Is Past Life Regression Possible? | Sadhguru Answers

Jesus Will Be Our Last Judge

When Christ the King comes at the end of the world, he will certainly evaluate the living and also the dead. His judgement will be final. No person will appeal.

Selfishness and the Secret of Life

ASTOUNDING is the power of much reality as well as the power resplendent in this reality is electrifying: the cross condemns all selfishness. It is difficult to stoop at the cross – with minds and hearts transformed towards the Saviour – and also not be transformed and also nauseated by the transgression that is narcissism.

Jesus Coming Alive Within Us

Buddhist, Christian as well as Jungian concepts combine in this take on the archetypal value of Jesus for personal development and assimilation. We can learn consciously to understand our shadow reactions (‘recognizing our darkness’) whilst preserving or enhancing our flexibility from their total control over our actions.

Repentance That Restores God’s Favour

The Israelites revealed God their strong need for mercy by making acts of repentance – fasting, petition and providing donations to the needy. Jesus didn’t do away with that. He just instructed his adherents to demonstrate real sadness for their wrongs as well as not just do it for a program.

Salvation Is by Grace Through Faith

When Jesus passed away on the cross, he took upon himself the sins of the globe. Nonetheless, this does not mean all will go to paradise; it is just those who have counted on him. The bible says we are conserved by poise and also not our kindness.

Balancing the Responsibilities of Life By Being Accountable to God Alone

Among the most significant facts we have to deal with in life is the truth of our responsibilities. Now, responsibility is a balance between taking as well much obligation and declining enough. God’s will is that we have the ability to discern, as well as bring out, our responsibility in our individual and also social lives.

How and Why I Learned to Channel and What I Learned

I was not a person that would have been elected ‘most likely to find out to channel’ however I did and also it has actually altered my life. I am currently devoted to informing my story and sharing my experience in order to encourage others to open their own channel and uncover their very own fact.

Finding the Creator of Existence

Initially there was Room. Space is the highest type of existence. Room is ageless as well as endless.

Power, Love And A Sound Mind Will Cast Out Fear

Years ago I was tortured by fear. I was a brand-new Christian in Christ yet I was afraid; it looked like I was running from something but nothing existed. Lately I recalled that remembrance and also I asked the Lord why the church did not tell me much better. He claimed to me just how might they tell me what they did not recognize. I was supplied from that sense of fear as well as I have been for a long period of time however there are people today who are tortured by fear.

Are We Spiritual Beings?

Are we souls? Are we these momentary bodies? Does life originate from issue, or does life originate from life?

Why Should You Pray Each and Everyday

It would certainly be difficult to supply a list of religious beliefs and spiritual traditions all over the world. While most of us understand one of the most prominent religious beliefs such as Judaism and also Christianity, there are hundreds (if not thousands) of other techniques that can be called “religious beliefs” or spiritual experiences and also traditions. Though most religious beliefs are seen as equivalent components cultural and belief systems, they all have different ways of sharing them.

What is Prayer and Why We Should Pray

Simply take into consideration that meditation or prayer encourage us, without a doubt helps us to, “become what our objective”. This is a theory based on emotional principles, as well as is not simply something based upon the ideology or concepts of a couple of “believers”. As well as what is known, is that prayer or reflection supply us a possibility to experience a relief of sorts.

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