Spiritual Awakening Process 2021 – Losing Partners & Friends During Ascension

Spiritual Awakening Process 2021 – Losing Partners & Friends During Ascension

I wish I could say that spiritual awakening, is all, fun and games all glamorous super mystical, and full of magic, and while it is on so many levels, there’s, also a side of the whole journey.

That you, don’t really expect a side where you change so unbelievably much at such a deep level that. You can’t quite maintain the same lifestyle that you did before, and this can be extremely challenging.

So today I want to touch specifically on how you might lose people on the journey. Of Spiritual Awakening hey guys, Elena here welcome to, my channel.

If you are back, and you’re already subscribers, then thank you for watching another video. I’M super, super grateful to have you here and If we’ve never met before then welcome, my name is Yelina.

Once again, I am an intuitive soul. Coach specifically targeting those on the awakening journey or anybody who is maybe going through a major life shift, so I also am an intuitive astrologer.

So, this channel consists of all of that type of information, so if you haven’t’ yet subscribed, make sure you tap the subscribe button below, but today is a very special episode of My Spiritual Awakening series because this is something that’s been really challenging for me on this path, and I’ve been awakened since 2016and.

I’ve come across the same thing, a number of different times and since I’ve been through it so many times, I definitely have a tip or two to share with You.

And some very valuable insight as to why you seem to lose people on the spiritual awakening journey or why you seem to grow apart from people on the Spiritual Awakening journey, so we’re going to go ahead and get into it, and I first let me get a little comfortable here.

I felt like this was a bedroom episode coming into my intimate space to, discuss something that’s just a little bit more personal than usual and, um.

Spiritual Awakening Process

So, why does this happen, so I’m not going to get into a lot of what a Spiritual Awakening is because I’m assuming that you probably already know if you are watching this video and if you don’t. I have a video I’ll pop up on the screen right now, where I will share my personal Spiritual Awakening journey with you, so.

You can learn a little bit more about that, I also have a playlist on my channel labeled spiritual awakening. Where I talk about a lot of these topics. First and foremost, I want to get into just a little bit about how spiritual awakening literally changes you on such a deep level and.

It’s not really so much that it changes who. You really are, as that it more so brings you back to the essence of who you truly are, so it really sheds these layers of you that are the false self. So from the time that we are born, we start getting conditioned by our families by society by our school systems by our friends.

So, you realize that you have this false ego construct or that the ego is running your life right, so we have to gain back control of all of that. We have to shed all the layers to peel, it back likes an onion to reveal our authentic nature and once.

We start doing that. We change on a very, very deep level. We start uncovering different gift sand ability abilities that we had, and we stopped being interested in a lot of things that we were once interested in another thing that comes with this is a major switch in priorities which i’m going to elaborate more on later, our ethics change, our morals change.

So, needless to say all of these things that are happening as well, as a major shift in your belief systems, your mindset it’s a major shift in consciousness. It changes you like.

I said on a very deep level, and it makes you not as relatable or able to relate to the people that. You have in your life like you used to know, some of these people will grow and change.

With you, you may have friends that will awaken with you, some will go a little bit slower than others. And some won’t at all, and that is the frustrating part right, and this could be friends. Family member seven lovers partners, however, that plays out for you.

Some more amazing things that happen are you start, making healthier life choices, right, maybe you, eat differently. You don’t watch TV anymore, you stop doing a lot of bad habits that you used to have.

Maybe you stop drinking as much, you don’t go out and party anymore. Maybe you stop smoking weed, maybe. You pick up healthier habits like exercise and.

These are all things that you didn’t do before, so. All of these things combined are starting to change you on so many different level sand, as you can imagine, other people will be looking at you, like hmm there something, different with him or her.

You start developing a much stronger sense of intuition, and you’re, just able to see, through things, having this third eye portion, opening a little bit stronger developing a little bit more, and you’re able to kind of see through things that you have once never been able to see right.

You were asleep to it or a veil may have been lifted for you with. That said, we’re going to move on to my first tip, or my first point here, which are you begin to realize that everyone is a mirror and.

It’s interesting because I actually know somebody, who just came to this realization. Lately, which, was a major reason why I put it on my list today because it made me remember when I first started waking up to this concept.

That everybody that we come across is our mirror in some way, whether that be for the good or for the bad because. Sometimes we might run into people. Where they show us the best qualities of ourselves.

