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Living in Your Light

We are called to reside in our light. “You are the light of the world.” Do you remember the track, “This little light of mine”? I recall mentor and singing this track to my little girl when she was a kid.

The Command – “Love One Another”

A long time ago a person criticised something I wrote as ‘church doctrine’; that it was ‘not scriptural’. It bordered words “rebirth,” which can be fairly a broad term, and also not one estranged to concepts scriptural (for example – revival depending on repentance – 2 Chronicles 7:14). I discovered it instead odd that a Christian could, or would certainly intend to, differentiate between the church and what is scriptural. Allow’s check out what Jesus claimed in John chapter 13.

How To Do Battle Spiritually Through Fasting

This write-up is a first hand experience of how fasting can be made use of a way of spiritual war. It shows how catharsis can come about via passive relaxing instead than energetic consuming.

His Temple, Built in His Image

God is constantly present in every element of your presence. We are produced from HIS DNA. There is positively nowhere you can go that God isn’t already there. He Hears your petitions, he cares as well as he’s moving in your circumstance!

Life of Buddha

Numerous millions of people worldwide are captivated and curious regarding the life of the Buddha. This inspiring number offers as a source of magnificent teaching and also enlightenment also several centuries after his birth as well as fatality. Some individuals are in such admiration of this spiritual teacher that they select to add Buddha decoration to their homes, companies and offices.

Psalm 49 – Trust in Wisdom, Not Envy

Psalm 49 fits with solidity in the Knowledge genre, with Psalms 1, 37, 73, 112, 119, 127, 133, as well as also 139. Components of these psalms may, as a matter of fact, read like Sayings or Ecclesiastes. The great point concerning the forty-ninth psalm is its simpleness of style and also its clear regulation function.

Living in the Grace of God: The Doctrine of Grace Seed 4

Since people stop working to understand the power behind the gospel of elegance, they take the scripture of grace as well as mix it with a little of performance way of thinking. I heard it said that, rat poisoning only has one tenth of one percent poison, the rest of the active ingredients are not dangerous. So it is with the scripture of elegance …

Living in the Grace of God: The Doctrine of Grace Seed 3

“I wonder that you are averting so soon from him that called you in the elegance OF CHRIST, to a different gospel, which is not one more; yet there are some who difficulty you and intend to pervert the scripture of (THE POISE OF) CHRIST. However also if we, or an angel from heaven, teach ANY OTHER scripture to you, allow him be accursed.” (Ga. 8:1 -6) The word, scripture, suggests …

Living in the Grace of God: The Doctrine of Grace Seed 2

Recently I explained to you that your doctrine is your belief system. As well as in Romans 5:2 it claims, “By confidence we have access right into this elegance.” We Christians have a claiming that goes something similar to this, “what belief or persuasion are you?” Simply put, what is your belief system?

Spiritual Growth Experienced As Freedom in Prison

As a yoga exercise practitioner as well as educator for the last two decades, I had a traumatic experience recently that I never expected to have to go through in my life time. As the outcome of a convoluted series of misunderstandings, I located myself investing a week in prison. Surprisingly enough, it resulted in some really positive end results!

Should a Christian Drink Alcohol?

Many believing saints state, “I like to have a glass of a glass of wine with my pasta.” “I like to have a beer when I’m grilling.” Is that ok?

Your Emotions Affect The Planet!

Did you understand that your feelings influence the planet? Yes, you sitting there reading this message have an impact upon the planet! Whenever we think with adverse emotions we are impacting the mass consciousness of the world. This has been confirmed medically that there is a mass consciousness and also what we believe influences others.

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