How a Spiritual Awakening UPGRADES Your Law of Attraction Results


How a Spiritual Awakening UPGRADES Your Law of Attraction Results

This video will show you how a Spiritual Awakening will upgrade your Law of Attraction process and allow you to really align with who you are meant to be welcome back to another video. My name is Karen and I help people expand their consciousness. Now in this video I want to be sharing with you some perspectives.

I have about Spiritual Awakening how Spiritual Awakening and how having one can really upgrade your whole paradigm when it comes to the law of attraction and how doing that syncs you out of your head and into your heart, which is where you can really create. What you want from a very powerful place and it’s understanding that there are certain principles that come into place when you do that, because you get out of the ego, the ego wants to control everything and when you allow quote-unquote more of so like the universe, the Soul, spiritual aspect of who you are to align with yourself, things start to happen for you, rather than thinking that you need to make everything happen.

Now when I first went through the law of attraction process, it started learning about it. It’S a very exciting thing and I’m sure maybe you’ve had the same thing where you start to really become aware of your thoughts, and you start to see a certain things begin to happen. However, that is an initial bump that you get from the process.

It’S an initial feeling that you get you start to become more aware of your thoughts, and the idea is that you start to feel and see results immediately, simply because you are completely unaware of it in the past and now that you’re monitoring your thoughts more now That you’re becoming more aware of the synchronicity, that’s always been there. There’S always been a correlation between your thoughts and what you experience is just simply we’re unaware of it before we know about the idea of the law of attraction.

Now then, you come to a place to where you you see it you’re like hey. I put my intention out for this and I saw something happened or maybe the opposite. I put my intention out, and I realized that I was resisting and that’s why this negative thing happened whatever it is, you just simply become aware of it now. The thing is: is that will get you to a certain place when it comes to creating from the mind and thinking about everything. However, there’s a paradigm that’s higher than that, and it’s something I’ve been personally connecting to more and more and it’s more of understanding, an expanded view of consciousness and more of a Spiritual Awakening.

Now I went through phase because I had my Spiritual Awakening back in 2012 and it changed just about everything about me. I started to see the world in a completely new way before that I would say I was probably you know. I didn’t really believe in anything. You know I was kind of forced to go to church younger and when I was like you know a lot younger and then when I was able to think for myself, I kind of rebelled against it for a while and then when I had my Spiritual Awakening, I became very aware as like, hey there’s so much more to Who I am that I think and there’s so much more to everyone else than they know of, and I went through a phase to where then it was like very much more of a spiritual type Thing I was more of just meditating a lot. I was a changed up, my diet quite a bit.

They came very aware of all those things. I was a very empowering in expansive time in my life because I began to feel like everything was so much more expanded than it was there’s this feeling inside of me that just was so uplifting and it felt so rejuvenating now then what happened is I went Through that, for about two or three years and about it about two years, I’d say at least and then what happened is I got more into the law of attraction stuff, which I already knew about, and I started to hardcore learn as much as I could about It I would read material go to seminars, I would watch seminars online.

I would watch lectures I probably have put in about two or three thousand hours. At least of it’s got to be more than that of reading about this kind of stuff, because there’s something I think it’s so passionate about. However, what I’ve realized is that there’s a paradigm above that and that a paradigm above that is where we realize that our ego does not have to control everything the way that it thinks it does when we become too engrained in the law of attraction process.

Many times we give all the power over to our ego, and we assume that our ego needs to do everything now. The key to this is being aware of what the ego thinks, but not needing the ego to do everything. It’S more of this trust in the universe, this trust in this larger aspect of ourselves and aligning with our soul more so than anything else. You see the soul and the spirit wants experience. It wants expansion and, once to add value, the mind wants money.

Once the house wants the specific things, the idea is to align yourself by taking yourself out of just the goals of what you think that you want it. It’S funny. We think we want money right. We don’t really want money, we want what money can buy us. We want the things that come from money and many times we have our goals on certain things that don’t really actually serve us, because our soul doesn’t understand it.

