How Law Of Attraction Works: 17a: BK Shivani (English Subtitles)

What if every word you said were a wish to the universe Would you still say the same things that you did yesterday? Your thoughts and words echo throughout the universe. Now Make sure to only put out the ones That you want back. Here the law of attraction says You don't attract what you want You attract what you are. Perfect. This is all that we have been discussing. For the last so many days You don't attract what you want You attract what you are And what are you? Thoughts, feelings, attitude starting from belief system. Once we understand this completely And if you understand this equation About how it works Can I afford to have a wrong belief system? How do I make out whether my belief is right or wrong? Tension is natural. Is a belief system. If we take this belief system Then as we would be working throughout the day The mind will say tension does happen It is bound to happen, worry is natural. So we kept getting tense and it reflected in our attitude. It also came out into action and personality started to become that way. So what happened to my destiny? Full of tension and all the illnesses that are related to tension.

Conflicts relating to tension. Conflicts with team members because tension is natural. Because the belief system said tension is natural. Today we do not just say that tension is natural We say tension is good or stress is good. Because stress is the driving force. Without it we become very passive. Good stress. So it becomes such a strong belief system So it will reflect in our destiny.

But we are saying we want peace. We want to change our destiny. Is it not? Today I have stress and worry in my destiny. But I want happiness. So I have to go backwards. To find out which system of mine has led to this tension. That tension is natural Now I want happiness. Let me try whatever we are studying here Let me experiment with a new belief system. The belief earlier was that tension is natural. Now we saw that peace is natural. Bliss is natural. Happiness is natural. So now we take this belief system Earlier the belief was that anger is a must to get work done and is natural. If somebody does not obey you even after telling him once or twice And does it when you shout, we felt anger works. There are so many belief systems we use throughout the day. You had shared with us some time ago When a small child is learning to walk And suppose he trips against a chair or any other object.

At that moment we do not teach him That it was his mistake while walking. We find it to be a small thing. What you do to console the child? We just hit the chair and say it is a bad chair. And blame it on the chair. We even ask for the chair to be removed from there so that the child feels better. We tell the child, "It was not your fault, the chair is bad." The child learnt it. When we buy toys for a child Or when we take out the child for a movie or a circus We teach the child, "This is happiness." We taught the child. This belief system being transmitted from us to other people around us. I have seen children feeling excited to see grass or clay. They are even happy to play with old and torn bits of paper. If we look at a kid and how he was originally Originally a kid is so pure. The kid does not know about fear.

He will not know about anger or jealousy also. A child will not know about competition. Child will not know about comparison. Who taught him all that? Before the child goes to play school, we teach That there is competition, that there are so many other children, and he has to be ahead of everyone else. We never teach the child, " your own performance matters." They say it has to be in competition with other people. When a child comes back after an exam Just see how subtly we are transmitting our belief systems. When a child returns after an examination We ask, "How did it go? How was the paper?" He says it went fine. Second question always. How have other students performed? He says they did very well. Now this child's performance in reference to other students performance. If other students did so well then why was yours not equally good? But suppose he says others did not do as well as him We say then it is fine. Competition, comparison We are teaching these belief systems. We make children standing front of elders and ask them to sing a song.

Or ask them to recite a poetry, or dance. The child does all that. Everybody appreciates the child. The belief system starts from there. That performance gets appreciation from everybody around me. There is no limit at all to comparison. Look at that child he is a top swimmer. I used to tell my children "Everybody has different talents." "Can another child sing as well as you do?" My daughter used to tell me that her friends are good at different things. That somebody knows accounting, somebody is able to run business well. I told her, "You are an artist. Can they all paint the way you do?" "Can they all sing as well as you do? You are a classical singer.

You are a painter." "One person has one talent and another has a different talent." Instead we teach children, "He hurt you, so why didn't you hurt him back?" "See, he is so strong." Competition and comparison. All these things are having an effect on our destiny. Is it not? Today our destiny has jealousy, it has sadness. There is an inferiority complex that other people are better than me. Because since childhood nobody created this belief system in me that "I am a unique soul." Nobody taught us this at all. "I am a soul. My qualities are purity, peace, love." Everything else are only skills and talents. They did not teach us this also. They made our skills and talents as our identity. Our marks were made as our identity. My degrees and my professions were made into my identity. We were not told about values and principles. Even when we spoke about values and principles, we thought we need to get them from somewhere else. We thought we will get love from somebody else. Respect will come from other people, trust also will come from people.

