School of Awakening: How to Observe and Transform the Energy of Emotions (Part 3)

School of Awakening: How to Observe and Transform the Energy of Emotions (Part 3)

And to gain something vital that children should learn at school is how to recognize their emotions Because children have very strong emotions And without the ability to recognize your emotions, the emotions take you over completely.

What that means is the emotions when emotional influx comes, it takes you over. It controls what you say: it controls what you do. It controls what you think when the emotion is in charge of you And what is an emotion, And again, like a thought is an energy entity. An emotion, too, is an entity that is an energy form.

You cannot see it, but you can only see how it manifests in the external world. But an emotion is an energy form that lives in you. It’s a entity, And if you recognize it, then there’s an awareness there Without awareness.

Often you can easily be run by your emotions. And that means the emotion whether it be, let’s say it could be anger, it could be, sadness could be anxiety, whatever it may be.

Deep regret jealousy envy whatever it is: the emotion this energy invades, which at first you might feel in the body. It then rises up into your mind, and then it controls your thinking.

So, when you feel deeply negative, then or angry, then the emotion rides into your mind and every thought reflects the emotion that you feel because the emotion is thinking through you.

And the emotion is feeding on your thoughts. So, the loop happens. The vicious circle, the emotion, creates thoughts and the thought amplifies.

The emotion So, in the case of anger, you get more and more angry, The more you think about it, the more angry you get. Until finally, you lash out, completely lost.

And of course, if it’s a child, also experiences that sometimes very children have temper, tantrums and or the May other very violent emotions. Some children have learned that the only way they can get attention from their parents is by displaying violent emotions because otherwise parents don’t give them attention.

So a child would say, as you know if you’re probably aware of the term, I use pain body, Pain body is a term I use for an accumulation of old emotion, that’s still lives in you, It’s unrecognized as emotion. It lives in you as an entity.

It’s an accumulation of negative emotion often goes back to early childhood and the accumulation of negative emotion that hasn’t left you that dwells in your body somewhere, and I call it the pain body, And I’s helpful to look at it as a little entity. Almost an entity that lives in your lives in you,

And sometimes it’s dormant for periods of time, but it cannot stay dormant forever. It has to occasionally rise up into your mind And then suddenly you get taken over by this old emotion.

Sometimes it’s triggered by an event, and you do usually know it’s the pain body when the reaction to a triggering event is out of proportion to the triggering event. The erection is far greater than would be warranted by the triggering event, And that usually means it has triggered old, latent emotion in you.

The pain body it’s come to life, then it takes over your mind, and you are no longer you. Then you are the pain body. You are the old emotion that lives through you. If you have a partner, the partner.

If the partner doesn’t know you well, yet you only just moved in together or got married, and then the partner is suddenly surprised that you are no longer you are some weird awful jerk, that’s what is this.

You may not know it’s the pain body because you just think you made a terrible mistake, but your partner’s pain body may awaken yours.

And then you have a one awful drama that, and the pain body loves not only negative thinking because every negative thought feeds it. Thought is energy, It feeds emotion and the emotion gets even stronger.

Then you have another thought and feeds. This is the loop, And so, if you, it is also when you feel very bad about your life you’re very unhappy about your life. What you call your life is a narrative.

What you call your life is a narrative, It’s a sequence of thoughts in your mind that are repetitive or repetitive. Sequence of thoughts is what you call your life.

And for many people this thing that I call my life is a huge burdensome, dreadful thing that they carry around. That is a very unhappy thing, My life. Whenever I start thinking about my life, I get more and more unhappy.

I’M not talking about me. I’M just whenever I think about my life, I get more and more unhappy And the more unhappy I get the more I want to think about it. It’s I call if it’s. What arises here is the addiction to unhappiness. It’s actually addictive.

Why is it addictive? Because the emotion wants more of it, It’s more of itself, It wants to be fed by the thinking that reflects the same energy with its vibrational frequency.

So to speak of the emotion, So every negative thought feeds the negative emotion. A positive thought cannot feed the negative emotion A thought that “, Oh, what a beautiful sky, isn’t it ?”?

This gives the emotion doesn’t want that That doesn’t feed it Or “. My life is so wonderful. “, No, it’s not. The emotion loves the thoughts, but it’s not only the thoughts. What it loves even more is to get the same emotion from others, And this is how the pain body operates.

