Spiritual Awakening Dark Night Of The Soul


Spiritual Awakening Dark Night Of The Soul

“In the dark night of the soul, brilliant streams the river of God.”
– St John of the Cross

It was a Carmelite Monk in the 16th Century, St John of the Cross, who composed a poem and thesis entitled “Dark Night of the Soul.”

The text informs of the saint’s magical advancement and the stages he goes through on his difficult journey towards union with God.

The phrase has actually because become used for such a cathartic journey of self-discovery.

The spiritual awakening dark night of the soul is a deeply troubling experience in which extreme suffering arises at a level not felt before.

There might be much fear about whether the future will continue to be dark in this way.

The spiritual awakening dark night of the soul is not just another low period in one’s life, it is the lowest of the lows, it is as if there is no way to duck or hide from this.

The most important thing to comprehend at this time is that there is a deeper, spiritual significance to this circumstance.

There is a surprise purpose to it.

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Spiritual Awakening Dark Night Of The Soul

In these moments of darkness, the Divine is touching and purifying us.

This definitely may be tough to see, and this is why help must be looked for.

It is very tough for a human being to see the light in the dark night by him or herself.

The nature of people is such that it is typically at the last hour, when things have reached an extreme point, that we summon the strength and endurance to do what is required for our own well-being and joy.

Hence, it is not a surprise that for some individuals the dark night of the soul happens.

Would we listen otherwise? Have we listened completely so far when things have gone awry?

Therefore, with the depths of discomfort that the dark night brings, it becomes much more difficult to get away the discomfort.

During this night, we are urged to learn raw honesty.

We are being called upon to awaken to the truth of our shadow self, or imperfections, and are being shown that vulnerability is an expression of our fuller humanity.

Perhaps for the first time in this life we start to learn what Love, with a big L, is really is all about.

The dark night is all about self-acceptance.

As we progress into the night, our pain can be gradually understood and released, and the truth of one’s Divine eternal Self can be given the space to finally surface.

The genuine anguish in the heart of people is a sensation of being different from everybody and whatever, including, and especially God, or the Universe.

The dark night represents an opportunity to learn that there is a completeness, a oneness within one’s Self, that even includes – and gradually dissolves – those sensations of separation.

As we see the truths about our own shadow or pain, ego starts to be relegated from its main position.

This relegation involves terrific suffering for a human being, for we have known no other way to be approximately this point.

Up to this point we have been ego.

Ego has actually run our life for us. Sorrow and terrific sadness may be felt for an identity that we begin to comprehend we should now let go of.

As this darkness is permitted to simply lack resistance, the torch of fact may put the ego in the spotlight, and we may see the effect of a ‘me’-centred life on ourselves and others.

Ego makes an empty shell out of us, with no real substance, a second-hand life lived from second-hand beliefs, these forming a wall around us keeping us feeling separated from others and keeping enduring love out of our life.

In this space of sincerity we might experience an unnerving nothingness, as well as fear which emerges since there is now no known or familiar way forward.

We are essentially facing an unidentified future, without ego (which doesn’t serve us well however which we are understandably connected to), and with simply our Self, alone and conscious.

It is the experience of our own death in life.

The loss of ego or personality is rebirth in a person.

The state of being ‘reborn’ can only come through passing away to our conditioned thinking, whether religious, cultural, social and so on.

The dark night can be the starting point for this transformational journey.

When we are ready, and it occurs.

The acknowledgment of our false persona (ego) is what is made poignantly possible during the painful dark night.

We are entering the place of don’t know as opposed to all that we do know, and alien as it may feel, this is where the real Self will be discovered.

This is why one of Jiddu Krishnamurti’s most well-known books is entitled Freedom From The Known because the known (ego, beliefs, relative knowledge) does not provide the freedom and joy we seek.

If we can summon our inmost resources of courage and endurance at this time, and allow the human ego to be finally relinquished, then grief and worry will quickly be replaced by That which is obstructed by ego.

