Hermit Phase of Spiritual Awakening – Why It’s CRUCIAL & How to IDENTIFY If You’re In It – POWERFUL!


Hermit Phase of Spiritual Awakening

So let me guess you might be going through aphase in your life, where you feel lonely isolatedconfused misunderstood and you really have noidea what direction your life is heading in it’sas. If you were existing in some sortof void, that’s completely unexplainableyou’re having a hard time understanding it! Well, ihave some help for you. If you’re on the spiritualawakening journey, maybe this little bit ofinformation, i have to give you – will help you makesense of what stage you’re in so that you can getthrough it with more ease acceptance and surrenderhello everybody and welcome to my channel my nameis elena. If we haven’t met already and if you area returning subscriber then thank you so very muchfor being here, i’m always so super grateful forall of you guys in this growing community, andthe amazing valuable comments that you leavebelow.


I cherish that so very much. Today’S video isanother addition to my Spiritual Awakening seriesand: this is going to be all about that isolationseclusion solitude and deep introspective phasecalled, the hermit phase and many spiritual circlesso. I wanted to address this a little bit becauseit’s a space where i have spent a lot of time. Ifound myself, here way more times than one and it’sa place where i seem to evolve, do the most innerwork and really flourish when i come out of it andnow, even when i’m in it. So i wanted to share thisinsight that i’ve received from this very specificphase of Spiritual Awakening to maybe help youunderstand some confusion, a sense of loss or avoid that you might find yourself in from time totime.


But first let me quickly: introduce myself iam an intuitive soul, coach and astrologer. I helpempaths and energy sensitives, who are awakened ontheir Spiritual Awakening journey to really healthemselves and accept themselves, so that theycan begin to open up their gifts and really stepinto their path, purpose and mission. So if you arenot already a subscriber make sure you tap thatsubscribe button below, i update multiple times aweek and i promise not to disappoint so initiallySpiritual Awakening seems as if it’s this magicalexperience, which it is okay and a lot of us stepon this path from very traumatic Experiencesnot everybody, but some, but no matter how traumaticthe experience was, there’s still this mysticalmagical element to it and it can feel as if you’rein, some type of fantasy world. You start learningabout all different dimensions of realitymaybe. You learn about aliens or astral travelhow to awaken the third eye and kundalini energythat lies dormant at the base of the spine, thatawakens gifts and psychic abilities and of courseyou guys when we first awaken.


These are all thethings that draw us onto this path and makeit seem very, very intriguing, and i am totallya person who is guilty of this as well, and whileall of that stuff holds a lot of truth and it hasa lot of validity. I believe that there’s manyother things that need to be focused on firstand foremost, now a lot of the clients that i workwith, who are going through a Spiritual Awakeningusually when they’re first awakened willalways, tell me that they’re good they don’thave any healing to do. They don’t have any traumathat needs to be addressed and they’re fine rightand. I myself thought this very same thing when ifirst woke up so when i first woke up previous tothat, i went through a lot of traumatic experiencesuh, pretty abusive on all levels, relationshipjust. A lot of trauma that i created likeexperiences that were bad, that i created on my ownas well as a multitude of different addictionsamong, many other things and i remained walkingthrough life very unconscious.


However, i workedthrough a lot of these things and then i had acrazy awakening experience. So i thought: hey i’vealready done a lot of this work, there’s no way ihave any more work to do like i am whole iam awakened and – and i am ready to start onmy journey and boy um yeah. I was a little misledand, i’m not! I don’t want to make this sound, likedoom and gloom, or anything like that, but ijust want to make this very realistic, forall of you. So, even if you didn’t have a passlike mine right, even if you didn’t have a lotof, traumatic experiences and there wasn’t alot of stuff that you had worked on, previouslylet me break this down.


For you, there are a lot ofexperiences from our childhood and from our livesall. The way growing up from our childhood there’sjust a lot of experiences, a myriad of differentexperiences that really impact us on a verydeep level. Now this also includes conditioningfrom growing up in school systems. I always saythis education systems from our families, fromour religious belief systems, so there i couldsit here and list these things for you for hoursthat, really affect us and that build up layers, andbarriers blocking off our heart and blocking offour, true authentic expression of who we really arethey Shape who we become, and they also influenceour behaviors our habits, our patterns in everydaylife? So really we have no idea how unconsciouswe’ve really been operating in our livesuntil.