It then goes to whoever is around you at the time your partner or at work or family member and the emotion will then speak through you and say something negative in order to provoke a similar emotion in the other person.

It’s all unconscious. It’s crazy, but its normal

And so, the and again here we have it’s the unobserved mind Lack of awareness. The unobserved mind gets taken over. It gets taken over by toxic thoughts.

It gets taken over by emotions that arise. They could be your old emotions from the past, the pain body that come up periodically and then subside once you’ve had a drama in your relationship lasting for an hour or two or the whole day.

Then the pain body subsides And the next day you wake up you’re a bit more conscious again, And the emotion has subsided. Your mind is not quite as crazy as yesterday. It’s still not very, not conscious, but not quite as crazy.

As yesterday. And you wake up and then “, Oh.”, You can’t even remember what it was all about the drama that you had with your whoever it was you think. What was? How did it all start?

It didn’t matter how it started, the pain body needed it, wanted it. So, the again lack of awareness through lack of awareness. You are at the mercy of your emotional fields.

So, the moment awareness comes in, the emotion may still be there, but you’re no longer totally possessed by it or trapped in it. It’s still there, but at least there’s an observing presence there, And that’s an enormous step forward.

So, whenever you feel emotion arising, that is of a very negative kind. Let’s come back to for a moment to what I said about telling yourself how unhappy you are or how awful your life is or how awful other people are, whatever this narrative may be.

Then recognize that there is a very strong energy in you, emotional, mental energy, they’ve come together and suddenly be the observer, say: “, Oh for the past.

Oh, I’ve been thinking bad things about my life. But is it really that bad? Because I’m sitting here, breathing, looking at the plant and the sky and feeling the liveliness in the body.

You’re beginning to get out of your own narrative and into the present moment. The only way where there’s the only place where there’s freedom from the past, from the conditioned mind conditioned by the past, is the present moment. So, it’s always to become aware, is inseparable from present moment.

The power of the present moment arises. The moment you become aware and aware is you’re the observer of your inner states And then you’re no longer at the mercy of your inner states.

Freedom arises, And so the emotion, for example, cannot renew itself any more through using your mind because then you say “, There’s nope. I don’t want that.

You recognize a dysfunctional way in which the emotion is linking up into your mind, And you come into the present moment And again: breathing and deep breathing deep into the abdomen a few times and your attention follows the breaths.

That’s the important part, And then you feel the liveliness that pervades the entire body. And there may still be an emotion in there.

It may not have gone away immediately, there’s still whatever it is. The anxiety, the fear, the heaviness or the anger You can still feel it somewhere in you, but you’re not consumed by it anymore.

It’s still there And not it’s you can, it’s. You can live with it. It’s not that bad because you are the awareness that’s around it And as the awareness deepens, it begins to the way I put it transmute the energy that was trapped in the emotion It was energy that got trapped in early childhood right off, and through the awareness it gets because the awareness also means that you allow it to be there.

At this moment. It’s not renewing itself in through your mind, but At this moment this is what you feel Awareness allows gives it space is the space for it.

That is, I feel this can still feel the anxiety, but because you are aware, the anxiety does not rise up into your mind and controls. Your thinking anymore. That’s important difference.

And so, you feel it, and then it gradually diminishes. It doesn’t renew itself anymore, But you allow it while it’s there, you say well that is, and you may be able to feel other parts of the body that are actually fine. Anxiety might be in your chest area, and in your hands are fine.

You feel the  in your hands and your feet and your arms and a lot of the rest of your body. You feel that aliveness, let’s see how you begin to be free of the pain body or any no longer at the mercy of emotional energies, And that again children could learn that easily at school, but game playing for example.

And so parents can teach their children if children have bouts of anger, for example, sometimes some children, it’s not uncommon. This could be already the young, the pain body in the child.

After it’s happened, talk to the child and say “. What was it? What did what happen yesterday when you started screaming and throwing things, What was that?

What did you feel? What can you paint it? What would it look like if you make a picture of it? What color is it, does it have a name, that thing that comes into you from time to time and makes you throw things? What does it have a name If it had a name?