Or they might show us qualities that we have within us. If we look at someone in awe, and we’re like wowi, really look up to that person, those are all qualities that you probably hold within yourself that, maybe, you’ve suppressed, or you have not yet developed right now.

On the flip side, we also have a lot of people that we run into in our lives that will reflect back to us a more negative trait or aspect of ourselves or a version. Of that ego self that we need to recognize within our selves so that we can transcend it right. So, once.

You start to realize this. This will maybe really change on a deep level. The way that you look at these specific relationships because if, you start to realize a trait that you’re seeing within, another person that you now hold within you and.

It’s something that is a little bit hard to accept or negative, and you know that it’something you need to change it’s obviously going to make you look at those relationships differently right, so you might think hmm well I know that this relationship was put into my life for.

A reason for me to recognize these certain things so now that I’ve recognized it and i want to heal it within myself.

I think that i’m ready to move on or step in a different direction with that said you no longer maybe relate or enjoy the same things that you used to those things that you used to have in common with your groups of friends, or your partner or whoever. It might be. Your passions change, your taste in music, might change what you like to talk about, might change.

You might bearably into spiritual things now and get excited about different spiritual topics, and they might not relate to you the same way. They might look at you like you’re kind of strange or like you’re on drugs, or something like that um because they’re so confused as to where the old version of you went right they might like to gas up, and this might have been something that you used to partake into and.

It just doesn’t resonate with you anymore. It doesn’t feel right with your new vibration, with this new version of who you are, and you can almost feel a difference in resonance with the group, maybe you used to like to go out or something with these people all the time or maybe you and your partner, really enjoyed drinking wine together on the week nights and the weekends.

Or, whenever and you, just don’t like to do that anymore. You don’t feel, like you, resonate with that any longer and it kind of puts a little bit of wedge in between you and these relationships the next thing is that you realize how much other people’s energy really does affect you has a negative effect and influence on your energetic field. I’M sure you’ve heard the quote you are the sum total of the five people that you hang out with most right.

They affect your thinking your decisions, your behavior, your self-esteem pretty, much everything right and yes, we are our own person. However, it’s amazing how much people Mohave influence over us.

So i just urge you to take a look at the people that you surround your self with most and maybe see if they’re in alignment with the goals, the dreams and the visions that you have for yourself moving forward.

Maybe you do have a desire, or you feel like you – are on a mission to step into some purpose here: right well, usually that comes with quite a bit of studying and research and preparation, you might need to take courses and maybe really spend time on healing and taking care of yourself before.

You can even do any of those things, but how are you going to do that when you’re still surrounding yourself with the same people that influence you negatively that are more in alignment with the old version of you and your old life and aren’t going to really help you moving forward now. I know this can seem harsh, but I’m just being 100 honest because.

This is a serious journey and if you are wanting to grow, expand and evolve, then these little things are going to make a significant impact on your life, and that leads me to the next one.

So, once you really step onto the spiritual awakening path – and you really start to dedicate yourself to figuring out what your purpose is you’re going to want to start to surround yourself with people who are doing the same thing right, who are interested in spiritual topics, who are stepping into purpose.

Maybe people who are starting to create their own businesses where those that are doing the healing work, becoming better versions of themselves right now, this is something as simple as a vibrational resonance so everything in the universe.

As you know or maybe you, don’t is made up of vibration and frequency everything when we Shift and change our vibration begins to change as our energy field is purified and, we start making better decisions, and we live within integrity, and we heal, and we become more whole and as we do, that literally our frequency changes and other people of a different frequency will just automatically leave your life.

Now this could happen is just something: phasing out naturally over the course of time or there might be some abrupt conflict or whatever it might be. To separate, the two of you and as you change even more, you may begin to notice that you start to trigger people that you used to get along with really well because they don’t resonate with you anymore.

They don’t understand where you’re coming from, I have even had situations where they may have thought. I thought I was better or something, and that was not at all the case. I was just making myself a priority for once in my life right and speaking of priority. That leads me to my next tip here is studying and working on yourself, and self-care and your health and your sleeping habits and study and all of these things become your priority.

They become your number one priority and because of that, you stop wanting to hang out as much on the weekends you stop becoming as available as you were, to your friends your family, or maybe your partner and this changes, the dynamic completely in the relationship and.

They might really not know how to take, that you might get lucky, and you might have somebody that truly understands and is super cool about it, or you might not, and they know, might not take it as well and it might not turn out the way that you would have wished.

