How to ease Headaches and Neck pain during Spiritual and Kundalini Awakening


How to ease Headaches and Neck pain during Spiritual and Kundalini Awakening

Hi everybody thanks you for joining me on this video today, this one’s going to be a little bit more hands-on than the ones I’ve done previously. So, why am I doing this video, I’ve had a lot of students.

Ask me: how can they get rid of this neck or headache that they’re experiencing as they’re going on the spiritual awakening journey? But this is specific to people who are experiencing that increased flow of energy, that’s flowing up through their back-up the spine into their neck, and it is kind of getting caught normally at that base of skull area.

That’s where a lot of people say to me that I’m having a lot of pain, a lot of discomfort in that base of skull, you know so basic skull is literally where that neck hits your skull section.


My name is Anandi Sano, and I’m the founder of peiec healing, peiec approach and now a thing called the sano method. And what is this? The new method, the sano method was given to me by source, like everything else, that’s been given to help me with my symptoms. During my journey as the energy started to increase through me and flow through me, I found that my physical vessel often would really struggle with the energy overload, and I wasn’t able to shift it. Then I would probably go and get a session, or you know, treatment from someone else to release my body and my muscles, and so everything could start flowing properly.


But I wanted something that I could help myself so that I wouldn’t constantly have to ask for somebody else that if something came up for me that I would be able to handle it for myself.

And I was sitting one morning with a really stiff neck. And I had a lot of pain through the lower part of my head neck and that base of skull area – and I was really restricted in my movement and I had pain in my forehead, and I was you know, working away, and I’ve done bodywork stuff before. As well, I’m qualified, but nothing was shifting it just getting there and trying to massage you to get through. It wasn’t really to do anything, it would sort of release, and then it would just come back again and this particular morning it was really bad.


So I was sitting there and all of a sudden, source said. Let me show you something and that’s what been happening to me on this journey, particularly with peak healing that I keep getting shown things to work for me for myself. So because people have been asking me as to how can I help myself? I thought I’d put this out, because this is the way that I’ve helped myself, and I want to share that with you. So, the first thing that source showed me was a way to release the lower part of the neck yeah so through here and all the way through to c6, which is that bottom area here, hopefully you can see it.


So, what I found is that often we think that it’s coming from the base of skull area yeah. So if you run your fingers up, there you’ll hit some bone, and that is the base of skull that runs along all the way. The back there yeah from the spine out to the side, just where your ears are: that’s all the base’s skull area. But what I was shown is that in that c6 area, that is also getting really tight, and it didn’t matter what I tried it just would not release, even though initially, I was just focusing on this area up here, I was focusing on my traps and my Latissimus dorsi the lats that kind of run down here which help you lift your arms and things just weren’t working. So, what did sauce show me showed me to use this area here yeah.


So if you run your fingers along the top of your collar bones, your clavicles yeah there’ll be a bit of a bulge there, and then you’ll drop into a divot yeah. Can you feel that just follow along with what I’m doing yeah? You can feel that just there, it’s like the top of the sternum yeah, your breastbone just there and so a lot of people when they touch that point. Some people literally want to gag you know because it is brings up things within them. They don’t like touching this area.


We don’t like other people, touching it either we’re quite protective of that area. So, for those people that do peak healing and when you touch that area, you feel life moments start coming up the layers. I suggest that you before you even start, you go into your layers of self and start calming or releasing those life moments that come up for those of you that don’t do peak healing. I would suggest that you just spend a little bit of time, maybe just gently pushing on that area and just allow any of those motions that are going to come up just allow them to go just to settle yeah and that’s what I had to do when I Started poking around that area, it was really, really unpleasant. So, what sauce showed me was that he’s he I refer to sources.


He god um showed me to use my finger like that yeah, so you hook it in and what I’m going to be using is I’m going to be using the tip of that finger yeah and what sort showed me was to literally come over the top. So, you’re sitting in that divot you can see that on me and then sauce said curl it over. So, you actually I’ll just turn there you’re actually going behind, not you’ll find that there’s the bone. But if I go behind it and push down ever so slightly when you do this, the first time doesn’t go in there. Deep and often you won’t be able to because the muscle will area will be really tight behind it.


So if you just go in there, and you think – oh my god, this is just not good just take time out and then go back again. You don’t have to put a lot of pressure on it, but you may find that that is actually really, really tender. Yeah for me, I can go in there now because my body is used to it and i keep this area really loose. So, I do this fairly often for myself. So, what sauce said to do was to go behind it gently push it down and then what sort said is you need to stretch so with gentle pressure on this area, and you keep the pressure there.