We start to do the work, so no matter howwhole. You believe that you are. We are all veryconditioned by this 3d experience that we havebeen born into another thing we also need toremember, is that this is all about the journeynot the destination. A lot of us will wake upand. We are in such a hurry to get to some prizeright for a lot of people.


It’S psychic abilityfor a lot of people, it’s a huge aspiring, careeras, a healer or whatever it might be, but this is amarathon, it’s not a sprint and it takes many yearsto really step into our power. I mean it took manyyears to get us to the conditioning level. Thatwe are at now, so you can only imagine right, howlong. It takes to get out of it. Now with that saidall of this that needs to be worked on sothat.


We can come more into wholeness requiresa, certain level of solitude seclusion isolationand. That is exactly what this video is all aboutis, the hermit phase. It is a deep period ofintrospection, where you are away from theworld, whether that is something that you chooseyourself or it is maybe imposed upon you now. Whyi say that is usually you will feel a callingyou’ll feel like intuitive nudges to just takeyourself away from the world. You will actuallysometimes crave deep solitude and to be aloneto, be more introspective, but sometimes people whomaybe have alpha personalities who are a littlebit, more masculine yang energy?


Will tend to fightthis and because of that certain life situationswill happen that will impose this on them right, soit’s, almost like forced upon you, because it’s whatyou need in that moment, so it’s best not to fightthis. If that’s you, okay, now, if you do resonatewith us, but you’re still a little bit confusedas astrologers, we have many ways of looking intoyour natal chart as well as a mix of the transitswhich are where the planets are currently movingwhere. We can tell when these deep introspectivesolitude times of life, where you need to do alot of inner work are going to be where they’replaced, what time periods that they’ll occur. Inso. If you need a little bit of help decodingthis, i do have a link below to book a readingso in my own personal experience as well asrelating to other people that i’ve met who arealso on their awakening journey.


This is a solitudehermit phase that doesn’t just happen. One timeit’s something that happens over a successionof years right, a multitude of different timeshonestly. For me, it’s probably happenedabout three or four different timesthe. First time i really do believe is always thehardest, because you’re a little bit more resistantyou really truly do not understand. What’S going onyet unless you’ve done the research and you get itbut once you experience it and you see thedeep transformation that occurs, you reallybegin to crave it more because you see howmuch, you evolve how much you grow and thenyou will experience it on deeper levels.


Sojust, to give you a little bit of an examplethe first time, it was totally imposed on me, um ikept, going out hanging out with the same groups offriends getting myself into the same trouble. Andit was imposed on me, so i was placed in solitudeand spent spent time there for a couple of yearsand. Then i came out and i did the work so now. Mysolitude periods are usually imposed by myselfwhen. I feel the urge i feel the nudge to do.


Soand they’re usually spent um stepping into purposestepping into mission, studying a lot deeper ireally started to study deep, astrology and dowork with life, coaching and spiritual coachingso that i can step into my purpose and all of thatrequires time away from the regular world. So thatyou can do that type of work too right so with allof. That said, i wanted to make this video to giveyou guys about five or six little pointershere about why the hermit phase exists. Andwhy, it’s so important, so we’re gon na go ahead. Andstart with number one, it is a period to integrateand process.


Our major shift in perspective that wehave just went through. So we wake up right and theworld, as we once saw. It will never look or feelthe same way. It ever did ever again and this aloneis a huge shock to the system right. It isliterally a huge shift.


It is something that almostflips us into this, like crazy manic, state andi’m, sure you know what i mean if you’ve beenthrough this. It’S really disheartening. Sometimesit can shift you from being in a state of anger, toone day being in a state of elated bliss rightso you’re like what in the world is going onit’s almost as if you are on a crazy rollercoasterride, because we are waking up to some crazy thingsand. I have a little list of some of these crazythings that i’m talking about. We came here on amission to assist humanity in its awakening froma major dark period of time, maybe that everythingin, the universe is made up of energy andvibration or the truth surrounding reincarnationand, the transmigration of the soul from onelifetime to the next as a path of evolutionor.


Maybe that were not the only life form thatexists in this universe. What about the fact? Thatmost conspiracy theories hold a whole hell of alot of validity or that a very small percentageof people own most of the world’s wealth and powerand, are controlling the rest of the world or maybeit’s. The fact that we’ve been lied to kept smalland are more powerful and divine than we couldhave ever imagined. Okay, so yeah, if you’renot totally weirded out by all of that whenwe come to this world and we’re told that there’sthis man in the clouds or whatever belief, systemwas ingrained in you from a very small age, andbasically that a lot of history as we know it, isa Lie and just many many other things so obviouslythis is going to shift us into a panic state.


