Life After Spiritual Awakening: What Happens Next? [3 Things To Do!]

Life After Spiritual Awakening: What Happens Next? [3 Things To Do!]

You’ve had a spiritual awakening, and now you’re wondering what the heck happens. Next, What does life look like after spiritual awakening IN this video? I’M going to help you identify whether your spiritual awakening has indeed ended, and then I’m going to give you actionable tips to help you maximize your spiritual awakening and keep developing even after it ends coming up

Hello, beautiful soul, This is Christina Lopes – the Heart Alchemist here to help you open your heart, heal your past and live with purpose, If you’re new to my videos, click on that subscribe button and also on the bell, so you’re notified. As soon as I publish new content, I talk a lot about spiritual awakening and I’ve done a ton of videos on it. In fact, I’m leaving you a playlist here for spiritual awakening in case this, the first video that you’ve ever watched of mine Head over to this playlist, so you can get into more about spiritual awakening.


But one video that I’ve never done on spiritual awakening. This if the first is what happens after a spiritual awakening. I get this question a lot from viewers, and so I decided to do a video on it today. I’ve structured this video in three parts In the first part, I’m going to be answering the question of whether there really is a beginning and end to a spiritual awakening. Then, in the second part of the video I’m going to go over seven changes that you can expect within yourself once the process of spiritual awakening ends with you.


And then in the third and most important part of the video, I’m going to give you three actionable tips on how you can keep maximizing the benefits of your spiritual awakening long after the initial process ends. Once you finish watching the whole video, let me know in the comments below whether you feel like you’re still going through a spiritual awakening or do you feel like it’s ended, and you’re in a different phase. Let me know in the comments below All right: let’s get started with the video Okay part one. Is there a beginning and end to a spiritual awakening? This is an impossible question to answer.


The most honest answer I could give you is that a spiritual awakening, really when you wake up you just keep waking up and your spiritual awakening seems to deepen and deepen as the years go on, probably for the rest of your life, But here’s the but – and This is an important, but in working with hundreds of clients and connecting with thousands of people around the world, I’ve come to see that and in my own experience too, because I always teach through my experience.

I’ve come to understand that there is usually one primary spiritual awakening phase in your life, and it really is a process or a cycle, And it seems, like the majority of us, do, have a spiritual awakening. That is a process or cycle that eventually comes to an end, and then a new cycle starts This happened in my own life and in the lives of hundreds of clients that I’ve worked with Some people, like myself, can pinpoint exactly the moment that I woke up, and I can also pinpoint exactly when my awakening when that main spiritual awakening process ended for me, Others that come to work with me and that connect with me.

They say that they’ve been awakening since their teenage years. Some people say that they’ve been awakening slowly across many years, But regardless the stories that I’ve come in contact with often suggest that there is an awakening moment and then there’s the moment where people say “ Wow.

I feel like my spiritual awakening, has ended and now something new is starting .” Now, regardless, if you feel like your spiritual awakening, had a beginning or an end or if it’s an ongoing process regardless, there is one thing, that’s absolutely true with all spiritual awakenings and That is that we each change to the deepest of the depths of our core A spiritual awakening brings a profound change in all of us, and many people say to me that they literally were reborn into a new person.

They turned into a completely different person after their spiritual awakening. I remember that in my own life, My spiritual awakening ended at the end of 2018. I can remember this: I woke up one day and I just knew I sat in my bed and I knew that a major life cycle had just ended.

For me, I knew that the major spiritual awakening that I had been going through since the beginning of 2013. I knew that that process had ended and that I was moving into a different phase in my life.

Now a lot of people ask me: how long did my spiritual awakening last And how long do spiritual awakenings last in general, And I always answer the same way: You can expect for a spiritual awakening to last at least some years, maybe a couple of years, maybe more than that I’ve had people say to me that their spiritual awakening lasted decades.

It’s different for everyone, but it’s probably safe to say that a spiritual awakening as a cycle or as a process in your life will take some years before it completes Okay onto part two, and that is the seven changes that occur after a spiritual awakening. Now I’m going to share with you some really cool changes that occur.

