Spiritual Awakening Anxiety: Here’s How To STOP It!

Spiritual Awakening Anxiety: Here’s How To STOP It!

If you’re feeling intense fear, anxiety or restlessness, you may be going through, what’s known as Spiritual Awakening, anxiety or sa-ay, and in this video I’m going to help you figure out. If your anxiety is, in fact being caused by a Spiritual Awakening and if it is I’m going to share simple but powerful hacks that you can implement today to help you come back to peace and calmness, coming up hello, beautiful soul, this is Christina Lopes.

The heart alchemist here to help you open your heart, heal your past and live with purpose, if you’re new to my videos, click on that subscribe button and also on the bell, so you’re notified as soon as I publish new content in this week’s video. We’Re talking about a super common phenomenon that occurs when people enter a spiritual, awakening phase of their lives, and that is intense, anxiety, restlessness and fear. I get a ton of messages and emails from people who say that their anxiety or they didn’t even have anxiety before, but then when they were started to go through Spiritual Awakening, their anxiety just went through the roof.

So I get a lot of messages from people who are really worried about this, and so I wanted to shoot a video on it and just kind of reassure you. This is really common. It’S a very common phenomenon during a Spiritual Awakening. So that’s what this video is all about. I’Ve divided this video in four parts in part, one I’m going to give you the three key features of a Spiritual Awakening.

So you know right away if you are having a Spiritual Awakening, that’ll be important before you get to the whole anxiety part of it, then, in part, two I’m going to define what Spiritual Awakening, anxiety or SAA is in part 3. I’M going to go over the two most common forms of Spiritual Awakening anxiety and then in part 4, most important part of the video I’m going to give you five powerful hacks to stop sa-ay today. Once you watch this video, I want you to. Let me know in the comments below which one of the hacks that you see in this video, which one are you going to implement today. Let me know in the comments below after you finish, watching this video okay, let’s get started so onto part 1.

What are the key features of a Spiritual Awakening? I’M not going to get too much into this Spiritual Awakening component, because I have multiple videos about this. In fact, one of them is gon na pop up right here and it’s going to explain the whole Spiritual Awakening process. So if you want to go deeper into that click on this video and watch that also, but for the purposes of this video, I’m going to share just three quick key features of a Spiritual Awakening so that you can know right away. If you are, in fact, having a Spiritual Awakening, otherwise there’s no purpose watching this video right.

So here are the three key features. The first one. Is you start to question life? Okay, start to question life. You start to have those existential questions come up like.

What am I doing here is this all that life is about. There must be something more than this, so you start to have these existential questions come up in your life, and this is actually a way of your soul, pushing you to kind of get out of your comfort zone and get out of the way that you have Been living life up until now. The second feature is life falls apart, so this can be a little bit softer or it could be a little bit more dramatic, as was in my case alright, but something in your life or multiple things in your life. They kind of fall apart or they drop out of your reality, or maybe you lose your job or maybe a relationship disintegrates without any warning. There are things that happen in your life.

It seems like your life just falls apart from one day to the next. Okay, now, when these things start to happen, this is very common for these things to happen during a Spiritual Awakening, because as soon as you’re going through a Spiritual Awakening, basically your soul, just kind of forces – everything that’s not meant to stay. It forces that to kind of disappear and it also starts to force changes in your life. Okay, so if you feel like your life is a little bit falling apart, this is another key feature of a Spiritual Awakening. The third feature is inner, knowing so you just have this inner, knowing this intuition, this understanding that something profound is happening to your life, okay, and so it’s just this inner.

Knowing this intuition, this kind of soul churning that you have you know, you’re having a Spiritual Awakening or an awakening of some sort, all right, so this inner, knowing is the third key feature if you have any of these features going on in your life. If you resonate with any of these, then you’re, probably going through a Spiritual Awakening, so that answers that question now on to part 2, which is now that we figured out having a Spiritual Awakening. What the heck is spiritual, awakening, anxiety or sa a spiritual, awakening, anxiety or SAA is basically just intense anxiety, fear or restlessness that occurs within you precisely because of your Spiritual Awakening. Okay, so it’s it’s anxiety, that’s being triggered by the Spiritual Awakening all right. So that’s essentially what si means now there are different mechanisms at play that either make that anxiety a little bit softer or a little bit more dramatic okay.

