body wants to do what it needs to do and when you’re not resting, and you’re not drinking the water, and you’re not being out in nature. These are things that, especially in a Kundalini in spiritual waking that we need to do to cleanse and keep the body clean and moving the energy through us and doing the work it needs to do within so don’t feel guilty and take that time to rest.

Go to bed early, skip the TV skip Facebook and get to bed at 8. I know it’s a boring life, but it’s just you know it’s a time in awakening. It won’t last forever, and even if I hear a lot of people like 20 years old and in their 20s and their friends are going out, they just have to stay home and do nothing because they don’t have the energy to be participating.


And it does suck. But it’s not gonna be forever, so you just have to allow this time, and you’re wakening to occur and get through it, and so you want to help yourself not fight against it. I hope this helps thanks for watching be blessed.

Kundalini Awakening & How to Manage the Effects

At that time, I didn’t even understand I’d received Reconnective Healing, which began this off. All I knew was that some quite remarkable things were suddenly occurring, I felt I had to deal with them on my own, and I didn’t really comprehend what was going on.

Yes, it can be quite jarring, however it’s also something to commemorate. For me, those months of unusual experiences indicated significant modification and a deeper connection to Source than I had actually ever known. The word “kundalini” has a Sanskrit origin and in western culture, is often combined together with the word “awakening.” Here’s how kundalini is defined:

The vital force lying dormant within one till triggered by the practice of yoga, which leads one toward spiritual power and ultimate salvation; energy that lies dormant at the base of the spine until it is triggered, as by the practice of yoga, and carried up through the chakras in the process of spiritual excellence.
Obviously, the kundalini awakening can take place through devoted practices to stimulate it, however it can likewise take place spontaneously, and for at least a single person I understand, after a Reconnective Healing. Considering its often disconcerting results, I use my leading ten list.

gb44b41ca07760124d92c4748c3eb42394dbd25f433777e9d5226208c019c96796f3de18a94eb9578f7a3f06d3f1e158c 64010. You’ve never experienced this previously, so it’s perfectly understandable to be puzzled. You’re not making it up and nobody provided you a “how to” manual. Cut yourself some slack.

9. What was when your solid “reality” is briefly shifting, but you really are seeing in a different way, hearing exceptionally, and feeling with a brand-new sense.

There’s no factor to tell everybody every detail, but you need an ally you can be truthful with. You deserve a respectful, listening ear, and you know within your circle of friends, who that is.

7. Recognize that the borders you constantly assumed were there are not, and so possibly a few of those things you thought you could never do or be, might not be real either. Picture new possibilities.

g7b1ea8275f77fe1644cd5b2e68411cab0a49772c64288474b530a9046a4a98b117cbb9060a55621b08f038145144d4a5 6406. Let it all out by putting your experiences on paper. Compose them down so that when things are a bit calmer, you will more objectively see the journey you were on and you’ll have some empathy for how far you’ve come.

5. Phew! Take a deep breath. No, actually. Use a long inhalation and a long exhalation while you tap your cortices. This basic strategy will assist ground you and leave you feeling more balanced.

4. Get thee outdoors. Nature is a terrific balm. Remove your shoes and let your tootsies feel the earth. Stand still for a couple of moments and connect with the energy of the planet to sturdily ground you in your body. Enjoy this time of heightened awareness and enable the appeal of nature to soothe you.

g42bb9419e14b95295e8c674c0a21936fbdc5cecf2dd61c0b749afd1a58ead0c529711536d944b0d3befff4699c94f69e 6403. Do you have a small child in your household or circle of buddies? Remain in their business and let them show you how to play. Kids can make a toy of almost anything; they’re so innovative. You are as well. That’s partly what’s occurring here … your imagination is being reborn.

2. Laughter truly is the very best medication. Guffaw, snort, shriek without inhibition. You know what tickles your funny bone, and if that seems like a stretch recently, attempt seeing a funny or checking out an easy going book. Better yet, be with individuals you can laugh freely with. Giggle with glee, my friend.

1. Dance with desert. Moving your body to jubilant music can assist shake loose a few of this energy. Follow up with a long take in a warm bath as you sink into relaxation. If the tears come, let them flow. Watch as your concerns remove, never to return. (And lastly, sleep as much as your body needs.).

Maria K. Benning, M. Ed., Certified Healing Practitioner, helps others to feel well physically, psychologically, mentally and spiritually, so they can fulfill their possible and experience a more joyful life. Clients are then able to take what they have actually received, are empowered by their restored connection to Self and Source, and with energy and interest, produce a more satisfying story on their own. She teaches classes in the Akashic Records.

Having moved from a long-lasting corporate career into complementary and alternative health and health, she uses her organization background (in addition to education and experience as a therapist) to bringing these efficient techniques into the mainstream, where they belong.

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