This happened to me and happens to a ton of people that I work with. I kind of drew out these top seven characteristics. There are more things that may happen to you, but these seem to be true across the board. I’M going to share those with you right now. The first change is that your heart feels more open.

I put this one as the first one, because it’s just such a beautiful, beautiful way to live, especially for people like myself, who had lived with severely blocked hearts for a really long time. And then suddenly, at the end of 2018, when I woke up – and I knew that my life had changed – that this major cycle had ended for me, I could feel my heart was so open. It was so surrendered. It was so giving It was just. I could feel love so easily.

I could feel connected to people around me. I could feel connected to the whole world and the whole universe, And that’s a really common phenomenon that occurs after spiritual awakening, because once you go through that process of spiritual awakening, especially if you go through a dark night of the soul, what’s known as the dark Night of the soul, or more than one dark night of the soul, especially when you go to kind of the bottom of your pit, which is exactly what a spiritual awakening does.

Then, when you finish that process, you feel so much lighter and your heart is more open and ready to really lead your life, as opposed to your mind, which is usually what happens with the majority of us, have our hearts blocked before our spiritual awakening The second characteristic is associated with the first one, but I want to point it out as a separate characteristic, and that is that you have more compassion for others. I really noticed this in my life. I just stopped judging and complaining about others, because I realized, and it was a byproduct of having my heart open.

I realized that we’re all doing the best that we can. We all live according to our level, each of our level of consciousness. We all live according to our level of consciousness and we’re all trying to do the best that we can within the level of consciousness that we live at When my heart started opening, I started to immediately feel more compassion for others, and also for myself. I can’t feel compassion for others unless I feel it for myself. I started noticing that I had no more tolerance to be talking about other people.

I had no tolerance to be criticizing. Other people, I was just kind of more in this: just give everybody a break They’re doing the best that they can, And that was a feeling that was just so wonderful to have, because it helped me feel lighter. It helped me feel more hopeful and more optimistic about the world. The third characteristic and one of my favorite ones, is that you feel more grounded than you ever have before. And whoa was this so true in my spiritual awakening, So, so true When I noticed that my spiritual awakening had ended when that major cycle in my life had ended.

I noticed that I felt it was such a shift in me. I felt so deeply grounded in this reality. And again, that kind of added to my joy and my lightness, because it feels so wonderful to feel grounded in this reality to know that everything is okay, that you are loved and that you’re protected And being grounded is something that we struggle with a lot when we’re going through a spiritual awakening, Because what happens during the spiritual awakening process is that your soul and your higher self in the universe, they’re just pulling you up.

They’re pulling you up in energy And as those transformations are occurring, it could be very for you to feel ungrounded through all of these spiritual changes When that spiritual process finally ends and that cycle finally ends. It’s like you grow these huge roots really quickly, and you become very, very rooted in this reality, and what happens then is its more easy for you?


It’s easier for you to now translate your spiritual understandings and your spiritual truths and all of the changes that have occurred in your during your spiritual awakening. You can very easily ground them now in everyday 3D reality, and it’s such a wonderful, peaceful feeling. It helped me feel at peace that I could feel these deep roots that were connecting me to the earth to Gaia and were connecting me to life and was connecting me to. They were connecting me to everything really feeling grounded is such a wonderful, wonderful, beautiful, byproduct of a spiritual awakening, and you’ll usually feel more grounded once that main spiritual awakening process has ended. The fourth characteristic is that you stop running from life.


This is an important one too, and it’s one that I really work a lot with clients through, because when we’re going through a spiritual awakening, because our energy system opens up our heart starts to open up Our entire aura. Our electromagnetic field opens up There are so many shifts occurring, We become more sensitive, The sixth sense our sixth sense becomes more sensitive, And in this phase, when you become more sensitive, you can sense the energies of others more easily. You can sense all of the energies around you. You can sense the energy of the planet, the energy of the collective consciousness. You can sense, thoughts more easily, and sometimes they’re not very pleasant When you’re going through the main process of spiritual awakening, it’s very common for us to go through a period where we want to isolate ourselves or we want to it’s.