So I’m going to now help you understand why it is that anxiety kicks up it’s very common for this to happen during a Spiritual Awakening. So if it’s happening to you know that everything’s, okay and I’m going to share these key mechanisms with you. Key mechanisms of si a that are it’s going to help! You understand why you’re feeling this anxiety and with understanding you can calm yourself and calm yourself down a little bit and the understanding will also help you have a broader perspective of what’s happening to you. So there are four mechanisms that are at play with si a alright and I’m going to go through them now.

The first one is the first mechanism that makes anxiety worse during a Spiritual Awakening. Is your ego is freaking out? Okay. Now? What do I mean by this okay?

What do I mean by this when you’re having a Spiritual Awakening, your soul literally starts to break apart everything you thought: was your life, your belief systems, what you thought life was and when this happens, you start to go through a process of ego disintegration. Okay, so remember that your ego is a survival mechanism, that’s put in place to give you a sense of identity separate from the world. That’S essentially what the ego is, and so imagine, if that’s what the ego is, a mechanism that gives you a sense of self separate from the world. Imagine what happens to that mechanism when you’re going through this expansive Spiritual Awakening it freaks out because essentially what’s happening, is the ego is being required to open its hand, open its grip on your life and release all of its certainties, release what it at the ID? The whole identity that it is constructed for you, your ego, has to let it go.

Your ego must disintegrate, the old ego must disintegrate, and that is a really frightening process for the ego, because the ego is a protection mechanism that very often has enormous problems with change in transformation, because the ego likes everything in a box, everything nice and certain. The ego like certainty whenever there isn’t certainty the ego starts to freak out a little bit. So this disintegration of your identity, this disintegration of the ego, it starts to sound alarms, so your ego. Well, basically, it will interpret its own disintegration as a red flag as mayday, so your ego will constantly will say things like and check out. If your ego has been saying this to you.

Oh my god, I’m dying, I am I sick, I’m falling apart. I’M a total mess. Maybe I’m going crazy, you see, have you had any of these voices churning in your head? This is your egos interpretation of its own disintegration. It starts to sound off these really apocalyptic, alarms, okay, and so this ego freaking out mechanism.

When the ego starts saying – oh, my god am i dying, am i sick what’s happening? Am I going crazy all of these thoughts? They cause intense anxiety in the system because remember your body is listening to your mind at all times, there’s constant communication. So if your body is listening to your mind, go oh my god, I’m sick, I’m crazy! I’M falling apart your bile, but your biological system is going to start freaking out.

There’S gon na be fear in the system, and so when, with the ego freaking out, this causes fear to circulate in the system more than necessary. Okay. So that’s the first mechanism is your ego freaks out. The second mechanism that causes an uptick in your anxiety during a Spiritual Awakening is that the vibration of your cells change? Okay.

Now let me explain this a little bit. You have 40 trillion cells in your body. 40 trillion your body is a beautiful community of 40 trillion sentient cells, and when you go through this, this Spiritual Awakening, essentially what your soul does. Is it forces your entire being upward ascension? It forces you to go up in your level of consciousness and with that ascension literally, your soul is pulling all of you, including your body up a notch in terms of your energy, and so what happens during the Spiritual Awakening is all those 40 trillion cells that Compose your body, they start to vibrate at a much faster rate than they were before, and the reason that they start to do this is not only are the cells and your whole body and your whole being going up in level of consciousness, which means that you’re Automatically going to vibrate faster, but the cells also vibrate faster for a specific reason: that’s really cool the cells vibrate faster as a way to help you purge crap that no longer serves you and the example that I love to give of this is have you ever Seen a dog when it when a dog goes to swim and then they come out of the water.

You know what the dog the first thing, the dogs. Does they shake okay and they shake really violently for just a couple of seconds and suddenly the dogs not wet anymore? Okay, that’s essentially what your 40 trillion cells are doing. They start shaking so fast that any old energy, any old belief systems any unhealed trauma. All of that starts to be purged out of the cells all right now.

