How To Be Spiritually Woke


How To Be Spiritually Woke

Here I sit viewing 40 days and 40 nights at 9:30 am after having a wonderful chat on FB with a friend from Czech.

As I enjoy the motion picture I laugh and weep all at the same time, and AGAIN it strikes me that the Universe keeps speaking to me so loud that I can not NOT hear it even when I want to! And the question comes to my mind, how to be spiritually woke?

Relationships … such a quagmire and captivating dream all rolled into one. I want one terribly and at the same time keep facing the exact same thing … a part of me broken and in Duality even as I continue to write about our ONENESS and as I do … I see … both the tear in others so plainly and likewise their Oneness.

How To Be Spiritually Woke

How To Be Spiritually Woke. Click Here! 

This get’s played out in my relationships too, that inconsistence and ambiguousness and the option we all make about WHAT is essential to us as individuals … Our Soul, our money, our security, our fear.

All different parts of the very same play as Shakespeare said in his popular line,

I can see both within the other since I can feel that within me SSSOOOO MUCHH and in knowing that can see and accept that in others but numerous can not so they put on a façade of what they believe the “world” wishes to see, relegating their true self to the background and dealing with “mental disorder, dependencies, self worth issues etc”

I have a hard time and Judge me/them/see/ love and in the middle of it all question, am I insane, desiring what I want … for believing that others will want to share at the place I desire to …?

Often I question myself about this and my inspirations and it abuses me so, however I keep coming back to the same place in lots of ways.

All of us want to reach we can each minute AND I reflect back to me what I am willing to do right now regardless of what I might say or argue for/against.

I likewise know that as I tackle life with others I am a driver as others are for me also AND that I have brought numerous to that location where we are ONE, and they have actually enjoyed it, left and sobbed because they had their own course to stroll, or I left since I had a different path to follow.

What makes it SO hard at times to let and connect THAT be the directing light in a relationship with each other.

I understand the answer … worry and all the other expressions of it … in you, in me and in all of us!

As this world is altering a lot today, I see the ripping apart of it in some ways. like muscle tearing to make themselves more powerful therefore I write even as I break down so that I may include ever more of what I/we really are … ONE LOVE ONE SOUL ONE AWARENESS

Similar to air being breathed by all and at the same time as specific breaths.

Or the many rivers, oceans and streams that make

All part of the same water in the world.

Even as I write I can feel the connectedness people all as you write talk about FB about the very thing we are fighting with and writing about, our sense of isolation and tearing apart, not recognizing just HOW close we really are … and so I write as I/We breath/Cry/Feel as ONE!

How To Be Spiritually Woke

Approval Is Being Spiritually Awake

Acceptance of individuals, locations, occasions and experiences of your life permits those people, experiences, locations, and occasions to serve you.

You are not limiting their potential by identifying them.

You are permitting the full power they possess to come through to you and reveal how they really suit your productions.

As you judge others, you are actually judging those aspects of yourself that you see reflected in others.

Usually evaluating yourself harshly and unaware of it, since evaluating is an act of living unconsciously.

This continuous judging of others, which in actuality is a constant evaluating of yourself, keeps you in a continuous state of chaos.

It is tough to be at peace when you are evaluating yourself and finding yourself inadequate.

As you evaluate yourself you put labels on yourself and those labels serve to restrict you and set conditions on your behavior.

That’s all right if it is your option to continue to judge and condemn.

If you were to pick approval instead of judging, think about for a minute. Approval implies that instead of judging individuals, events, locations and experiences and limiting them by identifying them, you accept all people, events, places, and experiences and see them without limits.

The very first agenda is to accept yourself without judgment.

Accept who and what you are without limitations and labels.

If you didn’t restrict yourself into thinking you are less than you actually are, think of the you that you could be.

You have always understood that you have more potential than you have actually exposed to the world.

By accepting yourself, you release that possible to the world and the world is better for it. So are you.

Aren’t you tired of residing in your shadow? See the light of awareness by accepting yourself and enabling the love-based love of acceptance to rule your life instead of a fear-based love of judgment.

Acceptance allows you to live easily in the paradigm of oneness. You comprehend that it is silly to evaluate things since you are the cause of all things.

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You have produced and co-created whatever that has actually ever shown up in your life. When you evaluate what appears, you are condemning your own developments.

When you accept what shows up, you are showing gratitude for what you have actually created.

You acknowledge that it is your development and then observe your development to see if it serves you.

If it does not serve you, you bless your creation and pick again.

It makes no sense to condemn that which you have come up with.

Enjoy your symptoms. Look deeply into them and see the messages the universe has actually sent you.

You will realise that there is constantly a lot more than you anticipated, typically in a different kind than you expected.

When you are not connected to your expectations you are more accepting of what shows up.

The more you are attached to your expectations the more you judge what appears as compared to what you were anticipating.

Remember, neither judge nor condemn. Judging is a fear-based paradigm and acceptance is a love-based paradigm.

How To Be Spiritually Woke. Click Here! 

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