Sadhguru About ‘Dismantling Global Hindutva’ Conference

The Dangers Of Raising Kundalini Prematurely

You might have learnt through your tantra instructor about the dangers of raising your kundalini before you have actually been ‘prepped’ for it. Otherwise, you may have reviewed it and are as a result questioning if there is any reality to it. I have actually often been asked this inquiry in my tantra for couples sessions and want to make clear here on this point.

At a Loss for Words? Unable to Speak Your Truth? Are You Living a Lie? Clear Your Throat Chakra!

The Vishuddha or Throat Chakra rules speaking your reality, it is the center of communication, self expression as well as judgment. A discrepancy of the Throat Chakra can be really felt as a need to criticize, an absence of authority, habitual lying, learning impairments, bad self expression, question, worry, indecisiveness and also unpredictability.

Does Life Seem Like a Bad Dream? Have You Lost Your Spiritual Direction? Balancing the Ajna Chakra

The Ajna, or Pineal eye chakra, is the source of your desires, your inner vision and also intuition, your spiritual instructions and also knowledge. The Pineal eye sees the globe clearly, both symbolically and actually, both the inner as well as outer worlds. An imbalance of the Ajna, additionally referred to as the Brow Chakra, can be experienced as a knowing special needs, bad control, poor insight, as well as resting disorders.

A Loving God

A post about a caring God who will certainly never leave us. Do you recognize Jesus as your Lord and Rescuer? Locate Him as well as His Love, as well as lead a life of purpose, love, hope, support, peace, and also true joy.

How to Handle a Crisis

Your household will encounter a crisis. It may not be today.

By Your Words Makes You The Most Powerful People on This Earth

You establish your program in life by your words. The appropriate words have the power to develop your destiny in life. Figure out what those words are and view your globe adjustment around you.

How Spirituality Promotes Health

It was just late in life when I realized the connection between spirituality and also health. In fact this awareness pertained to me just when I understood that spirituality and also religious beliefs are 2 distinct truths, that is, just within the last 10 years of my life and I am currently 64 years old. In this short article I hope that you will discover just how to stay healthy by remaining in call with the spirit.

What If You Cannot Fast? What You Need to Do?

Undoubtedly, the policies for fasting are identical to Namaz. The Rapid is a Farz for the Muslims. The rapid is a responsibility for Muslims and also those, that decline this Farz-e-Ain without any type of authentic factor, can be taken into consideration as Kafir.

Is It Obligatory for Every Muslim to Do Jihad?

The standard definition of Jihad is the best effort to accomplish something in the method of Allah. For every sort of striving in God’s cause, Jihad has a wider connotation. Lots of people believe that is it necessary for every single Muslim to do Jihad?

What Should Be the Aftermaths of Hajj?

What should be the consequences of Hajj? This is an inquiry that has a descriptive response. First, allow me discuss Hajj. Hajj is among the five columns of Islam, was commanded in 9A.H. Essentially, Hajj is truth surrender to the Almighty Allah.

Namaz a Full Fledged Body Maintenance Package

As, most of us are mindful of the stress and stress that we need to encounter now-a-days. Day after day, our lives are moving towards dark and its reason is that we are much from the Islamic teachings.

Respect of Women in Islam

Islam is the faith of peace. It constantly gives regard to every person. Islam likes and also calls for equal rights either guys or females. A female has a blessed position in the Islamic society. Besides the lawful and also social legal rights, the lady has some special civil liberties too and these are love, care and also the kind sensations which she should have.

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