This intense vibration can also cause a little bit of not not instability. I don’t want to say instability, because your body knows what it’s doing, but it causes a little bit of restlessness. That’S a better word: it cause. It can cause a little bit of restlessness in the system because suddenly you’re forty trillion cells go from vibrating at a certain rate to now vibrating much faster and that’s all new for the system and anything that’s new in a biological system takes a little bit to Just get you know for the system to get used to it and for the system to come back to homeostasis, okay, so the change in vibration in your cells can also trigger a little bit of restlessness all right. So this is mechanism number two.

The third mechanism causing your anxiety to turn up tick. A little bit is that your whole system opens up during a Spiritual Awakening. Okay. So what do I mean by this? So when you have a Spiritual Awakening, I don’t know if you’ve ever seen an aura or the or the chakra points in the body, but here’s a picture of it.

In case you haven’t seen it here’s a picture of the aura with the main seven chakras or energy centers of the body. Alright, this is your month, multi-dimensional self, all right. This is who you are on top of the bag of bones that you are here that you can see in this camera in this video. So, on top of being a bag of bones and being flesh and blood, you are so much more and during a Spiritual Awakening your entire energy system, including your chakras, they begin to open up. They begin to become more sensitive.

They begin to expand all right now when your energy system opens up when your chakras start to open up. This can be a little bit traumatizing for people, because suddenly it could be from one day to the next. You become more sensitive to energy. You see you can feel energy, you can feel other people’s energies more. You can even feel animal energy.

You can feel plant energy, you become much more sensitive because your energy is opening up all right, and so this you can you’re going to get used to this right, you’re going to get used to this. But again this these changes are coming in so quickly that sometimes this can really signal into your system that something’s happening something’s wrong, okay, and so your system starts to go a little bit into overdrive or overload all right now. I want you to understand that the vibration of your cells and opening up of yours of your energy system, these things, aren’t by nature something that freaks your body up, but very frequently happens. Is it’s the interpretation that your mind has of what’s happening to the system? That’S what causes more and more anxiety, so if you start to feel someone’s energy, here’s a great example.

If you start to feel you know you come close to someone. You just really start to feel their energy like you’ve, never felt before pay attention to your mental interpretations of what’s happening because more often than not what’s happening is your mind is saying: oh my god. Oh my god. This feels horrible, oh my god, okay and as soon as your mind starts to tell stories about what’s happening. That’S when the anxiety goes up and you can even give yourself a panic attack by the interpretations that your mind is happening of what’s having of what’s happening in your system.

Okay, so I just wanted to leave this note here. It’S not necessarily that your your increasing anxiety, just because your system is opening up. No, it’s very frequently because of the interpretation. Your mind is having of your changes in energy sensitivity. Alright, so that’s the third mechanism, your energy opens up your chakras open up and you become more sensitive to energy.

The fourth mechanism isn’t talked about that much, but it’s super important and that is nervous system excitability. Okay, now what the heck do I mean by this? You know here comes Christine and her science background, so the nervous system. I want you to really remember this. The nervous system is the part of your body, the part of your biological system that translates the quantum world into the physical world.

All right. It’S the nervous system, that’s responsible for interpreting spiritual into matter, okay, so your nervous system, when you go through a spiritual, awakening your nervous system, it is really becomes really really important in this whole transformation and it becomes extra excitable extra sensitive, especially in the beginning of The Spiritual Awakening – and you can see why, right your cells are vibrating superfast, your energy system is opening up.

All of these things are happening so basically you’re opening up more to the to the quantum world to the spiritual world, and since your nervous system is your translator of the quantum world, the nervous system is basically getting bombarded with much more information than it did before. And this can cause a little bit of excitability initially during your Spiritual Awakening, nervous system excitability, and this can also lead to restlessness anxiety, okay, this is really common and it’s not talked about as much, but I want you to remember this. I want you to remember that your nervous system is a key component of you being able to interpret and understand the quantum world and communicate with the the spiritual world.