Our soul doesn’t think in logical terms, not our souls, not thinking. Oh, the money will get me this. The soul thinks in vibration and when you start to expand your consciousness and when you start to understand yourself more from vibration, what you can then begin to do is to connect to that aspect of yourself now understand that when it comes to Spiritual Awakening, it’s about Also, knowing that we can all connect it now, this is why what you put out is what you get back at the deepest level. Everyone you see is a reflection of yourself. Now that might be a lot to bite off right now.

It might be a whole nother video, but understand that what it is is what you get out to give out to other people when you’re jealous of someone else, you’re jealous of yourself and you’re, holding that vibrational energy pattern inside of yourself. And then you can’t really create what you want, because you’re carrying around patterns that don’t serve you.

So this is also about a spiritual awareness of who you are it’s about having that level of awareness, because when you see that everyone else is connected to you, you then are much more aware of what you’re thinking about other people. I choose to think of people in a very positive light and if I catch myself with some type of you know, mindset that doesn’t serve me. I become aware of it and I bring it back to Center.

I bring it back to who I really am, which is more of an expanded point of consciousness, rather than just the ego, because the ego creates labels. The ego says this is me, and that is you now. This also has to do with me understanding how I can, more so add energy and rejuvenate my soul versus just my ego, because I’ve been in maybe the last couple months, you’ve seen just hard work, hard work, pounding it out, putting all the intention on that and I’Ve created a massive amount of discipline. Now understand. I’Ve been rewarded for my discipline so many times before that.

I associate pleasure with it because I know what it gets me. You know when I decided to really hammer in with all the YouTube stuff and to really start making consistent videos and to have a certain quality to where I get better with every video, because I had that intention and because I put in the work I got The result and the result was growth, and it was like great. You know. This is what I get when I put in hard work and discipline, but lately I’ve been putting in way more work than is necessary almost to a point to where I’m resisting – and this is the paradigm shift I’ve had – is what I’m gon na be doing. What I have been doing is infusing more of spiritual, awakening in with the law of attraction and understanding that it’s also about rejuvenating the spirit, because what I’ve been doing now is realizing.

It doesn’t have to be as hard as my ego thinking is. It does have to be you know you. Can I love the process of what I do like. I still work 70 hours a week, probably on creating the brand, creating videos, creating content and all this stuff, but it’s coming from a much different place because I’m not trying to get from here to there I’m already here, I’m doing what I love doing. It’S more about the process for me than anything else, and if you look at people who talk about hard work, most of them love what they do like Gary Vaynerchuk, for example, someone.

I look up to someone. I learned a lot of my work ethic from and he loves what he does and I love what I do when I get up every day. I literally am i grateful that I get to get up and make videos like I’m doing right now. However, I was taking it overboard for a couple months. What I was doing is, I would get up.

I would I still do this. I still take a cold shower, but it was like. I was much more rigid and serious about everything I did because I’m on this goal, because I’m here right now – and I want to get to making this amount per year living this kind of lifestyle traveling the world to give you seminars and all of these things And I’m still gon na do those I’m still going to, but I’m gon na allow it versus force it because I’m already okay with where I am that’s, the difference is: where is the energy coming from? Do you already feel whole and complete? Are you aware of your soul and what your soul needs versus just the ego needs now.

I also became aware of this because I recently went on a trip to Costa Rica. I went to this place called arrhythmia and when I was there, I was there with my buddy Victor Otto, who some of you guys, I know do know, and I was worried when I was gon na go there because I was like oh, are they gon na? Have alkaline water I only drink. I only drink alkaline water I drink like three gallons a day and I’m like they’re, not gon na have alkaline water. It’S not gon na absorb in my body, because one day I went to a couple years ago I went to Hawaii with an ex-girlfriend.

When I went there, I you know I was like. Oh man, I’m not gon na. You know what am I get about water and I looked up all the alkaline water. You know like on Google and see if there was a Whole Foods there’s they had and hopefully soon have the alkaline water. I found some type of water, but it just didn’t absorbed in my body.