What’s called the hermit mode, We want to isolate ourselves, or we want to be alone, because the energies of the world and of people around us seem so harsh that we want to kind of go into this recluse mode.

And so, what happens after the spiritual awakening? Is that once your energy grounds, once you come into your power once you know who you are and you’ve gone through? All of these major changes usually difficult major changes, because the spiritual awakening isn’t easy for us. For the majority of us I shouldn’t say everyone, But for the majority of us spiritual awakenings are difficult, And so after that spiritual awakening occurs, your energy is more stable.


You feel more in your power and as soon as you feel more in your power with your energy, more stable, you don’t need to run away from people or places anymore. You realize that actually, a part of your spiritual awakening was to prepare you so that you could walk around in regular everyday life and bring the light of spirit with you wherever you go.

You’re not here, to run away. At least the majority of us aren’t here to live, reclusive lives. There are some of us that are here to be monks, secluded, But the majority of us are here to bring our spiritual awakening, to bring the light of spirit and of source energy to everyone around us.


We’re not meant to hide, And that’s what happens after the spiritual awakening ends. You feel more stable, more open, You’re still sensitive You can still feel the energies around you, but now you’re in your power, and you know that you have the power to influence the energies around you, Whereas before you may have felt like you really needed to retreat from those energies.

That’s another characteristic that I absolutely love. The fifth characteristic is that you feel deep peace, a deep peace that doesn’t seem to go anywhere And what’s odd about this deep peace, because we all feel deep peace every once in awhile. But it’s usually in little intervals and then we’re back to worrying about life, we’re back to stressing about life.


But what happens after the spiritual awakening? Is that there’s this deep seated piece that just never changes? It’s always there and easily accessible, and it’s always there, even when you’re feeling anxious, even when you may be worrying superficially about certain things in your life. What I found about this deep seated piece is that it never goes away and it seems a bit contradictory. How can you be feeling peace and anxiety?


At the same time, They seem to be completely mutually exclusive things, but they’re not What I found is that the deep peace and I keep pointing to my heart, because it’s a piece that I feel in my chest – I feel it in my heart. It’s a heart characteristic for sure This deep seated piece it never goes away.

I could be anxious about work. I could be going through some kind of problem or challenge in life and I could feel a little bit superficially anxious. But if I just take a deep breath – and I dip down into my heart – the peace is there It never goes away, and that’s such a cool amazing feeling that’s hard to describe sometimes but you’ll know when you feel this you’ll know It’s the deep seated piece, that’s anchored in your heart that usually takes hold once that main spiritual awakening has ended.


The sixth characteristic is that you feel less fearful. I love this characteristic, It’s one of my favorite and it’s because I lived in a state of fear and anxiety and worry for decades. The majority of my life, really When I had my spiritual awakening and I slowly started to go into the awakening every day. I felt less fearful There were moments during my spiritual awakening where I was scared, shitless, basically, and that’s normal for all of us, But as I surrendered and that’s the key, maybe let’s put a little ding on that. The key is surrender.


It’s always surrender The key’s, always surrender, But once I just surrendered I surrendered to God, I surrendered to life. I surrendered to my guidance to my soul and I said “. Yes, I’m going to keep going on this spiritual process .”. The more that I surrendered.


The more deeply I went into my awakening, the less fear, I felt To a point where then, when my spiritual awakening cycle ended, I now feel I don’t feel a lot of fear. I’ll feel fear sometimes coming up, but it’s very quick. It doesn’t stay with me very long and usually when I feel it, because it’s such a huge departure from how I normally feel when I feel fear now. I address it right away, and usually it has something to do with a faulty thought process that I’m going through, Maybe negative thinking, maybe pessimistic thinking whatever it is I’ll, usually identify the thought, that’s causing the fear very quickly and then I move on.

