Spiritual Awakening: Am I Crazy? The TRUTH It’s Time You Know


Spiritual Awakening: Am I Crazy? The TRUTH It’s Time You Know

This video, I’m gonna, be sharing with you whether you are crazy or not understanding this part of spiritual awakening that many people misinterpret and understand me the truth about this whole process.

Welcome back to another video, my name is Aaron, and I help people expand their consciousness. Now, in this video, I’m gonna be sharing with you the truth on whether you are crazy or not, and some of these things that may come up during the spiritual awakening process, understanding what’s going on, why you’re feeling the way you do and how you can push through that now last night, I’m here in Los Angeles right now, Lior and Isabel, who are both YouTubers, the or Alexandra, is about Palacios.

They both didn’t event and when they did this event, I was part of their meet-and-greet, so I went and met some of the people that were at this event – and I got asked this question like three times over the course of about twenty minutes, and people were asking questions you know it was really cool, but it was this one question that came up, and it was people saying that they felt crazy from going through a spiritual awakening and asking me: do you ever feel, like you know, you’re crazy, for going through it, or How do you not feel crazy? So, At that moment that’s after, like the second one and then the third one happened I was like okay, I got to make a video on this.

It’s something that maybe normally I wouldn’t really normally. I wouldn’t make a video on you know the spiritual linking him and my crazy. It’s not necessarily something that I normally am thinking about. Not now, I’m not normally thinking about it, but just not necessarily the title that I would put in on YouTube, but nonetheless I think it is important. So, what happens when we go through our spiritual awakening and what happens when I went through my spiritual awakening is in 2012.

I went through it and I thought that they’re like it was a whole new reality to me. You go your whole entire life. We live in a certain way with thinking that you are a certain way and then all of a sudden, what happens is you have this new perspective, this new understanding of who you are and even to this day? Sometimes I and the music that I listened to back in 2012, and it brings me back to that expansion feeling and this feeling that reality is different than what I thought, and it’s like a whole new reality. And at the other side of that, though, there were experiences that I had where there were friends and family.

That thought I went crazy. They were like you know when you go from one way, and you go to another way, and it’s completely different than the way you’ve been your whole entire life. I see how to some people that may look crazy. I went from having ADHD going to a nine-to-five job liking to smoke and drink a lot to all of a sudden being somebody that meditated all day that was doing mantras, somebody that liked to like go lay down on the go, lay down outside and dirt and to ground myself, I was then talking about ascension and how, in this lifetime were meant to go through this physical emotional mental ascension process raised in vibration, and it was so out of left field for people that many people, people that I hung out with my whole life thought that there’s something let’s put over there. I totally get it too.

Now that I look back at it going from one way to another. In fact, even people my family were like. What’s the polenta’s going on is yon shrub, so is he doing so? Then you start looking around, and you start relating to people differently, and you start to relate, and you start to say: well, I’m not passionate about this anymore. You know I went from smoking weed to completely stopping that.

So, it’s like: what’s going on, their drinking did cold. Turkey stop drinking what’s going on there, so it was a drastic change and because of that, then it looks on the outside, like even, even on the inside. It just looks like there’s something that happened and when other people perceived of me, if I were to agree which I did for a long time, I thought – maybe I am crazy. Maybe there is something going on. I started to develop this resistance around the way that people thought about me and I went through a period of probably six months where I felt pretty lonely to be honest with you, I felt like people didn’t get me.

I felt like I, I kind of expected everyone to understand because I was so passionate about it and I wanted other people to get on board too. Furthermore, I’M like listen. We all came here to go through this ascension we’ve just forgotten blah blah blah, but then you share with people like okay bro, like that’s, not their experience, they’re not there. Yet, you know, so then they think it’s crazy. You can kind of feel that I’m gonna telling people, and I’m thinking they’d, be excited, and they weren’t excited at all.

They were just kind of like dude, like you stop whatever you’re doing you know, and then you look around and you kind of. May look at you and be like well, I’m the one person that’s different than everyone else. Maybe I am crazy and maybe this is all something I’m just making up in my head. Maybe this is all something that just my imagination is thinking of, and it’s stuff that just feels good to think about, so I’m gonna go ahead and buy into it. However, the further down the process you go, the more you realize that who you were before was somebody that was asleep most of our lives.

