SOLAR STORMS And Solar Flares: How Solar Energies May Affect You.

SOLAR STORMS And Solar Flares: How Solar Energies May Affect You.

Hi there, thank you for joining me. I’M Nikki Sutton, this video is about solar storms and how the solar activity may be affecting you at the moment. This video is useful anytime.

There is solar activity and solar storms and solar flares, but this weekend over Easter weekend, a solar storm is coming, and I want to explain how this may affect you.

You may have been noticing recently and partly due to a full moon, that there has been magnified emotions in your loved ones and friends and even in yourself, and just to bring you some comfort if you’re wondering why everyone’s behaving this way, the solar storm may impact On this, so let me just explain so.

First of all, this is the Express. A solar storm is expected to close out the Easter weekend with a bombardment of solar particles set to hit our planet on Easter Monday.

Researchers have noticed a small hole in the outer layer of the sun’s atmosphere, known as a sunspot, which is turning towards the earth. Sunspots are patches of Darkness on the Sun, which are caused by underlying magnetism beneath the surface.

However, sometimes that magnetism bubbles up and is released in the form of solar flares, which spew cosmic particles into space, so the space weather forecast, is that a solar storm is predicted for Easter weekend, and this can affect satellites in orbit potentially leading to a lack of Gps navigation, mobile phone signal and satellite TV.

Additionally, a surge of particles can lead to high currents in the magnetosphere which can lead to higher than normal electricity in power lines, resulting in electrical transformers and power station blowouts and a loss of power.

So, you see that the sole activity there actually has noticeable and quite impactful effects on the earth and electrical equipment. Now we are bioelectrical beings.

So, what kind of effect does this have on us? I don’t think we should just poopoo and ignore emotional swings and the way we’re affected basically and mentally during these times.

It helps us to understand why there are changes in behavior because as Energy’s coming from the Sun to affect us, this is from the heart. Math Institute study shows geomagnetic fields and solar activity affect human autonomic nervous system functions.

Did you know geomagnetic in solar activity can affect your autonomic nervous system, which controls your breathing, heartbeat and digestive processes.

It’s true a recently published long-term study whose researchers included heart math, Institute’s, rolling McCarty and mike Atkinson reached that conclusion. These findings.

The study states support the hypothesis that these energetic environmental factors act as energy sources that our play in different ways, depending on an individual’s health status and maturity, level and capacity for self-regulation.

Self-Regulation may be awareness of the self and the amount of healing we’ve done, and being aware of our emotions and how to regulate and deal with them.

Among other effects of geomagnetic and solar activity. Scientists observed was an increase in heart rates, as solar wind increased a reaction, they said resulted from psychological stress, so heart rate can increase as a result of psychological stress we are experiencing, and this may be well affected by solar activity. This is, from the learning mind, calm how solar storms affect human consciousness and well-being.

You may be surprised to learn that solar storms can affect your emotional health and consciousness. However, scientific studies confirm the link between solar activity and our physical and emotional well-being.

According to a study published in astrobiology, there would be a direct connection between solar storms and our biological functions. Animals and humans have a magnetic field that surrounds them.

In the same way as Earth’s magnetic field protects the planet, each peak in solar activity corresponds to a higher incidence of anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder and other emotional disorders.

The electromagnetic activity of the Sun affects our electronic devices and the human electromagnetic field. Thus, we are physically, mentally and emotionally altered by the electromagnetic charges of the Sun, and our body can experience various emotions and changes from a physiological point of view.

The effects of coronal, mass explosions or ejections are usually of short duration, and they may be headaches. Palpitations mood swings, fatigue and general malaise, so you may be experiencing physical symptoms as well over the weekend and early into next week, and the main thing I want to get across today is not to worry. If you’re wondering what on earth is going on.

If people are especially touchy, moody, and they’re just having mood swings from very tiny little triggers, then this may be the cause and not to worry.

You may be worrying about your own emotional well-being, and this is the thing because we suddenly started being while seemingly unable to control ourselves and getting triggered really easily. But this is what these energies do.

They tend to bring up our repressed, subconscious emotions, they rise to the surface. We may be fine day to day, but at this time these energies do bring up that which is repressed within the subconscious mind.

So, in a way we can use this time, as it is magnified and most obvious, use this time to look at what’s coming up and use it as a pointer suggestion for what else needs healing within our subconscious mind as everything’s exacerbated at the moment.

It helps us to really see that which we may not have noticed already, so we are bioelectrical beings influenced by the sun’s powerful energy, the Great Central Sun, of our galaxy being the logos, our Sun sub logos and our planet as sub logos, the energy trickles Down and moves through all of these logos and the sun’s energy affects our planet and indeed us sub sub sub logos.

So as a suggestion, first of all, being aware of, what’s going on, then taking it easy and having tolerance and some detachment when it comes to other people’s behaviors and their emotional outbursts.

If you are experiencing that from other people at this time and to take some time as well just to be quiet, quiet the mind, meditation is always good for this kind of thing just to get through it and also pay attention to what is coming up.

For you and others triggered by these energies and that’s an opportunity for you and others to work on parts of us that need healing at this time, but as we move through this, we’ll move into new energies soon and feel much better.

So, thank you so much for listening leave me and others a comment and what you think about this and remember to click Subscribe and the Bell button too for notifications because we’re raising the mass vibration together so go now in love and peace.

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