I take a deep breath, and then I move on Again, anchored in that deep piece of my heart, That’s one such amazing characteristic after a spiritual awakening, is you’re really you’re not afraid anymore, You’re not afraid You’re not afraid of death, you’re not afraid of life, you’re not afraid of anything anymore, And it’s amazing to live this way.


The seventh characteristic is that your energy field becomes more powerful This is a really cool characteristic and it’s basically just a byproduct of the whole spiritual awakening process. When that spiritual awakening cycle ends in your life and you move into a new cycle, your energy field is stronger, you’re more magnetic meaning that things generally happen more quickly. To you Manifestation process goes more quickly, synchronicities pop up more quickly, you’re more magnetic energetically, but you’re also more powerful in the sense that you can withstand now harsher energies.

Whereas before during the spiritual awakening you couldn’t In my own case, as I was going through the spiritual awakening process, there were four years out of those six years that I spent in hermit mode But then I started to slowly come out of hermit mode and I started to be exposed to more and more people to just regular life to city life, And what I started noticing was that my energy was getting stronger and now I have no problem going anywhere. I’M still highly sensitive, But now I know my power.


I know who I am, and I know that I’m here to carry the light of God wherever I go even to the darkest harshest corners of the planet. That’s one thing: that’s really is a byproduct of coming into your power, your energy field, Once the spiritual awakening is over your energy field, stabilizes more And in that stabilization comes power. This is an awesome characteristic, and it’s a characteristic that you’re going to notice when your spiritual awakening shifts into a new cycle Now to part three, and that is the three tips to maximize your awakening. There’s a lot of things that can be said on how you continue. And that’s one of the top questions that I get about this specific topic.


Is people will email me, and they’ll say “ What happens after my spiritual awakening? What can I keep doing to kind of keep the benefits of my spiritual awakening alive and well, even after that phase ends ?”, And, so I’m going to give you. There is a lot of tips that I could give you, but I’m going to focus on three key tips for me to help. You continue maximizing the benefits of your awakening and also keep developing as you move through life.


You may go through a different cycle in life, a cycle that’s an up, and then you may go through a cycle. That’s a down again. Remember. Life is all about ups and downs. It’s not a steady line going upward Life is messy When I’m talking about the spiritual awakening process ending, I don’t mean that now your life is going to be rosy for the rest of your days and you’re just going to be everything’s going to be wonderful.


No life is messy, There are ups and downs, But when you finish this main spiritual awakening process, you will know how to deal and how to live through the lows of life with so much more peace and clarity than you ever did before. Here are the three tips that I recommend for you to continue maximizing. The benefits of your spiritual awakening The first one and probably the most important, that’s why I put it first, The first one is rise above negative thought patterns. Now, what do I mean by this You have to remember that a spiritual awakening there’s a lot of spiritual things going on with you. There are a lot of quantum changes.


There are a lot of changes in the parts of you that you can’t see A lot of changes In the spiritual awakening. I often tell people that a spiritual awakening is pretty much happening by itself. The only thing you need to do is get out of the way stay out of the way, because all of these changes they’re occurring by command of your soul and your higher self and God itself, and so these changes are occurring all by themself. You don’t really even notice You notice, because you can feel them, but you’re, not really in control of any of these things, Any spiritual change that occurs on the quantum level It happens in the now It happens right now.

The quantum world, the non-local world, the world outside of space time. It changes in the now, because there’s only the now moment really Any quantum change, any change that occurs within the spiritual components of you that you can’t see those changes occur immediately, No time necessary, But here’s where we need time We need time because the brain, the brain is an organ that operates within the 3D reality within matter.


The brain is matter and matter needs time needs linear time to change. What happens often is that you’ll go through all of these spiritual changes, but then what you’ll find is that there’ll be lingering thought patterns old thought patterns that sometimes keep repeating in your mind, Old way of thinking, an old way of thinking is sometimes hard to die And so in this process, and in this tip that I’m giving you have to be very mindful, especially, I usually tell people give yourself at least eight weeks for the brain to start rewiring. But it’s usually longer than that. In my experience it took me – maybe I would say maybe two to three years before my brain really stepped into a completely new form of thinking, It’ll be very common for you to be going on with your day feeling great and then a negative thought pattern. Pops up An old negative thought pattern, And this is where the skill of refocusing comes in Your have to be really good at spotting.