But at least we’re aware of this, and then we can make a conscious decision to step away. If we need to, another thing is on this journey of bettering yourself becoming the best version of you. You stop people pleasing and that really changes relationships.

You stop people pleasing, you stop doing things just to satisfy what somebody else wants to avoid. Conflict to keep the peace, you learn how to set proper boundaries and you might learn how to say.

No, and that can really change the dynamic between maybe you and somebody who is toxic before another thing too. Be aware of is the fact that people may not resonate with you anymore, and this does include family members. Definitely, you have changed on such, deep level.

It’s something that we really just have to learn to accept within ourselves. I mean we should be really happy about it, but it’s always hard when we’re not getting the reactions that we would have liked to from other people we’relooking at ourselves, like wow we’re this new person.

We’ve got all these amazing changes and positive things going on in our life, we’re starting to feel like we finally maybe have purpose, or we do have purpose. But other people don’t see the same things that we are, and it’s a little abrupt and foreign to them. And yeah, it can cause disharmony.

Definitely in our relationships, but the best thing that you can do is just trust and know that, as you change and as you grow more, you will attract the right, people into your lives, and sometimes it does take time right, and we have to also identify the fact that those times. Maybe when we feel lonely or, we feel isolated, and we feel segregated from the group or disconnected, in general, that.

There is a reason, a season and a purpose for, all of that, and we need to just respect where we’re at in the journey along the way. Spiritual awakening does bring quite a bit of isolation as well during times I will make a video in the future all about the hermit phase of spiritual awakening. I’ve spent a lot of time in that, and it’s the periods that I grow, the most right, so yeah.

I believe that you should definite respect when you are separated from people when you’re alone, try to honor that and maybe take full advantage of it.

By really, deepening into your studies, watching a lot of videos on spirituality, doing a lot of reading doing a lot of meditation and really healing and discovering who you truly are so that you can really level up.

I want to share this quote with you guys. It says you find peace, not by rearranging. The circumstances of your life but by realizing, who you really are at the deepest level and the reason I wanted to share this is because when.

You realize who you are at the deepest level, your life will rearrange itself right. You don’t even have to control a lot of times before we wake up, we feel like. We have to control what happens in our lives. We have to control the outcome and.

We have to be careful not to let go of people for fear that no one else will come in and that’s just not the way that this works when you change on such a deep level everything within you is a projector out wards okay.

So, everything we’re experiencing internally our state of mind the way that we talk to ourselves the way that we feel about ourselves is projected outwards into our external reality so. If that makes sense to you, you will know that.

If you change on a deep level, the outer world will change. However, with that said, it’s also extremely important that you step away: from any friendships relationships, family members, or any dynamics with people that you’re involved with.

If you’re feeling like it’s not resonating anymore or if you need to get clear because a lot of times our decision-making and everything can be swayed by the people that we surround ourselves with, we might not get a complete, clear vision, on really the dynamics that are playing out or if the Situation is good or bad for us, so we may need to step away so that we can get really clear about what it is that we need to do right so.

That way, we can get to know ourselves on that deep level, and we can initiate that shift in our own lives, and we’ll get better and better at doing this getting stronger in our guidance our discernment and our intuition as we move forward on this path. So, with all of that, said don’t try and fight what is inevitably trying to.

Leave your life, don’t ignore your intuition and use discernment and when something or someone just doesn’t feel right, anymore either step away, get your distance or begin taking steps to try and easily phase the situation. Out so.

You don’t cause a lot of unnecessary conflict or disharmony, so I put together just a couple little tips on what you can do if you feel like there’s a situation in your life that no longer resonates with you or that you need to move away from or that you’re feeling drained or Disharmony when you’re around them, you can simply keep your distance and choose not to be around them, soften right, so just respecting your own boundaries respecting. What you wish for and respecting that you need time alone, to get really clear about.

What your intentions are going to be moving forward and. You can vocalize that communication is the best and if somebody doesn’t understand that then, I would say that would be a key indicator that. You’re probably right about.

Maybe wanting to go off on your own. With this one and one thing that, you can really sit down and ask yourself I like to do this as a journal. Prompt is this specific person adding value to my life and finally the last portion of this video, sorry I’m kind of all over the place, but I wrote a couple of things down for you guys about how to cope.

