Is the Process of Awakening a Consequence of Suffering? | Q&A Eckhart Tolle

Is the Process of Awakening a Consequence of Suffering? | Q&A Eckhart Tolle

Well, first, I have to say you are so very cute when you answer questions: Oh, thank you, And then also as I’ve told Kim in the morning. I so wanted you to come to China. Oh yes, I want to go to, Okay, okay, that’s good! I have been to Hong Kong a couple of done retreats in Hong Kong, but not for some years, mainly in China.

Do you think they would be okay with me, Of course? I mean the government, the government, It should be okay – You haven’t done anything terribly wrong there before, so it should be okay, Okay Because you’re already so very popular in China.

Your books are very widely read, and so many of my friends in the spiritual community or even outside of this community, everybody just tells me how much they are expecting. Your visit. Oh, okay!

Well, thank you! I will come. Oh, that’s great! That’s great! Finally comes to my question.

Yeah, Okay, so how can we truly accept and surrender and be present without having to go through a lot of sufferings or intense sufferings to the point that you have no other choice but to give up your ego Right And, for instance.

When I hear certain statements like you must not reject your rejection, or you must not judge your judgments well, that makes me feel even more painful because that’s exactly what I’m doing So sometimes most of the time, I am aware that I’m chatting this or that, but how to proceed further to really accept, but not just accepting in my mind.

Oh, yes! Yes! Now, as you mentioned, it is true that for some people are forced into surrender because they cannot stand the suffering anymore. And sometimes life does that to you to a person, So the suffering becomes so intense.

That was the case with me. Suffering became so intense. I couldn’t stand it anymore. I couldn’t stand myself anymore On some level. There must’ve been a realization that I was generating the suffering.

I didn’t really consciously know that, but I could not live with myself anymore, as it was the phrase that came into my head Before I be disidentified from the egoic self.

The mind made unhappy me: And then there are those people who are sufficiently conscious, like all of you here, yet they are sufficiently conscious to be able to surrender or accept voluntarily without being forced into it by life.

So, it’s a voluntary decision to come to an acceptance of what arises At this moment, But the acceptance needs to be deep enough so that it’s not just on a conceptual level, but also on a deeper level. So, the emotional level, for example. Otherwise, you would be lying to yourself when you say.

Let’s say you are in a situation that generates irritation in you, let’s say a relatively small situation: There’s a long delay somewhere you’re waiting for something there’s a long delay. You can find irritation beginning to build up. At some point, you realize that irritation is beginning to build up. Then your mind says I need to surrender. I should surrender to this situation.

I need to accept it the way it is And then the mind says. Okay, I accept this situation. The way it is, The question is: does it remain a statement in the mind because the true acceptance needs to go into every cell of your body?

You need to be in touch. This is why, as a practice, body awareness is very helpful when you’re not being challenged just to feel the inner body.

So, that habitually you’re able to place attention into the inner energy field of your body, which also helps you to know. What’s going on in the emotional field of your body, So let’s say you get irritated at the airport: the flight is canceled. Now you’re lining up …

Hypothetical situation. Many situations like that happen all the time. Your flight is canceled now you’re lining up again to get on another flight, but there are 20 people ahead of you Here in China.

They’re often the airline industry is not very long. Waiting periods and people get very upset at airports because they have to wait a long time, and they suddenly start shouting.

Can’t think anymore !”. So, I accept this moment as it is, And then you need to detect within yourself whether you have really accepted it. Because are you still feeling irritated or not, To be able to know if you’re irritated or not? You need to know both whether your mind is continuing to produce thoughts of irritation.

And maybe it is not because you’ve mentally decided you’re not going to have any more thoughts, but in the emotional field you may still be angry and irritated So your attention needs to move into the body so that you’re aware is there still irritation in here?

While my mind is saying, I completely accept this moment Or you could say another example of that would be. I forgive you. I forgive you, but there’s something in you that hasn’t it hasn’t forgiven. So, you have forgiven on a superficial mental level.

So, you need to get your attention in there to actually feel It’s. Not only what your mind is saying at this moment. What does it feel like to be At this moment?

What is the feeling of it, And that will tell you when you ask, what’s the feeling of this moment that directs your attention into the body And then you’ll notice, whether there’s still or whether there’s a contraction still And if there is you can notice it you say: oh there’s still irritation there And then what you can do, for example, is accepted. Whatever you feel.

Acceptance, surprisingly, is the greatest agent for change, accepting whatever you feel Because, whatever you feel is nonacceptance, so you bring acceptance into the nonacceptance which is in the contraction or the vibrational frequency of anger or irritation. You said, oh, it’s, okay, to feel that And sometimes it’s possible to just drop it too.

Sometimes you’d say I don’t really want that, So you take one or two deep, breaths phew and release it from the body, And then you have released it both mentally because the irritation usually starts in the mind making judgments about the situation you find yourself In The body then reacts to the judgment and creates an emotion that reflects the mental judgment.

So, it’s always good to start with the mind and realizing. I am not irritated because of this situation. I’M irritated because of what your mind is commenting on this situation.

That’s an enormous insight, And that applies to so many instances in your life when you feel any kind of unhappiness seemingly being caused by the situation.

You find yourself in by people circumstances and so on, seemingly caused But 95% of the unhappiness to use a generic term in whatever form it arises, a 95% of the unhappiness is generated.

Surprisingly by your mind, What your mind is saying about the situations that you find yourself in Once you realize that you realize that you can be free of that because you don’t have to do it. It’s the egoic mind, the unconsciousness. The unobserved mind is generating it.

So, that’s the first. There you stop, Then you look at the emotion, Then also you have enough consciousness left when it’s not continuously absorbed by agitated thought processes.