And so, when you’re going through a Spiritual Awakening that nervous system really gets bombarded, it really gets bombarded and it can temporarily get a little overly excited and that can cause a little bit more instability or restlessness in the system. Alright. But this is all temporary. Now before I move on to part 3, I wanted to leave a side note here about these four mechanisms that make that kind of make your anxiety go up during a Spiritual Awakening. These four mechanisms – they’re temporary okay – they are temporary.

So I want to leave this side note here for you so that you remember this moving forward. I don’t know what temporary means, so I can’t answer it. I can’t give you a specific timeline right for me: temporary was years so most likely than not temporary. In your life is going to be months or years – maybe alright – maybe weeks that you know we can be. We could be optimistic about this, but now that you know these four mechanisms you’re going to know.

Oh, this is what’s happening to me. Okay, and so after watching this video you’re going to see complete shift in your anxiety just because of the understanding and all of the hacks that I give you in this video okay, so I just wanted to give you this. This kind of you know side note, give you a little bit of a hug and understanding. This is temporary. It’S not going to last your whole life, all right, you’re, going to get used to your new sensitivities.

Your system will come back to homeostasis all right. I wanted to leave this side note here before we move on to part 3 part number 3. So what are the two types of Spiritual Awakening anxiety? So the two most common types of sa-ay are one generalized anxiety, okay, so this is the type of anxiety where you’re just a bit restless. You can’t sleep very well, you’re, just a bit on edge.

That’S the good word for it: okay, you’re a little bit on edge and you’re on edge constantly alright, so generalized anxiety is one type of sa-ay. It’S very common, and you know again: you’re gon na have the tools to be able to work with this. After watching this video, the second type of essay that I wanted to talk about because it’s super important and it’s very common and happened to me – and it happens to pretty much everyone who’s going through a Spiritual Awakening. It’S called social anxiety, that’s another type of essay and that’s an important one. To talk about social anxiety is, when you become completely you you, you are very super sensitive to the company of people and you start to isolate yourself a little bit more because you’re freaking out being around people why we already went through the four mechanisms.

Now you know why social anxiety increases during a Spiritual Awakening, because if your whole energy systems opens up, when you go to a barbecue, now you’re gon na be feeling all of these energies around you that you didn’t feel in the same way before, and this can Really freak you out, especially at the beginning of the Spiritual Awakening. Alright, now you don’t have to be as Extreme as I was. I’Ve lived in hermit mode, basically for four years of my life would my Spiritual Awakening started. So I’m not saying you’re gon na go off live a reclusive life for years like I did, but you you absolutely will experience social anxiety, some level of social anxiety, at least at first, and so it’s very normal. I have people emailing me and they’re freaking out about this because they’re like I was such an extroverted person I was such you know.

I love to hang out with people and then suddenly I went through this. I started the Spiritual Awakening, and now I don’t want to be by anyone in is freaking me out. I don’t want to be reckless okay, so people are creating even more anxiety because of their social anxiety. Alright. So this is the second common type of essay.

A it’s very common, it is also temporary alright. So I want you to learn to respect your system. So if you’re, just starting out your Spiritual Awakening and you’re absolutely not able to stay in homeostasis when you’re go to a barbecue or out to dinner or whatever then you’re going to respect your system and you’re not going to do that right now until you get The tools and when you finish watching this video you’re gon na, have the tools to bring yourself back into peace and homeostasis, and then you can start slowly partaking in these activities that you did before hanging out with people and all of that. But it’s perfectly normal. If you feel social anxiety during a Spiritual Awakening, so that’s part 3 now to part 4, the most important part I’m going to share the five hacks that you can start implementing today, so that you can stop your social awakening anxiety right away.

You can do this so hack number one you’ve been doing if you made it this far in the video you’ve already been doing it and it’s called understanding. Okay. So the moment that you go through this video and you start to understand why anxiety is increasing and maybe all the mechanisms behind why the anxiety is increasing, then just that understanding is going to bring calmness. To your mind, it’s the mind, okay, because the body knows what it’s doing but understanding going through this video and trying to understand what’s happening to you, it’s going to bring understanding to the mind and as soon as the understanding hits your mind, it’s going to calm Down so it’s gon na stop freaking out at all of the stuff, that’s happening in the system. Alright, so understanding is going to bring you more mental calmness.