This is the peace and joy of our Divine nature. It is only by acknowledging the insidious and detrimental impacts of ego in our own life that a human will take the difficult actions to let this go.

Until we can take duty for our own actions and where they originate in, we can’t move into a momentum of originating from a place of no-ego.

Only the loss of ego can make room for reality, God or the real Self in a direct way.

The dark night brings us face to face with our own suffering. Its message is: we can not know light unless we know dark.

It is the mind that gives rise to all our activities, and it is contemplation and release of the imperfections of the mind (ego) that allow actions to become pure, clear and effective.

When the extent of the ego’s managing ways are seen for what they are, beliefs, judgments and concepts end up being greyed out.

What takes their location is an empty vessel from which to speak and listen, in innocence, honesty, focus and spontaneity.

It may often seem that liberty in reality is not the flexibility we had actually previously thought of; it’s an alien sensation due to their being nothing to speak of articulately. Truth has a method of unexpected us.

As one sees things in this new way, the world may appear to be more crazy than previously thought.

The mental hospital that the world now seems, is also now known to be perfect.

Action becomes joyful in and of itself without ego providing motive, such as desperate ambition or seeking renown.

As the truth of our own Self is glimpsed, it ends up being apparent that traversing darkness does undoubtedly lead us to light.

The dark night is the wake-up call we sent to ourselves to advise us of our true purpose in the world.

Spiritual Awakening Dark Night Of The Soul dark night of the soul uses a dynamic that can cleanse an individual’s spiritual vision and resulting actions.

It is eventually a gift that reveals the real Self and brings one back to one’s untainted, untarnished state of happiness that is intrinsic, though hidden, in all of us.

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Spiritual Awakening Dark Night Of The Soul

Much of us, at one time or another, have actually gone through a Spiritual Awakening Dark Night of the Soul.

It occurred to me … or perhaps it concerned me through one of my numerous Angel Guides … that there is a substantial misconception about going through a Spiritual Awakening Dark Night of the Soul once, and you’re done.

As soon as then– going to be very blunt– you’re not doing the work you came here to do, if you have just gone through this deep Soul searching.

Spiritual Awakening Dark Night Of The Soul 1

I have been through so many Dark Nights of the Soul, the most current being simply 6 weeks back. The one before that was 18 months. Both were deep and life-changing.

There have also been lots of advancement moments in between. These breakthrough moments are, for the most part, simple to manage, requiring just a few hours or a day to procedure.

To do what we came here to do, whatever that is for you, it is not just required, it’s vital to keep raising your inner-vibration to the next level.

If you’re not dealing with healing, inner-spiritual and flexible growth, then you have actually ended up being too comfortable where you are. There it is, straight and to the point.
Resistance or energy walls are an indication that your physical self is catching up or re-aligning with your Spiritual Self.

Breakthrough minutes and Dark Nights of the Soul become part of our Spiritual Journey here in the world in this very physical world of thick energy.

The misunderstanding is that as soon as you’ve gone through Soul browsing, you are done. That’s it, the inner-journey work is completed. This merely isn’t the reality.

If it is for you, then it has gotten way too comfy for you, and it’s easier to stay in your comfort zone. Spiritual expansion development and stepping out beyond everything you have actually ever known is scary.

As people, we typically like to prevent modification. Some avoid everything costs because it needs effort and strength, determination and nerve … digging deep for the change that just come from within.

Every time you step up to show-up more strongly, you are offered a chance to expand beyond your current level of comprehending and understanding.

There is a less struggle, which then provides non-resistance when you face this chance– the Tiger on your course– head-on.

I truly wish it were as soon as and done; however, it isn’t.

A Dark Night of the Soul is stepping off the edge, questioning whatever you feel, think and think.

It is a Spiritual death and re-birth, a conscious awareness awakening at higher levels of vibration.

Coming through to the other side, out of the darkness and back into the Light, you will emerge with a sense of renewal, a deeper understanding of who you no longer are, and who you are becoming now.

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