I was told to go downwards. Always do this very slowly. If you ever experience any sharp pain or pain at all, then please stop and do not continue like with anything you do, sports, wise or stretching whatever else. If you do have any issues with your neck or back, then maybe see your doctor first and ask to see if you know if you should be doing stretching of this kind, as you stretch down you’ll, start to feel a loosening of this area around your neck And just keep holding that pressure on until you’ve gone down, really quite low, and you can let it go, and it’s always really good to move around any time that you’ve held an area like this. What happens?


Is you loosen this area up and then the rest of the body actually needs to adjust because what has been loosened through here yeah? So now we go back in again yeah. We come over the top, we’re not on the bone, we’re off the bone, and we sink behind it and this time with just gentle pressure, you can put a little pressure on if you want to we go backwards just as far as it’s comfortable. You don’t want to over push it. This is purely nice and slow to allow this area to adapt and to start releasing.


You can feel my body moving, because, as this releases, the rest of my body wants to adjust itself. So, that’s why I’m swaying and once you feel that’s done gently come backwards and just loosen that up again, you may find that there’s a memory yeah of your finger actually being there, and you can just literally just rub it just gently. So, you give it a bit of love, yeah. For me, I can start feeling this and you’re probably seeing that my neck is actually lengthened yeah. What we can do now is go back in again.


You may find that this is not as tender as it was before and if that’s the case, you can sink in a little bit deeper and just put pressure on it, and now we’re going to rotate to left or right totally up to you.

You’ll get to a point where it stops and then just sit there just allow the body to do what it needs to do. Remember you’ve got some pressure on there, and you can see with me, it’s allowing itself to actually sort of move by itself. I can come back center, and then I can go the other side. Don’t rush through this, and sometimes you’ll need to repeat this over and over again, because with any sort of stretching, the body needs to learn that these new stretches are for it.


Basically, so it’s like creating a muscle memory as if you would go to the gym. You wouldn’t just go to the gym once, and you start pumping weights and hope that your bicep looks this big yeah. So, it’s a matter of uh doing the work over and over and over as soon as it starts, tightening up again go in there and take the time for yourself and be present when you’re actually doing this. So, that’s a very basic move of that. There are a couple of other things that were shown in respects to this.


I’M just going to show you the basics of what I was shown initially. Now I’m going to go to the second move that I was shown, so the second move was hard to do with my breastbone, the sternum yeah, and with this one i, need you literally to find the bottom of your breastbone yeah. Your sternum just find the bottom of it yeah and just put your finger on the bottom of it now with this one there’s an area when you come up and i’ll just do it on myself just stand on my tiptoes there’s an area. That’s just as you come up the breastbone I’ll just show it like this when you, if that was the bottom of the breastbone just there, yeah you’ll come up ever so slightly, and then it’ll kind of div it out yeah.

So, there’s a flat area, and then it divides out to be a little bit higher so on my chest: if you follow, it will go up, and then it will hit like a if you were to go straight.


It butts up against something. That is the point that you want to be on yeah, so it’s quite light low on the sternum. This is where it’s on me and then with both hands and your fingers. So, your fingertips again yeah so there it is so with that, i’m going to pull upwards. So I’m going to pull that area upwards and as I’m pulling it upwards, I’m going to stretch down again drop your shoulders down nice and slow.


There’s no need to rush with any of this, and I can literally feel it releasing not only through the front but also in my back and I come up, and I can go backwards for me that feels really loose anyway, once you’ve done that really slowly come back to center, you can go left and wherever there’s a restriction, just gently hold that allow to push past it and then the other side remember not to round the shoulders, keep them nice and straight, so they’re back, and then we come down and again.

Allow yourself to move, move your shoulders move your arms. Does this chest now start feeling open yeah because remember when most of us are rotated in like this yeah when we’re sitting, and then we start walking like that which is not very comfortable yeah, so how’s that starting to feel in your neck area and potentially now Even in your upper back, because that’s where I feel it releasing too, so that’s the second one and the third one is probably a little bit more tricky, but it’s not yeah. So, when you feel your collarbone yeah your clavicle at the end of it, there’s like that little bulbous area yeah. Now, if you go directly underneath it, you’ve got a little divot yeah.