What name would it have ?” And by asking these questions, the awareness in the child grows. Awareness of it Could be done as game playing it out in games at school and so on.

So that it’s fostering the awareness in children, that’s the most important subject in school. The founder foundational subject at school, of course, would be awareness.

Well, I mean, is that so difficult to understand. To the most, consciousness is a primordial subject that underlies all other subjects. It’s cool And then it’s so that’s how it starts.

So now we most of us do as adults We, but what could have perhaps been done in a more enlightened civilization at school. We do it as a, that’s fine.

At least it’s happening now. And eventually, it may even reach politicians and media people Eventually even say, maybe destined to become conscious.

So in the meantime, I recommend that you don’t have that you’re very careful with linking into the collective at the present time, especially be very careful when you connect with social media, mainstream media, whatever media it is because there it is in many ways. It is toxic and very unconscious.

So, you wouldn’t voluntarily expose yourself to a virus, that’s quite dangerous! You wouldn’t go out and say: “! Okay! I will go to an environment where many people are infected with this virus and hope for the best.”.

I wouldn’t do that In the same way, be very careful when you link into those forms of media because a lot of what’s going on there is a viral infection of the collective So, yes, you are a minimum to know.

What’s going on, That’s fine! You want to know what’s going on, But beyond that, you do not need to listen for one two or three hours of five people on the screen talking to each other, how dreadful the situation is and because you absorb that, it doesn’t expose yourself to unnecessary risks Of catching collective mental viruses,

Although, of course, the more present you are, the more immune immunity you have, but still, you wouldn’t even want to, even if you have the immunity, why expose yourself to that?

It’s more important that if you contribute to like discourse through social media or whatever, if you use any of these things, whatever they’re called Facebook, Twitter, Instagram Snapchat, whatever just make sure that everything you put out is conscious. It’s not a reactive thing, not attacking anybody.

Don’t confuse the virus to that mental virus that people get infected by with whom they essentially are So, whatever you put out, make sure it’s something of a constructive nature that does not contribute to human unconsciousness but diminishes human unconsciousness. So, it’s a wonderfully challenging time. We live in, but that’s a good thing.

So, emotions awareness catch the emotion as it arises, especially if old, emotion, pain, body, emotion, detect it and recognize it for what it is. That’s then, you’ve already won half the battle so to speak, recognizing it for what it is emotion, old, emotion, Stay present as the observer, the witness.

So, you are here to bring sanity into this world. That’s a good life purpose to bring consciousness. One could even define this as your main life purpose, to bring consciousness into this world.

The light of consciousness, You can be the light that, of course, that reminds me of the famous saying I don’t know who first said it: it’s attributed to various people, whether it was Nelson Mandela or somebody else.

Be the change that you want to see in This world.” – So that’s very true, So be the light of consciousness because that’s the change that we need that the world needs.Individual Awakening

Personal Awakening


Personal awakening is a procedure of uncovering and unfolding. It is called an awakening because, simply as from your nightly dreams, you come to a focus in a new day.

The Process of Awakening

The process of awakening is one of definition and release. Each aspect of life and spiritual connection helps and stirs new insights launch older patterns, which have become fixed ways of being. As you move through these patterns, you are awakened to a new self, a clearer self.

Looking Deeper

There are times when personal awakening can be confrontational. When you look deeper into your own self, scenarios might provide themselves to you. You might discover that you feel put-upon or anxious. You may feel some anger, aggravation or a little depression. These are feelings that can assist you to those areas or beliefs against which you are struggling to be free. Unpleasant emotions point the way to concerns that you might have about authority, strength, purpose, clearness, relationship, finances, trust, love, recognition and appreciation.

Viewing the Process

Blaming others does not serve your awakening. It does not speed up or ease individual spiritual awakening. If you are responding to them, you are taking a position versus them.

From this centered place within, ask yourself what concern this raises for you. What position are you taking? Do you constantly react to these circumstances or events? What does this trigger in you? The concerns can expose the area of passage into a new state of being. The concerns can lead you to a much deeper understanding of why you react, what you believe and you can move through it with dignity.

Opening to a New View

Your spiritual course is an awakening. Sometimes awakening is through surprise, sometimes it is through struggle. Through the struggle, you see what clouds that charm from your own eyes.

Joyous awakenings for your being.

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