The negative thought process without any judgment, don’t start going down the self judgmental loophole, because if you keep going down that it’ll be a bottomless pit, don’t get into self judgment, don’t start going “! Oh my God, my brain’s negative again. I thought I was doing such a good job. “ Blah blah blah, don’t go into self judgment, stay in compassion and just stay aware When you spot the negative thought what you’re going to do is you’re going to immediately refocus Refocusing is super important because it tells the brain. Remember the brain changes according to what the mind is thinking.


The mind changes the brain In this process, what you’re going to do is you’re going to pay attention to what your mind is thinking and then immediately you’re going to refocus on something else. I do this, and I did this type of work with a journal. I always had a journal with me When I spotted a negative thought pattern. I would write it down. I’D, read it back to myself, and then I would say: “.


That’s not true. “ And then I’d write mantras or affirmations that were completely opposite, that thought process I’ll give you an example, If my brain started to think. Oh, my God, I’m probably going to run out of money. I don’t have enough money to pay my bills. That kind of stuff, As soon as that thought form that thought loop came up, I’d write it down and then I would refocus on new mantras like I’m infinitely abundant Everything is okay, I receive all that I need and more, And I just kept repeating these new mantras And what this refocusing exercise does is.


It shows the brain that the mind is now thinking about something else and the brain will say: “, Oh she’s thinking about these new thoughts. They must be important to her. Therefore, I’m going to lay down neural networks to reinforce that new thought process that she’s thinking “, That’s how refocusing works. It’s called neuroplasticity in science and that’s how neuroplasticity works. You have to have a point of focus and then your brain rewires itself to kind of make that point of focus easier for you.


It’s practice. It’s a habit. You can call it a habit also. The second tip is to move energy daily. Now here’s what happened.


This is a mistake that sometimes a lot of people go through and I’ve gone through this with clients and I’ve even gone through this in my own life. For a little bit of time, but then I caught onto it quickly and I changed What ended up happening was, I started to feel so, grounded after the spiritual awakening I started to feel so great that I just kind of sort of forgot to do some of my daily practices that I had been doing religiously during my spiritual awakening. I was just going about my day, Everything’s totally fine, let’s get stuff done. Let’s move on with life: And then I would say, maybe a week later or maybe two weeks later, I started to feel like crap And I was wondering what the heck is happening to me. Well, that’s what’s happening to me What’s happening to me is that I was under the false assumption that, because this major spiritual awakening cycle had ended in my life that I can now just move on and everything was going to be.


Okay – And I didn’t have to do my daily spiritual practices that I did before, But what I came to realize is this: spiritual hygiene is just as important as body hygiene, You never stop taking your shower every day. You take showers, you clean yourself And so in the same way, the spiritual hygiene continues to be important, even after your spiritual awakening takes place, This tip of moving energy daily. It’s a really simple tip. You don’t have to have elaborate spiritual practices, but just this practice of moving energy, And how do you move energy? You can move energy with an energy meditation.


You can move energy with practices like Qigong or Tai. Chi Qigong is one of my favorite ways of moving energy I’ll. Do tapping routine, sometimes so. Look up tapping routines, I will do, but I do a lot of Qigong in the morning. I do a lot of body movements.


