How Do You Get Started With Spirituality? | Sadhguru



How Do You Get Started With Spirituality? | Sadhguru

Sadhguru: Turn around once. Just turn around. Just turn around, turn around. See, all of you see what’s written on his T-shirt. A, yeah that’s where you start.


Don’t start with Z, To must start with A. A means it’s the beginning, isn’t it? So, where should you start? Does it happen in stages? Where should you start?

I think we have been repeatedly saying you can only start from where you are. You cannot start somewhere else. Don’t try to start anywhere; there is nothing to start. It’s already long ago it’s been started. You are trying to just hasten it, that’s all.

You can’t start it, it’s already started.


Your longing to grow has started, isn’t it? Maybe you’re thinking of more money, but that’s only you’re misunderstanding, but essentially, you want to be something more that’s a spiritual process; Misguided but a spiritual process. You want to become powerful, you want to become rich, you want to become knowledgeable, you want to be loved, you want to have pleasure all this is spiritual processes going in wrong directions, that’s all. Unconscious conducting of.

You’re unconsciously conducting a spiritual process.


If you conduct anything unconsciously, you may flounder every step maybe off the mark, isn’t it? If you walk

Now if I tell you to drive home with your eyes closed, before you get out of the parking lot, you will be in quite a bit of mess, isn’t it? So now don’t try to start anywhere, just become more and more conscious. As you become more conscious it will naturally find its way. To be conscious, to be aware, what it means? If you try to be aware, you cannot be aware.


People are always mistaking mental alertness for awareness. Mental alertness will enhance your ability to survive better. You can survive better with mental alertness, but that is not awareness. Awareness means right now are you here, right now?

Meditators: Yes.

Sadhguru: Do you know that you are here?

Meditators: Yes.

Sadhguru: That’s awareness. You’re aware, that’s why you know that you are here, otherwise you would not know. Suppose you (gestures) you do not know that you are here, isn’t it?

If somebody (Gestures), you know. So, someone is dead, poke (Gestures), no awareness; someone is asleep, poke (Gestures) – immediately there.

Now you don’t have to be poked, still you are there. So, what I am saying is your awareness anyway is coming in different stages. Have you noticed at different times of the day you are in different levels of awareness?

Hmm? So, it can be heightened. What is needed for survival, naturally happens. Even when it comes to survival mode, not every individual is alert to the same extent. Now you are driving on the street, not everybody is alert to the same extent; it’s a survival process – driving, but not everybody is alert to the same extent.

So even in the survival mode not everybody is alert to the same extent and that can be heightened. If you heighten this awareness continuously, a point will come it’s where it’s no more about survival; Something that is not needed for your survival will also come into your awareness. When that comes into your awareness that which is not needed for your survival is bound to be a dimension beyond the physical.


So, when that comes into your living experience of life, you’re on, very simple. Those seven days, what we were doing with you is slowly wind you up, wind you up, wind you up in such a way that you become more and more aware.

Suddenly, after 5-6 days, you are like. (Gestures) After that if you kept up your practice, gradually ill move up every day, otherwise slowly you became dim once again. Have you noticed this? You steadily keep up your practice, how your awareness is; you give it up and slowly voltage is going down.

If voltage goes down, the light becomes dim.

If light becomes dim, you see very few things. The voltage is really high, light becomes really bright, and you see everything. This is awareness. So, you don’t work on your awareness or your consciousness or your spiritual growth, you just work upon your voltage.


You keep your energies up as much as possible and when energies are up you tend to get entangled with something.

You make sure you don’t get entangled with anything. See, an adolescent is far more energetic than other people, but he is always getting into trouble because he has the energy, but he doesn’t have the stability.

So to have the energy and to maintain the stability, if you do this these two things if you do, rest will happen by itself, nothing to do. Simply sit and enjoy.

My First Spiritual Awakening and Experience of Oneness

Here I will relate my first huge spiritual awakening and experience of oneness.

Not that I understood what surrender was however looking back on it, that was what I did. I didn’t practice a meditation method; I simply accepted all of the insanity that had actually built up that day and offered up, not holding on to anything, not figuring anything out.

This occurred immediately. And instantly I fell into silence, a location of simply blackness. And for about half an hour there was just this blackness. It was nothing profound, no spiritual awakening, simply practically like being in deep sleep yet completely mindful.

g33de8299bce2fb89558be1aace3efade1c51c68248a69e7f0e817ec3433e69e4798d18733e96c2e56613f4dacc93d3aa 640When I came out of this meditation that things got quite amazing, it was. And this spiritual awakening wasn’t a sensation of attaining something, however rather a feeling that something was gone. That personal sense of “me” with all of its conflicts and problems was not there. I was still there, still aware of the body, still working through the senses, however that tension that I recognized as myself was gone.

And because loss there was the sense that I was part of whatever. I would say the experience was being one with whatever, of oneness however that seems to imply something spiritual. And I knew nothing about spirituality then, absolutely nothing about enlightenment or spiritual awakening or yoga. I was totally innocent because regard. I knew a little bit about practicing meditation and that was it. Not enough to even really say I could practice meditation effectively. If I look back on it, it was the experience of “yoga” which means union.

The experience was that this little me was so utterly meaningless. There was the undeniable sense that I was actually a part of the infinite universe, I was not separate from it. There was still the sense of me, but it was not separate from everything else.

Throughout the years I have actually had extraordinary spiritual awakenings consisting of cosmic awareness, realization of the self, witness awareness, numerous samadhis. There was something really pure and beautiful about this particular spiritual awakening. One, because it was the very first genuine spiritual awakening and because at the time, although I desired knowledge I did not even knew if it existed not to mention had checked out any books about it. And so, here after years of psychological suffering was this pure state of joy. The sensation of being linked to the universe which the nature of this oneness was pleasure.

g74f4c5ee9a508fca85dd3162ef1ab5d2dd3a2c32ebdf51f56a4be5ff87bd1cb63d3ec0b80f929ca7f43388b5db5def25 640I found my roommate sitting at a table and tried to tell him what I was experiencing. Which was quite funny because it was usually me in that suffering and here I was trying to explain, quite innocently about how this little me is totally meaningless and that we are actually a part of everything and the nature of that was delight.

But I observed that in trying to discuss my spiritual awakening that it did no good. Since it was so new, I believed that if I simply informed him this secret, he would experience it too. It was not out of pride I informed him, pride was not there. It was out of love and wanting him to feel this joy too, this sensation of peace and love that had no factor for being there other than that it was naturally there at the essence.

My words could not reach him. My state might not reach him or anybody. I might feel this almost solid wall of stress in the room that was actively separating itself from oneness, from the experience I was having. I could feel the tension of the space pushing against me.

And I understood in that sensation that when I began to eat my veggie hamburger that I would likewise boil down from this state. I say boiled down but I understood that this experience of spiritual awakening was the natural state which the sense of separation was abnormal, it was something placed on top of what was currently here. I guess contraction would be a much better word. I understood that when I ate my lunch, I would contract back into my mind and body, back into a sense of being a separate “me” and I would lose this experience of oneness. Which this was the way it was expected to be.

I did not try to hold on to my sense of oneness. I consumed my lunch and viewed as this sense of liberty dissipated. And by the next day it was practically gone, yet there was a brand-new sense of peace, due to the fact that I had actually experienced the fact. Because spiritual awakening I had actually experienced my natural state of being one with whatever and for that reason I would experience it once again. I believed it would come the next day or the next week however it didn’t. It left behind a sense of confidence, that this was exactly what I wanted out of life and if I experienced it once, I could realize it again. That it was possible to in fact reside in this natural state of oneness.

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