Spiritual Awakening Test


Spiritual Awakening Test

Who does not wonder whether joy that lasts is ever possible and if so what does one need to do to bring it about? Will this need to include some kind of spiritual awakening and if so how do you discover it?

Spiritual awakening and modern culture

Much of materialist science has it that we are servants to our acquired nature, household childhood and financial constraints of adult life. In other words we are led to believe that our individual destiny is more or less already foreseeable and that we have little or no individual option in the matter.

Contemporary commentators thus recommend that the only way for improving things is to attempt to alter the external world and thus the experiences of individuals in it – their economic, political, level of education.

And so today, understanding and understanding of spiritual concepts are frequently sidelined.

It might be the case that the very requirement for spiritual awakening is challenged implicitly in our Western culture.

Nevertheless, I think many individuals privately wonder whether they need to undergo some sort of personal improvement if they are to be actually happy.

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This would be very much in line with what deep thinkers state about the requirement for spiritual awakening if one is ever to become a better person.

The trouble is this much deeper kind of personal change can seem to be a mystifying procedure.

Spiritual awakening and Observing Spirit

In Observing Spirit, Peter Rhodes nevertheless clarifies the procedure; for instance demonstrating how spiritual awakening includes self-awareness and being totally alert to inner experience.

The reader is offered a series of useful spiritual exercises and the necessary theoretical understanding to cultivate spiritual awakening and the personal advantages they can bring.

These can be significant; including heightened awareness and vigor, a focusing of one’s energy and sense of uniqueness and authenticity.

Individual self-help books are in numerous supply. Often they beg the question whether it is possible to use a technique or task apart from the framework of spiritual ideas which underlie it.

For instance do we require spiritual beliefs concerning what mindsets spiritual awakening can lead us into?

On the other hand the world’s religious beliefs have plenty to state about human destiny, and morality.

The inescapable experience of challenging death is seen as an essential spiritual test for liberating us from excessive material preoccupation.

Spiritual awakening and world religions

In the 3 Abraham make religious beliefs, Judaism, Christianity and Islam, fate is framed in terms of our private identity making it through death in an everlasting afterlife.

This vision, in broader terms, accepts judgement in relation to our conduct of life, in some cases an intermediate state of waiting or re-schooling and after that, either ultimate union with the divine (called heaven or paradise), or in a state of ultimate separation from the divine (referred to as hell).

In Hinduism there is stated to be a continuous cycle of death, rebirth, and birth (reincarnation) until – through ideal action, a boost in altruism and the practice of a spiritual path – the cycle eventually ends in release from suffering and combining with the divine.

But such spiritual customs have less to demonstrate how their teachings can be applied by the spiritual seeker who lives beyond a religious culture: how can such a person usage faith to participate in recovery of the spirit?

Peter Rhodes provides an answer.

On an individual level he had actually found what to think about life and death in the Bible and Emanuel Swedenborg’s interpretation of it.

However, it remained in the books of Gurdjieff and his partners that Rhodes discovered a really useful spiritual methodology for applying Swedenborg’s spiritual idea to the troubles of personal modification.

Deeper ideas and tasks for spiritual awakening
Once main idea in the Swedenborgian method, is that effort needs to be made to turn away from or put aside whatever is not good about the method one is living. Observing Spirit offers both some much deeper concepts and jobs in relation to awakening to:

  • Where you are and where you want to go,.
  • Your effects on others,.
  • Dominating negatives in your character,.
  • Your establishing goals,.
  • Your natural side in service to your spiritual side,.
  • Liberty from natural time,.
  • Space for a spiritual life,.
  • Remembering yourself,.
  • Understanding another individual’s difficulties.
  • Removing barriers,.
  • A genuine sense of self,.
  • Being shocked by what is true,.

For me, this motivating book shows that it is important to wake up to the nature of our impressions and incorrect accessories and to acquire spiritual understanding and understanding about ourselves and the magnificent source of all that is excellent and real.

At the same time what is also required is a heartfelt approval of the aspects that stand in the way of our journey of individual transformation and a determination to work on spiritual awakening.

The procedure of spiritual development described in Observing Spirit is challenging. It takes effort, and there are times when spiritual enlightenment about yourself will not be an especially pleasant experience.

That with the spiritual power of the divineworking within oneself, it is so much easier for you to see your true intentions and to listen to other people and appreciate the goodness in them.

The book has actually greatly helped its readers to act more in accordance with their real values and to pay better attention to the subtle yet motivating ideas and sensations present within the human soul.

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