Ofwhat the hell is going on right, so of course, youguys. We need some time to process this integrateall this information in solitude, away from peoplebecause. The way that we sound in conversationssounds really freaking crazy to everybody outin the world that is not yet awakened rightso. We need some time to process this, so it becomesour new norm so that we can step out into theworld having all of this embodied and reallyunderstanding. This dynamic that not everybodyawakens on the same timeline and that you cannotforce this information on people who are not yetready to receive it because then they become moreresistant to it or it negatively affects themin many different ways.


So it’s just like a wholeslew of things that we really need to learnintegrate and embody so moving on to numbertwo. This is a period of introspectionand cultivation of self-awareness. You must knowthyself in order to be thyself, so one of the firstart things that i started doing when i woke up wasreally observing what was going on in my own mindall of the constant hamster wheel of thoughts, thatwere racing in cycles, the negative self-talk thestories that i Was telling myself the differentscenarios that i would play out in my head? Whichwere usually worst case scenarios, doom andgloom type of stuff and then realizing thati was creating every single thing and making ithappen in my life, and i was creating a whole hellof, a lot of hardship for myself as well as mentalturmoil, because i wouldn’t stop racing around inmy Head, you also start to realize that you’rerunning programs of the same thing that you’vebeen doing over and over again, which are creatingall of these same behavioral patterns, bringing thesame types of relationships and same addictivetendencies, yada, yada, yada, yada right so it’svery mind-blowing your mind is like a Computerprocessor that needs to be reprogrammed. You haveto consciously work with it on a daily basis.


Andthis is part of doing the work. I started. Reading aton of different books, self-help books, spiritualbooks, one of them – was eckhart tolle’s, the powerof. Now, when i learned that my thoughts were notwho, i am, and that my mind is actually supposedto, be a trustee servant and not to be running theshow that i am to have control over it right. Andthat alone was a huge awakening moment for me.


Iwas, like oh crap, well, i guess i better get thisunder control and then, after i started doing thework, i realized that you can really get to a pointwhere. You have a quiet mind that is very peacefuland. I love this state that i now find myself. Inthis is where meditation and journaling reallycame in handy you start to get real about whatkind of stuff you’ve been allowing in yourlife, like you get clear about your moralsand. What you value in life, your beliefsystems, about yourself and about other peoplethat, are limiting you and holding you back fromwhere.


You really want to go what you’ve alwaysbeen trying to achieve, but you didn’t know whyyou couldn’t ever get there and a lot of timesthis work is being done. Unconsciously, almostas, if we’re being divinely guided, which we areby our higher self and our team of guides. Thatwe, don’t realize are always surrounding us thatare, helping prompt us in our own mind of what todo in every moment. You also begin to realize. Thatmost of the things in your reality are your ownkarmic creation, and this is a hard one.


This isa hard one to accept because karma is basicallyjust the choices that we make and then the resultsthat happen from those choices. So we beginto realize that we have made a complete messout of all the choices that we’ve been makingso. Therefore, we need to clean up the mess, anduntangle the karma and decide to make betterdecisions moving forward, because we’re alwayscreating karma whether it’s positive, karma ornegative karma, is up to you. You hold the power andfinally. You realize that you no longer care at allabout materialism.


The constant drive towards famesuccess notoriety towards making a ton of moneyor getting attention or whatever validationwhatever it might be, those things become lessand, less important to you all right, number, threeno longer relating to others and also beingextremely sensitive to energy and other peopleso. You find yourself in a place where all youdo is eat, breathe, sleep and think spiritualityyou just want to research, read books, findyourself doing things like watching tarotcard readings or studying, astrology or watchingtons of videos, or maybe sitting in meditationand. The last thing that you want to do is be outin large crowds of people with a lot of noise, anda lot of crazy, chaotic energy or talking topeople about minuscule stupid little thingswhen. You’Ve just had your eyes open to thereality behind everything you want to be aloneyou crave it and not only do you crave it but youneed it. You may find yourself in a state.