Alright, so that’s! The first hack is just understanding that this is what is happening to you, the details of. Why your anxiety is increasing, that is hack number one understanding hack number two is one of my favorite and it’s breathing. Okay, now I don’t just mean regular breathing because the majority of us don’t breathe well at all, especially when we’re going through anxiety. The majority of us when we’re experiencing anxiety, we start to hyperventilate, we breathe here at the top of our lungs and we’re this shallow breathing.

It makes the anxiety worse, okay, so this hack, this this hack, that’s called breathing. I’M going to give you a specific type of breathing that I love and I use every day all right, so I want you to look up when HOF. I don’t know if you’ve heard him but you’re gon na you’re gon na look up wim HOF breathing technique. I’M also going to leave a link to one of his videos that I really love I’m going to leave that link in the description box below so you have access to it afterwards and I want you to get used to using the wim HOF breathing method that I love and the wim HOF breathing method is basically a it’s a method of deep breathing. Alright, it starts at the stomach and then it comes all the way up to your head.

Okay, it’s really deep breathing! I love this breathing technique. I use it every day in my regular life, whether I’m having anxiety or not. It doesn’t matter, that’s one of my favorite breathing techniques, so you’re going to watch this wim HOF breathing technique, video and you’re going to start implementing the breathing technique every day. I do it twice a day.

I do it in the morning and I do it at night all right, but you figure out when you want to start doing this breathing technique. Deep breathing is really important, because what the deep breathing does is it activates your vagus nerve and the vagus nerve is, is a really important nerve in your body that helps relax your system, okay, so breathing. That’S the second hack! Don’T forget wim HOF, the third hack. I’Ve talked about before, but I’m going to repeat it again and that is ego work.

Okay, ego work is super important, because if it is your ego, that’s freaking out at all the things that are happening, then the more that ego freaks out the more anxiety, you’re gon na have all right. So Eagle. Work to me just simply means that you’re going to start speaking in a very soothing way to your ego. You’Re gon na develop soothing mantras like everything, is: okay, there’s nothing dangerous going on! I’M completely fine.

Okay, you’re gon na start developing your own mantras, but the whole purpose of this is you’re going to learn how to shift your inner talk. Okay, you must shift your inner talk, because, if you’re going through all of these spiritual changes – and your mind is constantly saying and freaking out – oh my god, what’s happening, I’m going crazy lalalalala. If you keep allowing this inner talk to take hold. Your system is going to continue freaking out alright, so the ego work is really important. The way that you talk to yourself is really important, and so now you’re gon na pay attention.

So when you’re doing your ego work you’re just going to observe when the ego starts to freak out. Oh my god, what’s happening to me, what’s happening to me, you’re immediately going to breathe nice and deep and you’re gon na start shifting your inner talk. Everything is okay. This is temporary, we’re fine! Okay, you see immediately.

You see that shift in energy from really frazzled inner talk to calm inner talk, okay, so ego work. This is a really important hack that you have to get used to doing. You have to become a master at shifting the inner talk so that the ego disintegrates nice and calmly, instead of kicking and screaming. Okay, because guess what the ego is going to disintegrate during a Spiritual Awakening. Now, whether it disintegrates calmly and nicely and without a lot of fuss or if it goes, kicking and screaming that’s up to you, but it’s going to disintegrate one way or another.

But why would you want your your ego to disintegrate, kicking and screaming? Because it’s only going to cause suffering in your life, don’t do that so learn how to change that inner talk to more soothing inner talk, inner talk that that kind of helps the whole system come into balance. The fourth hack is one that I talked about. So much that I feel like a broken record, but it’s so important. I’M gon na keep talking about it until I die and it’s called immersion in nature.

Okay, now I want you to spend as much time as possible in nature. Okay, if you’re fortunate enough to live by a park – and you can go outdoors every single day, you’re gon na – do that if you don’t live by a park, if you live in the middle of a city, that’s fine you’re, still gon na go outside everyday. Even if it’s just for a few minutes to look at the sky to just look at the clouds to connect with nature, you must connect with nature, because nature is very, very grounding. All right. Nature will immediately calm your system down.