I move my body, I love to dance, so sometimes I’ll, just blast some music in the house and I’ll start dancing, because when you move your body, especially when you come out of bed in the morning when you move your body you’re getting Qi started, And so That’s a wonderful way to keep moving energy Other daily routines that I use is, I will just close my eyes, standing up and I’ll visualize a light shower literally like a shower, but it’s made out of light instead of water. I’ll visualize it coming over my head down my body and it just kind of cleanses me And then I’ll, just visualize, all of the stuff that needs to leave. I visualize it coming out the bottom of my feet and into the ground into Gaia for transmutation, See simple things like that: You’re going to Google or go on YouTube and find energy moving routines, find Qigong routines or Tai Chi routines tapping routines, look up a Donna Eden, for instance, I love Donna, Eden’s energy, routine, Look up Donna, Eden, energy, routine and kind of do your meditation. Do maybe affirmation work in the morning? Anything that you can do that moves energy, and you only need to do it a few minutes a day.


You don’t need to spend an hour in the morning. Doing this. I spend about 20 to 30 minutes in the morning doing my various morning routines But continue moving energy because you don’t want your system to get clogged up. Energy is constantly in need of moving and as we’re living life, we get clogged up. We get clogged up because there are issues that come up with life.


There are interactions with other people and so just maintain your spiritual hygiene, even after your spiritual awakening has ended. The third tip is commit to continue opening up. I put this one here because I don’t want you to have the impression that once the spiritual awakening ends, you can go back to living life. The way you did before You couldn’t really do that. Actually, but what I mean by this tip is that even after my spiritual awakening ended, I still wake up every day and I still have these beautiful intention mantras that I set out Sometimes, throughout the day, I will sometimes be sitting by the beach or by the ocean or I’ll just be sitting in meditation and I’ll just remember.


To reinforce my commitment to continue deepening to continue deepening my awakening, but also to continue opening up. To continue opening my heart To continue living this beautiful life of being connected with the universe of being connected with God of being connected with everyone around me of being of service, And for you to be of service, you have to keep opening up more and more And more And so this daily mantras, this intention that I set out to the universe multiple times a day. Sometimes it’s just for me to keep committed to keep committed to never closing down again.

This is important for you because, after your spiritual awakening, let’s say a year after your spiritual awakening you’re in a relationship and your boyfriend or your girlfriend breaks up with you. Let’s say that this happens, and sometimes in these kinds of painful moments in life, the brain or the ego will want to shut down Again, like I said, old habits die hard When you go through any type of challenge or painful moment in your life.


After your spiritual awakening, remember to always stay open, Even when your ego wants to shut down because of something painful that may happen in your outer environment you’re going to take a deep breath. You’re going to keep your chest out and you’re just going to keep saying to life “ I commit to continue opening. I will not shut down ever again. I keep opening up to life. I keep opening up to the love of God.


I keep opening up to spirit. I won’t close down, no matter what happens to me .”. This is a beautiful, beautiful way to live, open, surrendered, sensitive vulnerable. This is the way to live, and so continue kind of making these commitments with life.


Even after your spiritual awakening ends For the rest of your life way after your spiritual awakening ends, Now I want to hear from you: Do you feel like you’re still going through your spiritual awakening Or has it ended? Let me know in the comments below And if you have a question for my weekly videos, leave it in the comments below also with the hashtag. Ask Christina Don’t forget that hashtag, If you enjoyed my video click here to subscribe or head over to my website and take my heart quiz to figure out if your heart is blocked and what you can do to open it. And if you enjoyed this video stick around because I’ve curated more for you right here, I love you beautiful soul. I am out

3 Ways to Know You’ve Had a Spiritual Awakening

Keep In Mind Rip Van Winkle? We knew him in our English Literature class.

For the more youthful generation who understand nothing about Rip Van Winkle, here is a really quick summary. One day he was lost in the mountains of New York as it was then prior to the American Revolution and got into the company of the ghosts of Henry Hudson and his crew. He woke up only after 20 years, with a long beard and an aged man.

The reason why I began with the story of Rip Van Winkle is due to the fact that he illustrates the person who sleeps for many years, who is awakened only after sleeping those several years, that is, in his body, the physical life.

ga5c4743b4371e34d6cd27634ff251b9b9d28007480a15a32e39b1a3dc9519189a2c59c78593ec4b225973bed18773136 640In the spiritual life, like Rip Van Winkle the majority of people are asleep and unless someone wakes them up they will advance sleeping spiritually, possibly for the rest of their life. A few of them will wake up just in eternity.