Whereyour moods are constantly fluctuating, so you mayfind yourself in a state of anger and confusion, tojoy and bliss, and then all of a sudden depressionand loss and confusion. So you might even startto think that you’re, crazy or you are bipolar youmight even go to the doctor and get checked or puton medication, and this can really start to affectyour relationships in a very negative way. So thenyour partner, family members or your friends mightask you to go and do something that you would havenormally really enjoyed doing say it’s like goingout to a sporting event or going to a concert orgoing to the bar or whatever. It might be. That youused to like to do, but all you want to do – is bealone and do spiritual, stuff and study and talkabout spirituality with people who understand youso.


You naturally deny or you go and you reallyhate it right, and then you have this conflict withthese people where they might even make negativeremarks to you or make fun of you or cut you downor, just really not understand you and maybe thinkthat you’re on drugs or whatever. So it’s just likea lose-lose. It feels like at this point with allof that said, you intuitively just start to makeyour circle of people smaller and smaller andsmaller. So you start cutting people out of yourlife as you go along and progress on your journeyand. This is something that will probably continueand.


You really begin to see everyone andeverything for who they truly are, and this wasthe people that you attracted when youwere a different person when you werethinking and believing a certain way when yourvibration was at a certain level. So you might findyourself involved with people who are narcissistswho are using you in certain ways who are energyvampires, maybe you’re in codependent relationshipsor any of these different low vibrational dynamicsand. As you start to pull away these people mayreact very harshly. So you really need this alonetime. The solitude this seclusion to get rightwith, who you are what you want your life movingfor, what your values are, what your morals are andwhat you will and won’t accept and to establishclear boundaries and learn to say no all of thosethings, so that you then begin to attract The rightpeople into your life, who are on the same pathwho, are experiencing the same things.


Now let metell you you guys it will happen, but it takes timeso. You have to be patient. So therefore, you need toreally, learn to enjoy your own company being inyour own energy. All right number, five periods, ofdeep healing and internal shadow work, so back tothe idea that we really have no idea how much alot of things from our past truly impacted. Usit could have even just been a situation inhigh school where we were made fun of forsomething, and it just hurt us to the coreit broke our heart and it put up a big barrier.


Andwe’Ve totally forgot about it, moved on from it butit’s stored within our body. Right, our bodies keepthe score. Our bodies hold this memory, so needlessto say all of these things must be addressedand healed. We have to be willing to face thesedeep wounds. These darker aspects of ourselvesand work with them.


Now we can always go theroute of therapy. That’S always beneficial. If weneed, to really kind of talk things through andand understand them on the level of the mindfirst, i think that’s always a helpful step. Butit gets to a certain point where rehashingeverything from the past doesn’t reallywork anymore and it brings us more harm than itdoes good. So what we really need to do is allowthese emotions and deep things.


Inthe body to come up to the surfacewe need to allow ourselves to heal them, nomatter how uncomfortable, no matter, how painfuland acknowledge them all they want it’s likethat little inner child version of ourselvesthat needs. Love that needs attention, thatneeds affection, so we need to give them theacknowledgement and the love that they so deserveand. I know all of this can be very painful andit’s hard and nobody wants to do it, but let metell you one thing: every single time that you dothis you are removing another pound of bricks. Thatyou have been unconsciously carrying behind youand, you feel lighter and lighter, and more and morefree every single time you do it now. I alreadyknow you might be thinking how the heck do we dothis, though, like how do we know what to heal whento heal?


What do we do and i totally understandwhere you’re coming from, but let me tell you thisonce, i surrendered to the path once i steppedonto it and said i’m doing this, i’m dedicatedto it and i am open to whatever i needto work through and i set that intentionmy Higher self and all my guides would bring itin either into my mind, for me to work through itthey would bring it to my attention. Somehowmaybe they would bring it up in meditationi also had psychedelic experiences where this wasbrought up and also it will just naturally happenin your life experiences through relationshipswith other people right. So these relationshipswe want to start observing and seeing what’sgoing on what dynamics are playing out. Becausewe will catch a lot of the things that need to behealed through these interactions with others. Nowyou guys can also do this on your own through yogayoga definitely brings a lot of deep rooted stuffup to the surface when you’re doing body worklike that you can do different types of meditationbreath work is super powerful for shadow workyou can also do things like past life.


Regretregressions or hiring a spiritual, coach or workingwith an astrologer to get to understand, yourselfon a deeper level and these different dynamicsthat are at play in your birth chart. There isalso something called shamanic journeying, that’sreally cool. If you look up a shamanic practitionerin, your area you’ll find more out about thator. There’S always psychedelic experiences likeayahuasca, but i definitely don’t recommendthat for everybody. It takes a certain personand.