So, there’s the breastbone just there it’s just off to the side, and you’ll sink into it. So with your first finger, we sink into that area sink in put a bit of pressure on, and then you pull it towards your breastbone yeah, so you’re pulling it. That way, at the same time, you’re pulling your shoulder back, so you’re straightening it up. Then what you can do is you can either rotate to the right and automatically. I feel all this area release for me keep pushing that shoulder back, because you want the stretch on it, and then I will also go to that right area.


What you can also do is once you’ve done. That is kind of look upwards again, like I said: if you have neck problems, and you’re finding this too difficult, then just take it very easily or if you feel any pain, please cease and don’t do it. You don’t want to be pushing past any pain, yeah. So, if I go there 45, it’s allowing all that area, including my neck, to release again our move allow everything to shift even move your legs, because we know that the rest of the body is also connected to everything up here: we’re not separate yeah, and then We do the other side that clavicle the end, the bulbous area, and we sink in yeah in that area. This one’s a little bit tight on me just with the first finger.


If you can’t do it with one finger, then by all means do it with two yeah, and you can just pull that towards see how I’m pulling it towards shoulder back. If you always, it’s also stretched down.

It’s totally up to you, where you want to stretch it so go the other side, and I feel that the stretch there from my neck all the way out into that shoulder area, keep the shoulder back there. We go it’s starting to release, and you can see my body wanting to adjust itself whilst I’m doing that go up at 45. Ah, I don’t know if you can see it, but I feel so much straighter and longer, and whereas this morning I had some issues with my rotation, and it was a little bit tight, it feels really quite loose.


The only thing that I’m feeling tight is when I rotate, and I feel it through here – I don’t know if you can see it feel it through here, which is your scm yeah, and it literally runs down here into that chest area, and so what sauce said? Which was the fourth thing was that behind the ear or behind the basis skull area at the back, just there you’ll find two bands of muscles yeah they’re right on the edge there, and you can feel it because they come down here. Yeah, they’re like two bands, so I want you to get really close to at that basis, skull area where it starts yeah and just hook two of your fingers either side behind it yeah, and so what sauce said then was just to put pressure on it. Going forward yeah, so I’m pushing towards you yeah on both sides. At the same time, there we go, and now we’re going to make sure.


Also, a lot of people stand like this yeah. Your head is actually meant to be back. It’s meant to be on your vertical column, yeah, and it’s meant to when you’re when your head’s moving. It should just be floating like this, but a lot of the time it gets. It gets stuck yeah because there’s so much stuff happening at that basis.


Skull area, so what we want to do is we want to hook in behind that point there pull it forward ever so gently like I said: if you have any problems with it, then don’t do it and put your head back. Not we don’t want to do it forward, head back, and then you’re going to slowly rotate. Whilst you have pressure on those two areas see for me, I can start feeling a release through my back running down my spine and I just hold it as it all starts. Releasing then I’ll gently go center again, just make sure I’ve got the right points, and then I’ll rotate the other way. Now this is tight.


This I feel more so than the other side, so I will just hold that, and you’ll feel as it starts. Releasing that your fingers will uh when you push on the area now it’s more buttery yeah, it’s a lot softer. So if I now move a little bit and just allow the body, remember I’m moving my legs as well because I want the whole body to adjust. You know if you want to do some stretches after this, then feel free to do that too. So, if i now, I remember, I was experiencing tightness through those scms.


While I was rotating, if I now rotate my head, that is far more comfortable. I still have a slight restriction, but there’s some other things. That source showed me that I won’t show you in this video it’ll probably be in one of the other videos, so they were what source does with me. Sources always shows me one set of things and then once they are mastered in a sense, then something else is given to pronounce what has been given first and foremost. So, I need to show you what I was taught initially, and then we can take it step by step.


So, those are the four things that source showed me that morning, when I was in absolute agony, what I did then afterwards and source just said now just go to your basis, skull area and if that is really tight, just literally use the top of your fingers And go in there at the base of skull push in hold it and switch it out, so you’re literally attaching you’re pushing it in you’re holding it, and then you’re pushing it or releasing it. Yes, so you’re moving it, but it’s not a matter of just kneading.

You need to sink in pull it and release yeah, so you, and then you work along that basis. Skull area until it starts releasing mine is pretty good. So remember if this has been very tight for you for a long time.