We live in this autopilot mind, thinking that we are what our senses are. We think we are what’s happening to us. We think we are our environment and until we wake up, we remain in a deep sleep. 90% or more of people on the planet are in a deep sleep, and they’re. Not even aware of it.

However, what’s happening now on, the planet is more, and more people have the awareness and the ability to wake up, and it’s happening quicker than ever and there’s more and more people jumping on board than ever before. I mean we’re back like ten five six, seven years ago, less there were nearly as many people that are awake right now, and you can look to like YouTube channels to see spiritual YouTube channels continue to grow, there’s more of a demand for it because more people are going through the process so for this? It’s about understanding that if you are awake right now and asking yourself, am I crazy, it’s because you agreed to come here to wake up.

First, we spread out in different families, wouldn’t have been, wouldn’t it be convenient if we all just woke up and like the same soft and the same family, and we all just got it, but that doesn’t seem to happen. We sprinkled ourselves out with families and friends that maybe aren’t there yet so that we could plant seeds for them to then wake up, even if they think we’re crazy for a while or whatever it is.

Our energy alone influences people in subconscious ways. So, we chose families, we chose friends, we chose all of this so that we could have the greatest amount of impact on society because even through just energy, it changes, and it changes people at a subconscious level. So, when you are realizing that you are the one person that is pretty different than everyone else, I’m very different, maybe I’m the crazy one. There can then be a tendency to look into be like. Maybe this is all made-up, maybe I’m just crazy, but that’s kind of like taking score too soon.

It’s taking score too soon, when the movies not over. Yet because, what’s really happening is many people are in a deep sleep. You are the first to wake up. There are other people around you that are also woken up like just like this event that that was yesterday where I would that meet and greet there was like 30 other people there, and some people feel like they’re crazy. Hitler’s there’s 20-something other people there.

That are also going through the same thing and there’ll be events. There are events as well. Will there be thousands of people that are awake, and I’d be like you look around, and you have these festivals? You have these things going on where there’s many many many thousands and millions of people on the planet that are waking up, it’s just that we’re spread out. So, we feel crazy.

But the truth is we’re not crazy. We’re just waking up if you’re going through a spiritual, awakening right now, and you feel crazy, know, you’re just waking up. It’s just a part of the process of awakening the more aware yours an of yourself. You become the more you realize that the old way of being been the autopilot mind, and it was just playing itself out over and over and over again and then. What maybe doing is taking score too soon thinking everyone else around me?

Is it necessarily awake? So maybe there’s something wrong with me, but you see you chose to become awake at this time to help plant seeds with other people and, as time goes on, more and more people will wake up. So, you will feel less crazy, but nonetheless it’s about waking up to who you are in trusting this process. Part of the process of awakening is thinking that maybe I am crazy. Maybe there is something going on, but the more you go deeper within yourself.

The more you realize that in a non-judgmental way, most people are so caught up in their own worlds, so caught up in the autopilot mind, they’re the ones that are crazy. You see these are dangerous words to get involved in because then we develop an ego, or we develop a hierarchy like you’re asleep, I’m awake, that’s a spiritual ego that happened to me when I would do my awakening. I was in so resistant towards everyone. That was thinking that I was crazy, not understanding me that I was like these people are all asleep. They don’t understand, and I started to then develop this belief that, like people just aren’t awake, people just don’t get me.

We’ll guess what I wasn’t able to attract people into my life that, like friends, that have got me or people or whatever because I had that belief, but once I’d, let that belief go. I started to resonate with more and more people that could resonate with me. So, this is all a process of Awakening and just know, your chosen to be in a family or in a group of friends or whatever. It is because you had the most ability to influence those people to wake up to plant seeds. You might not just be aware of it, however.

More and more people are waking up on the planet slow comma day when we could say we’re not crazy, we’re. Okay, we all got each other, but it’s about really going within and going within your heart center to see what is true, not necessary the mind with the heart. I was telling some of the people at the event about this thing. It’S from the law of one, the law of one is some of the best most profound channel of material of all time, and it’s from this group called raw. I am raw and into the channeling to talk about this, there’s something in our at reality.