Finally, number six, a search, formeaning and purpose. You feel lostand. You have no idea what you want to do with yourlife. It’S the void completely. You feel like you’rein, this void of loss and confusion.


There’S avery strong possibility that you might reallystart to hate your job and your career that you’recurrently in you might even find your way out. Ofit. Somehow i was able to step out of my job. Andi ran this little at-home consignment shop, wherei sold things, and i was able to have like a goodperiod of a year and a half where i was able to dothe inner work at home by myself. You definitelywill start to feel a calling to do somethingin your life that has a lot more meaning whereyou’re, helping other people and you truly loveyour life’s work.


It means a lot toyou on a very deep spiritual, leveland, that’s cool, because that is exactly whatwe’re here. To do you might begin to ask yourselfquestions like who am i? Why am i here what isthe meaning of life? What happens after we dieor? Why is there so much suffering going on in theworld?


So, in this deep time of the hermit phase, ofthis solitude, you become the truth seeker you’reon. This quest seeking truth seeking deeper meaningseeking to find out who you are what you came hereto, do what your mission and what your purpose isand as you do, the inner work. You begin topurify yourself, you begin to heal, yourselffrom the inside out and become more wholeand. Then, once you do that you’ll start to getlittle puzzle pieces of what your purpose is andthat’s when it starts to get really fun. You guysand, some of you might already start to get littlepieces here and there, but i believe you getrewarded when you do the work, so you’ll start toget, more and more pieces of the puzzle and just asa reminder.


This is a process, so just an exampleof kind of how my journey went a little bit. Isi started studying astrology. When i first woke upafter. I was doing a lot of healing. I would watchlike tarot readings on youtube to which reallyled me to astrology, and i obviously obsessivelystudied Spiritual Awakening and narcissistic abuseand.


All these things that i had went through totry to make sense of it, not even realizing i wasin this hermit phase or what the hell was going onand. Then it led me to yoga, and i thought that wasmy purpose i thought that was it. I was going tobe this yoga teacher. I was going to have a yogabusiness and i did like a couple 200-hour teachertrainings and really did that disciplined for acouple of years, and then i started to realize. Thatthat is not it at all.


That was just a tiny littlepiece of the puzzle and it was more so just likea disciplined area of focus for my life to helpme on my journey to to stay on the straight andnarrow to stay, disciplined and active and helpheal my body and have that mind-body connectionright. So that was just a piece of the puzzle: whichwas beautiful and then i got more and more into myastrology studies and realized. That was a hugehuge part of my life and then really realizing iwanted to be a coach and doing trainings and lifecoaching and spiritual coaching. Certificationsand. Now i’m just doing more astrology and now i’ma teacher’s assistant for an astrologer, and i wantto someday be a teacher.


So i have no idea reallywhere. This path is, is leading me and i think nowto me, the unknown is the most beautiful thingwhere before i used to hate it, and i used towant to control my experience so much and now ireally surrender to it. I have learned to trustand. I know that i’m not going to have thewhole picture right away and that is okayand. That’S honestly, the fun of this whole journeyis watching it on all unfold and the many manycycles of healing every layer and finding yourheart once again breaking away that barrier, that’sbeen blocking it and blocking your connectionsthat are deep and meaningful with other peopleand.


That is the reward of this entire processand. It is so very beautiful, so stay on thejourney you guys. I promise you. I know that thisaspect, if you’re in it can be very difficultbut. There is such a light at the end of the tunnelso.


Just stay on the straight and narrow. Do yourwork focus. Do everything that i talked aboutin this video and just understand, appreciaterespect and accept where you are right now, if youdo want to talk about it, a little bit further youcan book an astrology reading with me belowand, then i also offer spiritual coaching i’man, intuitive soul coach. So if you decide you wantto work with me a little bit further, if you justwant to have a conversation about all of this toget, some more information on what i do offer youcan book a discovery session with me below i wouldlove to have a chat with you For 45 minutes or soand yeah, so if you benefited from this videoyou guys, please help out this channel. I wouldreally like to get this information out to morepeople and help the channel grow and evolve tapthe like button below make sure you subscribe aswell.


As leave me a comment, i would love to knowyour experience with the hermit phase and alsoif. There are any other topics you’d like for meto talk about. Please list them below don’tbe shy and thank you guys so very much forwatching. This video, i send so many blessingsyour way. I love you guys.


Peace and namaste


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