The right way now funny thing: did it just not absorb my body the right way or did I think that and therefore I created resistance within me which didn’t absorb the body thought like in the body the right way, because when I went this time, I went In with a different perspective, you know I didn’t know, and I have this whole routine when I go to bed at night of everything that I do. But when I was at Costa Rica, I didn’t have to do everything and I still felt okay. I didn’t have to drink alkaline water. I was still fine, which really expanded my mind because I’m really paid now I can travel. I could do whatever I want, I’m not limited by whether somewhere has alkaline water or not.

I usually do this breathing technique every night before I go to bed, it’s called a wim Hof’s technique. Guess what I don’t have to do that every night to feel good about myself or to remain on my path. There’S there’s so many different things. You know eating a certain way, always eating the most healthy foods possible. You know I still eat healthy and I still very much value that.

But it’s not the end of the world. If I eat just a little bit of something that I indulge in that I actually you know really enjoy and I enjoy all healthy food for the most part. But you see what I mean. I started to expand my egos perspective of what I can create and now I’m nourishing my soul from a deeper level and I feel, like things are just happening so much easier because I’m not giving myself so many rules. So many rules is that you have to do this.

You have to do that and, as I’m shifting my awareness of that, it’s like things are happening in a much easier way. It’S like almost I’m giving away this belief that it has to be so hard that it has to be so pound the pavement nose to the grindstone. I’M changing my perspectives that, because I’m rejuvenating my soul and I’m starting to enjoy the process, I’m starting to see that you see I used to have no discipline whatsoever years ago. It was like I just you know back in the day, just like the party just like to indulge, you know, eat like really, you know, eat a lot of food, go to buffets, nothing really wrong with it, but I was. I was definitely someone that would indulge too much in things and because I went from that to now getting what I want in life living my passion, beaten, successful because of all that that change.

I associate that with the hard work I associate, that with the ego, but really it’s about aligning with your higher self, aligning with your spiritual self, rejuvenating yourself with your state of being because here’s, the here’s, the main part of this whole video. I want to talk about is when you increase your state of being things happen better anyways when you increase how you feel things line up, so I gave myself less rules.

You have to do this this and this in order to be happy and because I’m giving myself less rules, I’m feeling better in the present moment, I’m accepting of everything that’s happening, I’m just being rather than thinking and trying to get over there to that X, amount Per month and this and that and I’m just I’m present, I’m enjoying the process and because I’ve increased my state of being now, everything is happening easier because of that level of awareness. So you can also have this level of awareness become aware of what you’re thinking become aware of what your soul wants. What versus what your ego wants begin to tap into the process begin to tap into the passion, simply follow in every moment.

The most exciting thing you can do do that thing: follow your excitement and, as you do, that that will lead you to the next thing to the next thing, to the next thing, and that’s where the power is: that’s, where spiritual alignment comes into place and understand That the best possible case scenario that your ego can imagine is only the floor for your higher self and your spiritual point of view having this perspectives allows things to happen in a much easier way, and you find that by doing this consistently, everything begins to change. So the other part of this, of course, is understanding your subconscious mind. Your subconscious mind is running over 90 percent of your life. You can change your subconscious mind. You can change and start to really connect to your soul at a deeper level by taking and changing your self-image for the eat away, the ego sees itself.

So that’s why I’ve created a free, mp3, guided meditation that you can listen to it’s in the description box below it’s something that can allow you to change your self-image. It uses, what’s called NLP neuro-linguistic programming, to change your self-image to help you to see yourself in a completely new way to align with your soul at a deeper level and something people have been having amazing results with. So I’ve decided to give it away for free. You can download that in the description box below and do it for 21 days, and let me know what you think so with that being said. I hope you guys enjoyed this video feel free to like this video, if you liked it subscribe.

If you haven’t already also hit that little notification gear next to subscribe button so that you’re able to see the daily videos that we do now there than that, as always I’ll see you guys on the next bit, please much love namaste!

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