Called the law of confusion, the law of confusion is where we get just enough amount of information for us to have faith and for us to like to investigate reality, but not enough to where it’s actually black or white, where this is the way reality is the truth. In reality is all truths are true, whatever we believe to be true, it’s going to be what we get reflected back to us, but this law of confusion is there so that we forget who we are so that we have to remember who we are, but also So that we have faith in this process of spiritual awakening, many things are non-physical, energy, auric fields, there’s a reason. Not everything is physical and solid, and this law of confusion gives us the ability to have this experience of esoteric. To have this experience of going deeper within ourselves. So, this is a part of the process, and it’s called the walk confusion.

And that really resonates with me because we had to get just enough information for us to move forward with the spiritual awakening and with going deeper with ourselves and understanding our physical energy, but not not too much to where then if it’s just black and white. It does become kind of black and white the morning go within yourself, but it’s understanding. Things in life are also more great depends on your perspective and the more that you embrace this process in general. The easier this process becomes so when you’re also, sometimes what happens is we are looking to the outside for validation asking ourselves am, I crazy is a comparison play because we’re looking to the outside for people that think similarly to us and if they don’t think. Similarly to us, then we think that we are the crazy ones, but you see we chose to come into a reality where most people from a certain perspective could be seen as crazy.

If you were a higher dimensional race – and you came imagine this you’re a hired, you came, and you look at planet Earth. You’ve got all these people that have forgotten who they are that are fighting with each other over some imaginary line in the sand. People that are killing each other when they’re all one consciousness, but they don’t know that, so they’re fighting with each other they’re calling each other different based on the color of their skin. They’re. Doing all of these things because they’ve forgotten that their eternal spiritual beings having temporary human experiences, and then people say why don’t each land?

Why don’t they land well looking at Earth in a non-judgmental way? I mean this with love. It would look like we’re all crazy from a social conditioning plate. Look at everybody, that’s fighting! That’s going through!

All of these things. That’s completely forgotten who they are at deeper levels: that in of itself, would look like in a sane asylum and what ETS want to land and in the Saint in silo am, and even that an insane asylum. When people, who have guns you see what am I asking us going to the spiritual awakening process? Are we crazy? It’s all relative because if you look at people who forgot who they are, who are fighting other people when those other people are other versions of themselves?

But they don’t remember that to me is a little more crazy than somebody that’s starting to feel non-physical energy and starting to go within themselves and starting to have these amazing experiences, but it’s all relative. So, am I crazy? No you’re not crazy you’re. Just waking up and if people aren’t around you to validate who you are and understand that you have an online community as well you’re here watching a YouTube video from some spiritual, YouTubers channel, but there’s many other people that are watching this video. I already view, as you see on this video, those are the people that are watch this video, so you’re not alone, so understand that as well.

There may be a virtual community that you have for a while, but then eventually maybe you move, and you start to see people in your reality, but let go of the beliefs, a believing that people just aren’t awake. Let go of the beliefs of thinking. You’re Korean are crazy, you’re just waking up, don’t also at the same time develop. This judgment like ever else is asleep. Everyone else is crazy because then we create separation, just drop the word crazy, just everyone’s at their different level of consciousness, and they’re waking up more and more, and you came here as a light warrior.

You came here to wake up first, because that’s gonna help. Other people wake up so embrace your role, you’re not crazy, you’re just waking up now. I have more videos coming out about coming out about stuff like this. If you want to see those videos, the way YouTube does things now, is you? You won’t actually see my daily YouTube videos unless you hit the notification bell, so hit the subscribe button below and then push the notifications so that you can see my daily videos in your feed.

I’M gonna be making more videos on spiritual awakening on ascension. On many different things, so you can subscribe below and see those there. What is your experience with feeling crazy and the spiritual awakening process? Leave it below, and you’ll, see we’re not you’re not alone. We all go through this process, but trust this process and know that it’s a very empowering thing to change the meaning you’re giving it, and then you will get a positive effect out of it.

So, would that be? It said I hope you enjoyed this video feel free to like this video, if you liked it subscribe. If you haven’t already it’s all notification gear, so you can see the daily vids that I do other than that, as always peace, much love and namaste

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