I wouldn’t spend a lot of time getting in there and absolutely needing it. You need to do it in stages and what I found the students that I’ve shown this whole 4 to 5 move thing or sequence: they’ve had to do slowly, little bits and pieces here. You don’t want to go in and then just beat up the body, and then it may lock up in certain other areas. You need to be gentle on the body, so maybe you do it two or three times a day and then on the next day you do it again and then over and over again, so you’re literally teaching the body how you want it to respond um. So, for me, this is often even like a morning regime for me if I start feeling any tightness, and it could be the way that you’ve slept, it could be in the way that you’ve been at your computer.


You can use the same thing, but what I found is that when I’ve done this, the energy has allowed itself to flow again through my body, particularly up my spine and out my head or down, because it can get blocked either way as it’s running. So, I hope this has helped you to show you how potentially you can change and affect your life and the way that the body flows in and through your physical vessel. They are like. I said earlier on in the piece a number of things that we can also do to enhance this release and other parts of the body. So for me, I found I’ve needed less physical treatment because I’ve been able to do stuff on my own body to release my lower back to release my hips to release my knees, and it’s played a huge part and a huge role in the way that I’ve been able to move forward and hold more energy within my physical vessel.


So if you’ve enjoyed this video and want to be part of other ones, that I’m going to be, releasing make sure that you like this video subscribe to the channel and maybe leave me a comment below as to how your physical vessel has responded to these particular Moves and, like I said previously, make sure you do this slowly, don’t attack the body.

Take it one step at a time, and you may need to do one area more so than the other areas, because it may that be that key area that is holding everything. So tight, so I hope you enjoyed this video, make sure that you also maybe use some of the other videos to start releasing things that are affecting you and holding you bound in your physical vessel and in your layers of self.

I’ve got some fabulous videos on this channel in regard to how to heal, deeply and maybe check out peak healing. If you don’t know what peak healing is about, i’ve got some couple of links in the descriptions below and hopefully, I’ll, be able to share more of the sunu method, which has helped me personally and that’s why I wanted to share with you many blessings.

10 More Indications of Spiritual Awakening Utilizing Brainwave Entrainment

To spiritually awaken or raise your awareness is a procedure that can be improved through the use of brainwave entrainment, a clinically tested innovation that changes your brainwaves to change your frequency to a wanted state.

Spiritual awakening is called a sacred experience where you are available in contact with transcendental reality. You get awareness of the spiritual, through magical experience, which is in of itself, a preternatural state of altered awareness.

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10 More Signs of Spiritual Awakening

Modifications in your prayer or meditation. When you try to pray or meditate, it feels different. It may be that spirit is injecting thoughts, informing you that it knows what you are praying or practicing meditation on and its vibration is quicker, causing a rush of messages.

You experience hot flashes. What you are experiencing is a rise of energy. You might experience heat coming from your hands, specifically if you are around someone who you feel is harming.

You feel like you have the flu a lot. Have your ailments looked at by a physician and if there is no physical evidence of health problem, know that it is simply a short-lived symptom of spiritual awakening.

You feel a strong desire to break totally free from anything restrictive in your life. You may feel the requirement to alter what you do for a living, or who you desire to be around.

g5089f0c622f0c3e5b699f055458e372a79c964ec38169e807f924537949b34def84b949361edfbc8dd6a4031aeda6fce 6405. Vivid, sensible dreams. You may begin to lucid dream-a dream that you manage. You may likewise be having “gos to” from deceased loved ones or your spirit guides. Don’t let the dreams confuse you. They feel real due to the fact that they are real.

You look like you’ve gone back in time. As you clear your emotional issues and release limiting beliefs from the past, you become “lighter”, actually. You see life differently, in a more favorable light.

You may experience divorce, death, modification in home, health problem, loss of job, and/or other disasters at this time. Your universe is extracting anything that helps you launch your accessories to the physical, as you awaken to your spiritual side.

g8a772aab0bd6f22d13bd69591e745dbebf54eaa2abd16cd341b2fac7051e625fc1f86e6e79128073254547dbdc3d75dc 6408. You become drawn into yourself. You may dislike what’s taking place on the planet and more focused about what your own personal life means to you.

9. Capabilities that you didn’t even know you had might appear. The universe is all about creativity and that is what starts developing in you. You end up being extremely imaginative and might surface a talent that you’ve never expressed prior to.

You desire the process to go much faster. Brainwave entrainment can make the process go quicker.

Spiritual awakening modifications you and your life, in a positive way. To awaken though, you will need to clean your spirit and address emotions and events that you have actually not processed.

Brainwave entrainment is a easy and fast method to begin the procedure of knowledge.

Unlock to awaken.

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