Nobody taught us that we are supposed to do all these, that they are our inherent nature. So let us check our destiny today because of having all these belief systems. Whatever you read out for us Law of attraction. Because most of us today are aware of the law of attraction. But just that we haven't interpreted it correctly. So we thought Law of Attraction means whatever I want strongly I have to visualize that and I will get it. You read out that Law of Attraction is not what you want. It is what you are. It is what you are. Just look at the line.

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It means you will attract what you are. Now if I say, "I want to become this." This is what I want. I want to earn a certain amount of money. This is what I want. But what I am is a personality of doubt. How? I have a nature of doubting whether it will actually happen or not. Or I feel that other people are better than me. This is who I am. This is my thought. But when I think of the target, I create very positive and powerful thoughts. "I want to get it, I want to make it happen." But my personality and my thought process Is of doubting. It is of low self-confidence. There is a lack of confidence, low self esteem. Also have a habit of looking at other people Have a Sanskar of wanting to become like others.

Have a Sanskar of copying other people. Sister the law of attraction about which you are speaking There are millions worth of books being written about it. People buy expensive tickets to attend retreats and workshops pertaining to this law. But it is told that we just need to imagine Things like I am winning an award or am going around in the most expensive car. That when we keep seeing them, it all automatically happens. That is the reason many people say they did follow that, but it did not help.

They did visualize it all. But I like the point which you explained. "Why did I do it? Because I saw that the other person got what you wanted." It was out of jealousy. So I am jealous. But what I want is that car. So somebody wrote about it. That a woman who saw a Red car in a showroom used to visualize "I am driving this car." "One day I got it." Is that magic? See, whatever you aim for No it is not magic. For example you had an aim – of becoming an actor. So you became an actor, is it not? But I did not become out of jealousy. Yes it was a genuine aim. I worked hard. First I clicked a photo to check whether I am photogenic. Check for all parameters in terms of my appearance. Then I went to the radio station. I got my voice tested. I did stage shows in Hyderabad. Invited people to take their opinions. Then I went to the Film Institute. But you did all this. Suppose many people do this. So? You will get what you are.

Check this. So what am I? What am I? Is will power. What am I is determination. The power of determination. Strong, strength. "I will not compromise on anything." You will get what you are, not what you want. It was there at the moment while filling the admission form, where it was mentioned Apart from other details, the form mentioned that there were only 8 seats. Two seats were for foreigners. Thousands of people aspire to join that acting course. Only 8 of them get selected. I wrote either acting or nothing else. Many other courses were listed below. Like editing or camera. A few others were also listed. I said nothing doing. Acting only. So will power Clarity, determination, and most important is self confidence. I had tested and checked all this before coming there. It became your destiny, is it not? See, many people take the test.

There would be many people who are good looking and talented. They have a good voice too. Sometimes they come from influential backgrounds to get things done. But this is what I want. But what am I? If self confidence is lacking It applies to every field and every profession. In whatever you want to achieve, the qualities needed to achieve it Just the Desire will not get us what we want. That is what it says – you will not get what you want, you will get what you are.

What I want is a desire or a goal that this is what I want. But I will get only according to what I am. Suppose someone wants a beautiful relationship. For example, a parent will want a beautiful relationship with his child. This is what I want. But what am I? Suppose I am very controlling or very critical towards the child. Very possessive or suffocating him. I may want but I will not get. I will get what I am. This difference. I want a friendly relationship If I am friendly If I am accepting, I am non-judgmental Not only I am friendly.

I accept my child, I'm not critical towards him. I appreciate him. I don't compare him with anybody else. I always motivate him. I accept him and my love for him is always unconditional. If I do all these, then I will get what I want in that relationship. But if the want is that I want a nice relationship. Or if I want a good friendship but I keep doubting people. If I ignore, control, reject or criticize. Then I am not what I want. And if I want him to become what I want. Suppose I do not like his choice. In all aspects If I will want him to be my way. Controlling behavior. I did not accept him as he is, I wanted to make him into what I wanted. What I want, what I am. Just the want is not sufficient. Because so many we say – I want this, I want that. You will not get it by wanting. Even if you keep creating that thought several times a day as per law of attraction.

Or by visualizing it. Or even write it and keep it in front of you. Suppose you do not even create an element of doubt. Suppose I say I want to very beautiful relationship. No doubt that I want, I want, I want. But what about the qualities that are needed to create a beautiful relationship? You want to become an actor, but what about the qualities needed to become a very good actor? Skills and talents only one part of it. Skills and talents can be developed also. But have I developed the quality so that I can get that 'want'?.

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