How to find a spiritual connection | Radhanath Swami | TEDxSquareMile

How to find a spiritual connection | Radhanath Swami | TEDxSquareMile

Samira about It really is an honor for me to be with you tonight. From a spiritual point of view, The dangerous state of the world today caused in depth, is that we cut off contact with our true selves. Before the technology became available, The world has never been connected on an external level “We own the internet, social media, mobile phones, satellites The daily news is dominated by terrorist acts. Oppression, injustice, class struggles, and warnings of environmental disasters. As each one of us and all of us We can be the change we want to see in the world If we use our free will To see the interconnection with a higher power.

The problems we face When we see it through the prism of universal wisdom, Then we will learn to see every challenge we face From a holistic, broad and sacred perspective. Whatever we do How will it affect ourselves? How will it affect our local areas? How will it affect the world? Learning from the past, and present, And our influence in the future.

This kind of wisdom He was truly born of mercy. Perhaps this is the biggest need in all human societies. Where there is sympathy, There is enough wealth There is enough skill There is sufficient education. Because that will be supplied automatically. Several years ago, I was with Mother Teresa, And she told me a very universal principle.

She said, “The most dangerous problem in the world is famine. And it’s not just about stomach hunger, If you give food to someone, they will feel satisfied But in London, New York, Los Angeles and Mumbaiومبا Even the richest people Their hearts are starving.” The hunger of hearts creates greed, envy, and arrogance, and anger, To find love in ourselves It really would be the solution to all of those ailments.

The origin of that love From a spiritual point of view To feel the love of God And to be like the machine that spreads love across everything we do. If we are accountable Or if we are in the trade sector or in financial, political or agricultural matters, Or even if you are a Swami (Hindu religion teacher) When you have a pillar of inner peace inner affection, The joy of life then It will not consist in piling things on you more and more.

Rather, its joy will be to show our passion for the work we do created technology, A great connection between people. Usually during the period of my presentation of any lecture Many mobile devices keep ringing wherever we are. I remember one time when I was in India I called my father, After our conversation, he said to me: Do you know where I am now? I replied: No He said: I’m at the golf course restaurant, sitting on the toilet.

(Laughter) I told him: I thought you were at home.

This is how we communicate with anyone, anywhere, anytime (Laughter) But some people They used this communication feature with very bad and evil intentions unfortunately They spread their goals, around the world. At the same time, people of true peace and love can to use the same technology. But all we need It is to know what our problems are. in a sustainable way If we really want to influence positively and effectively. Sustainability is a must And this is to harmonize the internal change, with external change.

The behavior of human beings, and their values, and their philosophy, need to upgrade. There is a beautiful verse in the Bhagavad Gita (Indian holy book) to give us help information on how to create inner peace.

We realize by our human nature the true connection between us, The link between us and the world around us. The verse in Sanskrit is: (Speaks in Sanskrit) (Speaks in Sanskrit) That is the real wisdom Signals of actual spiritual connection, It is not only the religion that we embrace and call ourselves by Or the number of verses we cite to prove our case But spiritual devotion is By seeing every living creature with an equal view Because when we know ourselves And we understand that sacred spirit of life And the truth of who each of us is Only then can we realize the truth of this for all human beings. We don’t see people according to their race, ethnicity, or color Or even according to their religion When we understand divine love, understand that every being is a child of this god.

Be it a human, an elephant, a dog, a cat or a cow Wherever there is life, there is a sensitive creature He seeks contentment and happiness He deserves to be treated with respect and tenderness This is a process of actual upgrading in society, Elevation of the stages of our consciousness.


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There are many different spiritual paths in this world But there are three basic principles that we must focus on To create a good internal communication. “Satsan” It represents meeting with people whose way of thinking is similar who actively inspire us to that goal “Sadana” It is to preserve the precious time allotted to us every day to nourish us internally to maintain this connection, By doing spiritual practices like meditation and prayer. One of our customs and traditions is to chant the names of God in This beautiful hymn. When we sing collectively, it is called “sankerten”.

We create harmony between our hearts It is peppered with a wonderful focus with sacred inspiration. And “Satcher” “Sadacher” means our characters, where there is no use From the claim of spiritual imprinting If we do not turn arrogance into humility, greed for generosity, despair to hope, and hate into love, It’s really a necessity And when this emotion awakens stagnant within us, become energetic and efficient, In Sanskrit, the word emotion is pronounced “karuna” It means directing intelligence followed by activating emotion.

It’s a solid connection “Para-duka-doke” Our teachers Srila taught us, Emotion is embodied in different concepts such as; Others’ pain is mine And someone’s happiness means my happiness too And automatically that connection will extend to the environment. Because we all depend On the source of giving itself, which is nature. Whoever we are, from any country, any religion or any social class, One sun illuminates and sustains us, rain from one source, The land on which we grow our food is one land The water that crosses rivers and oceans is one Human passion and compassion for every living creature An integral part of our compassion for the environment.

In our communities in Mumbai, We started settling in an eco-village And by doing so, We discovered several key meanings About understanding the true meaning of the interconnectedness of everything. We are walking on the ground where we’ve learned that it’s from the same soil we walk on, We can use bricks to build our homes Thus, we made more than 350,000 pieces of tiles. We put pressure on them, We dry them with sun, not fire.

She is beautiful, As we promised earlier It maintains its existence for centuries. Water: Water falls from the sky, But if we appreciate the value of water We will use our capabilities to reap this wealth, in Maharashtra It is extremely dry for eight months each year.

If we store water when it rains. We have lockers Stores 15 million gallons of water During one week of the rainy season. The sun- Through the solar power system We can run all city facilities With the power of the always shining sun for all. Of course in England you can’t always see it. (Laughter) But it is always there.

Earth, soil growing organic and natural foods Without harmful pesticides or fertilizers, food grows better; It is more nutritious. And the soil becomes more fertilized by it. In the world, sewage is a problem Where is your social class? Whether you’re a billionaire or a homeless person, however After you eat, you will respond to nature’s call, The response to it is often the same.

So, what do you do with it?

When we understand the interconnection of the way the world works, Then we can actually understand how… There is no such thing as waste If we are really conscious. Through the use of herbs, roots and stones, The sewage will become very pure and clean; Thus we can take advantage of all these facilities.

We can also cook our food on cow dung. The idea is that when we have a compassionate soul towards the environment and towards each other, There will be no limit For how we will use our advanced human intelligence that is gifted by God To make real and sustainable positive changes towards an enlightened world. Out of the cradle, As everything takes and takes and takes, and grows to that mature state, Where we understand and appreciate the joy of giving, and love. This is real progress. This is where we can really connect With God, and with each other, This also makes the world a beautiful thing.

Whether we do it in a big or small way, We all have that chance And we all have that responsibility Thank you very much.

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