Here are 3 methods to understand you’ve had a spiritual awakening. If you have actually not gone through these 3 ways, this suggests that you are still asleep, that is, spiritually, like Rip Van Winkle physically, and it’s time for you to get up.

And that is the distinction between spiritual awakening and physical awakening. You can understand that you have actually not yet awakened spiritually. And desiring to awaken spiritually is the step before actually awakening spiritually.

The ways to understand we’ve had a spiritual awakening are comparable to the ways to understand we’ve had a physical awakening.

The very first way to understand that you are physically awake is by being aware of your surrounding, at first indistinctly, then little by little, more clearly.

Even prior to you open your eyes you can know that you are already awake, that you are still in bed, that it is late in the night or early in the morning, and so on

gde2fd74fba83e7f8caaf3799c9f804f6dfe26aae91f1d766acea5b8c1c5c168ca3ff03a1806d59219ac0a32a8bea5e1b 640. However in spiritual awakening you know the spiritual realities around you. You understand that you are in a world of spiritual along with physical truths. Once again, as in physical awakening, this awareness is at first indistinct, however as time goes on and as you continue in our spiritual journey this awareness becomes clearer and clearer.

This awareness of spiritual realities around you might result as a consequence of a dissatisfaction with your present job, of a failure in service, of a loss of a loved one, of a cheerful encounter with a beloved. Whatever it is that triggers this awareness, you are warned that not just physical, noticeable things surround you however also spiritual, non-visible things, like love or worry, inner peace or confusion, turmoil or happiness.

Have you had this experience? You have begun to awaken spiritually if you have.

In physical awakening, after being aware of your surrounding the natural thing to do is to open your eyes and you see things around: the fading darkness or the onrush of sunshine, the furniture around the room, the light switch, the door, and so on

. So likewise in spiritual awakening you open your spiritual eyes and view the spiritual truths around you: the strivings of people to improve their lives and seek supreme joy, the criminal activities committed in the search for some type of complete satisfaction, the exultation and joys of those who are successful in their undertakings, the struggle in between great and wicked occurring before your very eyes.

g0e03116ebc45f67da7bdc6f47d43f27b5e357daf34cf2f6dd8539079baf274dc1cecfec0eef5f6727d00f713754d3e4b 640Below the stories of sordid criminal offenses and wars, of manufactured and natural disasters, do you see the mighty spiritual forces declaring for your attention? And do you see these occasions as part of a spiritual fight in between the unnoticeable good and evil forces of the universe, beyond mental, sociological, economic and political elements? If you do, you’ve had a spiritual awakening.

In physical awakening after you are mindful of your surrounding and after you open your eyes, you act. You rise, go to the wash room, and so on, preparing yourself for the work of the day.

Also in spiritual awakening, after you are mindful of your spiritual surrounding and after you see what is happening spiritually around you and all over the world, you act. You prepare for the spiritual work ahead of you. You do not sink into helpless resignation, thinking you can do nothing because of the enormity of the spiritual forces around you. Due to the fact that you are convinced that the Spirit in you is mightier than the thousands of problems around you, you act.

You act but you do not do so rashly. You do not go into battle unprepared. So likewise in spiritual warfare you put on the guard and weapons of a spiritual nature, entirely prepared to vanquish the enemies.

Are you struggling with spirit power to make this world a better place for you to reside in, even simply in your corner of the world? If you state, Yes, then you are acting and you are spiritually awake.

The 3 ways to know whether you’ve had a spiritual awakening is by 1) knowing the spiritual truths around you; 2) opening your spiritual eyes to the events of spiritual forces around you; 3) acting spiritually in your corner of the world to make it a better place to live in. You know that you are spiritually awake and you can now help others to wake up spiritually if this has actually happened to you.

There are countless spiritual Rip Van Winkles around you who have been spiritually sleeping for several years, for years even. It is your job as an awakened spiritual individual to help them get up spiritually.

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