How Do Top Spiritual Thinkers Define God? | SuperSoul Sunday | Oprah Winfrey Network


How Do Top Spiritual Thinkers Define God? | SuperSoul Sunday | Oprah Winfrey Network

What is your definition of God? God is the highest place within each and every one of us, it’s our divine self, the source of you as a source. That’s what I love the source of you. I define God as an energy, a spiritual energy. It has no denomination, it has no judgments, it has an energy that one more connected to it.


We know why we’re here and what we’re here to do and to know that I’m one with something greater an energy of force greater than myself, my definition of God. God is not only the Alpha the Omega, but he’s a friend he’s a confidant he’s a buddy. He is a lover of my soul, that’s my definition of God, an all-encompassing love that is the source of all the reality of all and the being through which I am well he’s my beloved. He is my most intimate beloved, my friend, the one I looked to in everything. I wouldn’t try to define him, because no one knows God, but God he is beyond.


Even our idea of the beyond God is beyond all the forms of life, but also in dwells every form of life as their essence, God is both beyond and within. My definition of God is the ever-present essence of love. God is love everything in the creative force to me, God, his law. I’ve never heard that before total. God to me is mystical law, because law is the nature of the universe.


It is the order of the order. It’s its a universal and the negotiating principle with mystical laws is prayer. That’s what makes them intimate. Miracle is when God bends these laws for you. What is your definition of God?


All that is everything breath life – everything I can’t even just get Webster’s dictionary, throw it on the floor. Haha, its everything, everything and God is in everything, God is everything not only in is everything I don’t have a definition of God, because I’ve never really understood that word. People have different understandings of it, and it’s caused a great deal of conflict. If I had to say, what would my definition of God be, if I were going to use that word, I would say that this universe has layers upon layers of compassion and wisdom beyond ours. God is the evolutionary impulse of the universe.


God is infinite. Creativity, infinite love, infinite, compassion, infinite, caring! I think that’s a great definition. I’ve never heard that, and it’s really you know everybody says something different, but I have to tell you the evolutionary impulse of the universe, but yes,

If You Really Believe in God, Why Do You Question All His Actions?

What takes place when you have trust, have faith or believe in a person? You accept all his action and intents. So even if you disagree with what your relied on person does, you do not question them because you believe that there must be some factor for doing so. If you trust your partner, you don’t question all his or her action but accept them what they are. This is the standard foundation of trust. On the contrary, if you suspect a person you question all his actions. Even when you find that the actions are right, you still question his objective just because you can’t trust him.

While more than 90% of the people in the world say that they have faith in God yet most of them consistently question all His actions. It is not unusual because, unless we have proper knowledge there is no way, we can convince ourselves about the rightness of the actions of God.

Why God is Questioned?

Among the greatest mistakes, many guys make is that they define God. When you ask what they understand to be the nature of God, they just connect whatever that is powerful and good with God like Omnipotent, Omniscient, Just, Compassion, Love and so on. Yet they are not able to see any of such meaning of God really binding on God.

If God is omnipotent, why he does not eliminate Devil or Evil people from this world? If God is just, then why so much inequality and injustice in this world?

The concerns are numerous. As a matter of fact each word that defines God has been questioned by the people who have the nerve to call themselves atheist, rationalists, secular, spiritual or researchers. Yet there are no responses which can really persuade you. You can’t stop questioning Him in your mind though you may not have the courage to question Him before the world.

God specified is God defiled

The first question, we have to ask yourself is if it is possible to define God? Can you define even an ordinary person? Can you define even yourself in words?

The fact is that you can never define any person in words because we all change and react according to the situation. You love people, who loves you but hate people who hates you. You can never define yourself or any other person as all your attributes are conditional.

When you can not specify a person, whom you know for years or know so well (yourself), how can you define God? It is for this reason that someone has sensibly stated, “God defined is God defiled.” The minute you specify God felt confident that the very next minute some questions would occur in your mind about the reality of your definition.

The Mind of Man

It is for this reason that individual soul is called “Atman” while God is called Paramatman (Universal Soul). In Christianity too God is said to be Holy Spirit Who pervades the entire universe and present in every single creation of the universe.

Thus it is sensible to presume that all out ideas have some relationship with the ideas of God. We can not see Him, yet we can realize His thoughts from our own thoughts. It is for this reason that it is so easy to understand people without understanding much about them as our souls are linked through the Holy Spirit. We also know God intuitively believed our understanding might not be perfect.

Thus when you find that something in the world is not happening in the way it should happen as per your understanding of the world; you can either question God’s wisdom or question your understanding of God. If you question God, you become no wiser as the answer of all questions have to come from within.

It might be kept in mind that the mind of the man is simply a design of the mind of God. For this reason if you start believing that the design is the whole fact and the Reality should change to suit it, you can never succeed in knowing the Reality. The right method must be to continuously modify and alter the design till it begin representing Reality.

The other approach is, for that reason, to have trust on the wisdom of God and question your own understanding of God. Then you deeply ponder an occasion and try to comprehend the answers that your mind is searching.

The Mind of God.

It is not really difficult to understand the mind of God and the reasons behind all His actions. Some people has strong, while others are weak, some people are beautiful while others are ugly, some are intelligent while others are fools, some are born in riches while others are born is poor families. Every person has to pay the price for all his actions.

You may not believe in after life. Yet you can observe the very same principle operating in the exact same life likewise. If you discover an individual who is struggling with lots of diseases, you might discover after cautious observation and study that in almost all cases, he himself is responsible for his bad health. At some time of his life, when he was as healthy as other, he consumed the foods that were damaging, his did the deeds that were wrong lawfully and morally or taken in intoxicants, smoked or drunk, which he knew very well that they would be damaging. Now when it is payout time, he blames God.

If you find a person whom world does not care, you have discovered a person who never cared for the world. If you do not care for your society, family and friend, God can not be unjust to bestow you the exact same advantage as provided to a man who does care.

Thus, if you have faith in God, there would be hardly any question which you would not be able to answer yourself. Only if you have become God then only you can think like God and know all answers of the problems of the world. One must feel contented to know as much as he or she can but continue to have faith in the wisdom of God.

Let Thy Will Be Done

It is not a shame to admit that one does not know all the answer. On the contrary, it is better to admit that you know only a little about the whole truth.

I do not know what I may appear to the world; but to myself I seem to have actually been just like a young boy playing on the seaside, and diverting myself in from time to time finding of a smoother pebble or a prettier shell than ordinary, whilst the great ocean of reality lay all undiscovered before me.
Thus if you trust God, never question Him but constantly question self, as it is you who need to grow and learn the ideas of God. You make sure to slowly understand His mind in the journey of your life, just if you do not lose faith in Him.

Dr. Awdhesh K Singh is an Engineer by education and thinker by passion. He holds his PhD degree in the location of E-Governance.

He has actually released a number of documents in International Journals and Conferences on the subject of E-governance and the application of Artificial Intelligence tools like Fuzzy Logic (FL) and Expert Systems (ES) for E-governance.

He has eager interest in the study and application of Religion, Spirtuality and Philosophies for solving the real-life issues of the modern-day world.

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