Then you have enough consciousness, left to direct it into the body and examine what it is that you feel So. The two levels So let me know how it goes Next time, you’re at an airport in China, for example, What city do you live in Shanghai? Oh, yeah? Well, that’s where it’s all happening.

It must be a very dynamic place. I imagine, yes, it is, And high-energy everybody is active and doing things And that’s a wonderful place to practice presence It’s ideal And of course, you’re challenged all the time, but Shanghai needs you and people like you who bring consciousness there. To bring you there, Yes, Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.


Thanks, This mind-made sense of self is also much more focused on the negative than the positive To be free, you awaken to who you are beyond your history and your life situation.

Is It Easier To Allow Your Natural Awakening Than To Resist It?

What would you do if the service you were looking for – no, an even better one you hadn’t considered yet – was waiting for you on the other side of an opened door? You ‘d open the door and walk through, right?


Like this door, the process of Awakening brings new services into your life. It permits you to see beyond your existing difficulties and zap those limitations. It provides you the steps and the tools you need to broaden into your biggest Potential to live a meaningful life and make a difference.

All you have to do is step forward and open that door.

It can be a bit tricky. Sometimes that unlocked door looks like an uphill struggle, one you may even label “difficult” at the time. You may need to let go of something or alter your methods. It can be demanding, and you may tend to prevent doing something about it. Merely by understanding a few realities about your spiritual journey, you can recognize new doors to wonderful brand-new services in your life, and step through them.

As soon as you comprehend that it is a lot easier to enable Awakening and this type of modification than it is to withstand it, and once you come to trust this fact through your experiences, you will be much better able to press yourself through those doors and into your dreams. Great deals of doors!

Solve the Human Struggle

We’re human. Our brains are in fact hard-wired to be scared of modification, to fear the unknown. We are wired to choose predictability and routine. If we did it yesterday, it will match today, even if it is painful. We tend to worry about the future, numb ourselves to discomfort, and resist modification. You can change this by Awakening.

Most of the pain and struggle in human life comes from resisting our spiritual journey. It comes from hanging on to things better let go of, ignoring “lessons” and insights, or refusing to change our habits after we do learn a better way.

In contrast, our higher or spiritual nature is hard-wired to grow and expand. And it shows us new and better solutions and doors all the time, though we aren’t so good at seeing these doors for what they are.

Awakening means moving out of our brain’s fear and doubt response into an expansive, can-do frame of mind. You can do this in your life by learning more about the process of Awakening, checking it, trusting it, and practicing advance. (It does become a lot easier with practice.).

Are You Spiritually Tied and bound?

For a thousand years in China, they utilized to bind women’s feet, beginning in childhood, to keep them tiny. Like your higher nature and Life itself, nevertheless, is the nature of children’s feet to grow, and it is essentially difficult to stop this growth. The binding itself was severely painful therefore were the resulting deformed feet. This practice was considered terrible and lastly disallowed in 1911.

I look around me and see people who have bound themselves spiritually. Is this not vicious, too? They restrict themselves with other people’s small ideas of how they must be, or they keep back from following their dream. They do what they did yesterday. And in doing so, they have actually stunted their spiritual development. This is exceptionally painful, so they do their finest to numb out.

As humans, we naturally grow and expand spiritually and psychologically our whole lives. We learn, let go, and move on to learn more. (It distorts your perspective on life, too.

On the other hand, when you trust the process of your higher nature and step into that Awakened mindset of expansion, you learn you can create anything you want, now or in the future. You begin to see there are unlocked solutions and doors everywhere.

And by trusting the procedure and opening those doors, over and over, you learn that even when there is some work or temporary pain involved in opening that unlocked door, it is much better on the other side.

It is easier to enable your Awakening procedure than to bind it in a small-thinking, small-living life.

The human battle is built into us: an everlasting, internal tussle between our greater spiritual nature of possibility, growth, and “yes,” with our limited physical/mental nature of doubt, concern, “insufficient”, and “what if.”.

Neither side is “good’ or “bad,” it’s how we are. The truth is just this: to live a delighted, productive, significant life, we must each find out to balance our physical and spiritual natures. We need to get them interacting.

Do you know someone who has been thrust on their spiritual path not by a desire to explore their greatest potential to make a difference, but by devastating and sudden loss of some kind: an accident, illness, relationship breakup, natural disaster, death of a loved one, or financial loss? This type of trauma forces us to look at the areas where our spiritual growth is stunted.

Pain and suffering forces us to make progress on the spiritual journey of Awakening.

Enabling Your Awakening Sets You Free.

By beginning today to understand and stroll your spiritual journey, nevertheless, I believe you can prevent prospective discomfort and suffering in the future. What you need is some fundamental info about the journey and an everyday spiritual practice to keep you progressing.

Customers and spiritual teachers tell me stories all the time about how it was easier, in hindsight, to move through some difficulty that shifted them into a more expansive method of being than it was to remain small and suffering. It was simpler to let go of the avoidance and worries, though they felt no service was practical at the time, and step onto the path of personal Awakening. I know this from my own challenging spiritual journey, too!

Strolling your spiritual course lets you out of your cage. Awakening develops recovery in your life, even in your mind and body. Awakening allows you to forgive, to forget, to stop being so mad approximately sensitive, to stop needing ice cream or alcohol or another holiday or that other thing to soothe you.

The natural process of Awakening transforms not only your discomfort into recovery and delight, but helps in reducing the struggle of those around you, too. You become an example for them, a good example, even on an energetic level if you never ever discuss it with another person.

I hope you too can see now that it is, in fact, much easier to enable your Awakening than to struggle against it. You are an important human, an artwork in my viewpoint. I want you all the best in unfolding your biggest Potential through Awakening. Go open that door!

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