So my favorite immersion in nature is I’ll. Just put my hiking shoes on and I’ll go hiking in the middle of a forest. That’S my favorite thing. You know if you can get close to very old trees to a forest. This is even better because trees have immensely grounding energy all right, so immerse yourself in nature as much as you possibly can.

If you can’t immerse yourself too much in nature during the workweek, then when the weekend hits, I want you to start making road trips get out there get outdoors, because you’ll see that the more time you spend outdoors, the more nature will help your whole system come Into homeostasis faster, the fifth hack is one that I love. I don’t talk about it as much, but I’m gon na start talking about it more. The fifth hack is called bodywork alright. Now, what do I mean by this remember when I talked about the four mechanisms that cause that uptick and anxiety? I talked about the nervous system.

Being too excited, I talked about the vibration of the cells. Increasing so what’s happening is if your nervous system is really excited during a Spiritual Awakening, any type of bodywork. That’S relaxing will help your nervous system, quiet and calm down. So the bodywork that I’m talking about is like deep tissue, massage, for instance, or just you know you, if you don’t have money to go, get a massage. You can still Asajj yourself.

I we know when I was broke, that’s exactly what I did. I would just grab some regular moisturizer and I would sit on the floor and I would massage myself because I it was so vital for me to do this because it would really calm my system, even if I was, and my system was freaking out a little Bit at the moment, all right, but there’s another one – that I there’s another little trick that I love using, and this comes from my years as a clinician I used to be a neuro pediatric physical therapist and I worked with children. A lot of children who had autism and when we worked with children with autism a lot of times, we knew as clinicians that children with autism responded really well to really deep hugs. So we would hug them if you hug them. You know very firmly their system.

Quiets down, we would use weighted blankets on them because the weight of the blanket on top of the body it immediately calms the system down. So I’m recommending this, for you get yourself a weighted blanket or just have someone hug, you have someone really or you can hug yourself and apply pressure to yourself, though, if you’re alone – and you don’t have anyone to hug you or you feel weird asking about this, Then get yourself a weighted blanket or go. Do some massages? Okay, the reason that this works so well is what happens when you’re being squeezed when you’re, when you’re, when you’re being nurtured and squeezed like this what’s happening, is your parasympathetic nervous system is being fired and the parasympathetic part of your nervous system is the one that Quiets and calms down the system all right, it’s the relaxation part of your nervous system, but there’s also another thing going on: that’s really cool when you’re, using pressure. When you have a weighted blank over you, when you use any type of pressure on your body, what your brain starts doing is, it starts to release neurotransmitters like dopamine and serotonin, which are calming and relaxation neurotransmitters okay.

So, there’s a lot going on biologically by just putting a weighted blanket on top of you or by getting a squeeze from a family member or getting deep tissue massage okay. So this bodywork part it. Although it’s not talked about a lot in spiritual circles, this I’m bringing to you from all of my clinical experience. Please use this because this was you know, life-saving for me to do this work during my own Spiritual Awakening. The more that I did.

This type of bodywork, the more my system, would calm down. This isn’t talked about as much in spiritual circles, probably because there aren’t a lot of clinicians that go into spirituality afterwards, but also because I find that in a lot of spiritual circles, when we’re having a Spiritual Awakening, you know everybody wants to go up into the Upper chakras everybody wants to meditate and go into trance meditations and go to other realms and go to other dimensions and very frequently they they completely unground themselves, and so I like to go and train people to go through Spiritual Awakenings in a grounded way.

You must ground your Spiritual Awakening in your body, okay, it must be grounded in your body, and so this hack, this bodywork hack, is something that was fundamental in my life and I hope it helps you in yours now. I want to hear from you which one of the hacks that I recommended in this video are you going to start implementing today? Let me know in the comments below and if you have a question that you’d like me to answer in my weekly videos: leave them in the comments.

Also with the hashtag ask: Kristina: don’t forget that hashtag don’t forget to subscribe to my youtube channel here or head over to my website and take my heart quiz to find out if your heart is blocked and what you can do to unblock it. And if you enjoyed this video check it out, there are more videos that I’ve curated for you right here. I love you beautiful soul. I am out

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