How to cope when you’re losing friends. I mean it is not, easy losing friends losing relationships losing family members or even if you’re not losing, them, you are just separating, or you’re growing apart whatever it might be.

So, how do we actually cope with this one thing that I’ve done before in the past that has really helped me when I’ve been really grieving. The situation is, I have written a letter to the person if I wasn’t table to really explain everything to them face to face. I would write everything down in the letter about, how I truly felt in my heart, maybe address how you feel about the person and.

Why you’re moving in the direction that you’removing and just explain everything and put it all out on paper as if you’re writing a letter to that’s specific person and make it very, very hurtful to really getting your emotions out on paper and then? I just did a little ceremony where I would go in my backyard and say a little prayer to the universe and crumple.

The paper up and burn it into my fire pit, and it was really helped me to kind of, move the emotions and the deep feelings that I was experiencing through My body and helping me to process all of it because my next tip is just to allow yourself to grieve.

We do go through major grieving processes, so for you to try to repress that or not acknowledge the feelings and the sensations that you’re having surrounding the relationship is doing yourself an injustice. It might help you, if you research the five stages of grief online, and that really pertains to anything that we’re grieving.

So, it can help you to realize what stage that you’re in, except where you’re at and know where you might be moving next. One of the best things that you can do to cope is what do you love to do. What draws you in spiritually, do youlike human design.

Do you like to study meditation maybe, you love yoga, maybe its astrology or tarot whatever? It is whatever draws you in maybe. You begin by taking a courses tart studying, really dive deep into maybe stepping towards your purpose. If you don’t know what your purpose is, the best thing for you to do are: try different modalities, study different things and see what really lights you up and. This will really take your attention away.

From everything, that’s going on in your friend group with your partner with your family member sand, really channel it into your spiritual, path one, extremely valuable thing that I did over the course of this past few years was to keep a journal and I kept a journal specifically as.

It pertained to my relationships. In my life, and I would write down the way that. I was feeling in every moment. So, if I was having a time when I was really feeling like I was disconnected from people or whatever it might be, I was noting all of that and dating it so, then, especially when it came to like bad habits and partying and things like that so.

If I ever felt like there was a draw to go back to certain people that may have been toxic or certain habits or certain places with certain people. I would go back and read over my journal entries from the past few months or past few years, and there were some pretty amazing.

Things that I wrote to myself in their I just grabbed my computer because I wanted to read to you a little portion of one of my journal entries that I read the other day, and it really, really motivated me to stay on this path that I’m on, and it said I need to remember and remind myself why I’m doing what I’m doing do whatever it takes to stay so firmly committed and rooted to the changes that you’reworking towards stop sabotaging yourself so that you temporarily fit in with what you’ve outgrown that was powerful.

Stop lowering your vibe and the work that you’ve done to match other people’s just to fit in temporarily. This is self-sabotage and will cause your manifestations to take longer, you are so close.

Stay focused, keep going, so I would write myself, just little inspirational things in the journal that when you go back and read that you’re like wow okay I’ve gotten to where I am right now because I’ve made these good choices, and I’ve distanced myself from things that were outdated or no longer served me And it will help you to keep moving forward.

And the last thing on my list here is don’t hold on to people just because you’re afraid of not having anyone just keep in mind that in the end, it’s worse off to keep losing and sacrificing a piece of who you truly are to Those who don’t align with you any longer all right guys.

I know this process can be a little bit, lonely, daunting, frustrating. You can feel super disconnected from those around you, and I just want to tell you that i’m here for you, if there’s any other videos or topics that you would like me, to discuss, please leave it in the comments box. Below, I’M always listening to what you guys have to say and any suggestions that you have. If you need somebody to talk to on your spiritual awakening journey.

Just remember, I am an intuitive soul coach and. I love to help people who are navigating a Spiritual Awakening or a major life shift. So if you’d like to discuss anything we can set up a discovery session link below. I have a couple of spots open in my three and six month, coaching program. So let’s go ahead and have a chat about that and if you are interested in an astrology reading, you can go ahead and sign up the link is below for that as well.

But thank you guys so very much for tuning in here. Hang in there, I’m right here with you. This process really is so beautiful in becoming, who you truly are remembering. Those aspects of you that are authentic, that are genuine that are true, so stay on the path, and i appreciate all of you in this community. If you benefited from this content tap like don’t forget to subscribe leave me a comment below and i will catch you guys in the next video peace and namaste

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