How To Start Spiritual Awakening


How To Start Spiritual Awakening

If you are asking yourself, how to start spiritual awakening?

Ok, Here I will relate my first big spiritual awakening and experience of oneness.

I remained in college in Vermont, having a bad day.

After classes and conferences with teachers, I returned to my dormitory and took a seat to practice meditation.

When I sat down, I just surrendered.

Not that I understood what surrender was, however, reflecting on it, that was what I did.

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I didn’t practice a meditation method; I just accepted all of the madness that had actually accumulated that day and quit, not hanging on to anything, not figuring anything out.

How To Start Spiritual Awakening
And automatically I fell into silence, a place of just blackness.

It was absolutely nothing profound, no spiritual awakening, just almost like being in deep sleep yet totally mindful.

And this spiritual awakening wasn’t a sensation of achieving something, however, rather a sensation that something was gone.

That individual sense of “me” with all of its conflicts and problems was not there.

And in that loss there was the sense that I belonged to whatever.

I would state the experience was being one with everything, of oneness, but that seems to imply something spiritual.

And I knew nothing about spirituality then, nothing about enlightenment or spiritual awakening or yoga.

I was entirely innocent in that regard. I understood a little bit about practicing meditation, which was it.

Not enough to even really state I could practice meditation correctly.

If I look back on it, it was the experience of “yoga” which means union.

The experience was that this little me was so utterly useless.

There was the undeniable sense that I was actually a part of the infinite universe, I was not different from it.

I could feel that connection, or rather, the absence of separation from it.

There was still the sense of me; however, it was not separate from everything else.

The borders of separation were gone.

And the sensation of this was incredible bliss and peace.

A sense of freedom, like a substantial weight, had actually been taken off of me.

I was happy for no factor. I felt my real nature as pleasure.

For many years, I have actually had incredible spiritual awakenings consisting of cosmic consciousness, realization of the self, witness consciousness, various samadhis.

How To Start Spiritual Awakening beach

But there was something really pure and stunning about this particular spiritual awakening.

One, because it was the very first real spiritual awakening and due to the fact that at the time, although I yearned for knowledge I did not even know if it existed not to mention had actually checked out any books about it.

Therefore, here after years of mental distress was this pure state of happiness.

The sensation of being connected to deep space and that the nature of this oneness was delight.

I found my roommate sitting at a table and tried to tell him what I was experiencing.

Which was quite funny because it was usually me in that suffering and here I was trying to explain, quite innocently, about how this little me is totally meaningless and that we are actually a part of everything and the nature of that was delight.

I noticed that in trying to explain my spiritual awakening that it did no good.

Because it was so new, I thought that if I just told him this secret, he would experience it too.

My state could not reach him or anyone. I could feel this almost solid wall of stress in the room that was actively separating itself from oneness, from the experience I was having.

I say come down, but I realized that this experience of spiritual awakening was the natural state and that the sense of separation was unnatural, it was something placed on top of what was already here.

I knew that once I ate my lunch, I would contract back into my body and mind, back into a sense of being a separate “me” and I would lose this experience of oneness.

So, I did not try to hold on to my sense of oneness.

I consumed my lunch and viewed as this sense of liberty dissipated. And by the next day it was basically gone, yet there was a brand-new sense of peace because I had actually experienced the fact.

Because of spiritual awakening I had actually experienced my natural state of being one with whatever and for that reason, I would experience it once again. I thought it would come the next week or the next day; however, it didn’t.

Yet, it left a sense of self-confidence, that this was precisely what I wanted out of life and if I experienced it when, I could recognize it again. That it was possible to in fact reside in this natural state of oneness.

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Years later, after an unbelievable spiritual awakening that changed whatever, I discovered a way I might assist others experience deep states of meditation and oneness through sound.

Merely by listening to meditation music with a really unique noise technology based on enlightenment, they too effortlessly enter deep states of meditation and oneness.

Countless individuals all over the world are now meditating to these “Spiritual Awakening CDs” with terrific success.

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