Spiritual Awakening: The Biggest Shift in Identity You’ll Ever Have



Spiritual Awakening: The Biggest Shift in Identity You’ll Ever Have

This video, I’m gonna, show you spiritual awakening, which is the number one shift in identity you will ever have in your life. I’M gonna show you how to go about this process and an easier way and exactly what to do to expand yourself to a new level of reality.

Welcome back to another video, my name is autumn Egan, and I help people expand their consciousness and on this video I am going to be sharing with you, that of understanding identity, the shift in identity.

I would say anything from my life that has transformed my life – Has been not a shift in just the action, I’m taking not a shift just in a couple of thoughts that I think it’s a shift in who I believe that I am and when I look at all the shifts in my life.

Okay, let’s talk about like back in the day, you probably know my story, because I’ve talked about it, a lot on YouTube, because I got over 1,000 videos on YouTube and therefore there’s some repetition. You know what I mean first, one yeah.

He said ADHD. Okay, I believed I did. I went to a doctor, they said yo. This is what you got. I said, okay, so then I went about it and I had a lot of energy and I told myself that story, and that was my reality on autopilot.

Then I learned meditation, I learned how to observe those thoughts. I then started to redefine myself and within a couple of weeks I no longer needed adder all, which had this harsh side effects.

If you can’t eat very much, you can’t sleep very much and what I ended up doing is getting rid of that. Just let it go, and I started to meditate, then I started to observe that belief. I started to observe who I thought I was.

I would then go through a spiritual awakening that changed my whole entire life, so that was one level a part of my identity. That was shifted. I reframed it. A lot of these identity shifts will be reframed as well.

Then I thought I wasn’t worthy because of my past, while I changed the way that I relate to it, I realized that my past pain led me to a spiritual awakening, so in a weird way, I was actually very grateful for it.

When I talked about me going daily on YouTube, and you’ve probably heard me tell the story the same thing, I had a job I didn’t care about.

I saw myself as a nine-to-five employee, and then I changed my identity said no matter what I’m going to make videos every single day on YouTube, no matter what, until I’m a full time youtuber – and I did that for five or six months.

I was working full time and making videos full time, but I became a full time youtuber.

So, it’s a shift in identity. I wasn’t also making videos because then I could finally not have a job I didn’t care about.

I was making daily videos because I realized it’s who I really am. Furthermore, I make videos I share content. That’s my level of identity, so identity, shifting and shifting your identity in general is all about letting go of what doesn’t serve and then being the vibration that you prefer to be and being who you really are meant to be, but letting go of certain parts of Your identity, that don’t serve is the way of getting out of that limitation. Now I made this handy-dandy chart here to show why and what I think the biggest shift you will ever have in your life and guess what it’s happening in mass amount of levels.

On the planet, I was at the sauna earlier today talking to somebody that was telling me he was at first whose kind of you know your kind of started to share about.

He came going through a metaphysical transformation in all this stuff, and you can always tell too because people are normally.

They don’t want to get to say too much because they they’re used to people crying like wool, that’s weird, but then he saw that I was totally for it. I was like yeah.

I was like blah blah blah, of course, and then he was like opening up out yeah. I used to be around a lot of people that weren’t awaked and this buddy of mine said: there’s a consciousness shift happen in the world and I didn’t believe him.

But now look like I meet all these people and I feel like it’s actually happening, and it’s crazy because we were talking about how we were talking about this and back five to ten years ago, probably wouldn’t be having that kind of conversation.

There is a consciousness shift happening on the world, people are waking up, and part of this is a shift in who we are you see prior to spiritual awakening. We think we are these little physical egos, and that’s all that we are. We identify reality through the five senses. If we can’t touch it taste it smell it see.

It then guess what, it ain’t real. So, it’s about going knowing that we go beyond our senses and admit: you’ll start to get there, and you’ll start to become aware of those barriers.

For me, those barriers were certain parts of my identity. First off part of our identity, as we think we are the results of our past and because we think we are the results of our past guess what we continue to live in the story of our past and then what happens is we then go through a Spiritual awakening, we realize we’re much more than we priorly thought, and a lot of this happens that scale of consciousness. I always share.

The truth, is you are unconditional, love, joy and bliss, and the key to this is becoming aware and remembering this is who you are? It’s remembering not about attaining a level of enlightenment. It’s about undoing everything! That’s not you! You see so the actual shift.

The irony of this whole shifting identity thing, because we shift out of our old identity like all what doesn’t serve the irony of it is that, in order to really become who you really are it’s about, shifting out of all identity and becoming nothing becoming an infinite Spiritual being that’s not confined by labels and interpretation, so that’s a level of presence.

That’s a level of beingness, that’s a level that we are all on the path of whether we’re aware of it or not we’re on the path of becoming more of who we are, which is spirit.

Yes, we’re having life physical experience through our bodies, but it’s about becoming aware of who we really are and understanding that a lot of who we are is simply false: barriers, false levels of identity and things that we’ve in a way. Things have happened in the past that got within our energetic field. We think this is who I am.

This is who I am when we carry that around, and then we meet other people who reflect that negativity back to us. But you see when we become aware of it. This is where everything then begins to change, so spiritual awakening is about really shifting your identity.

Out of being the little physical ego understanding that there is something that guides you in your life, you could call this the universe, you could call this Source Energy, you could! Mr Higher-Self, but regardless of whatever it is it’s about becoming aware of that and allowing yourself to go through this shift in consciousness.

That is happening right now in the world, so a shift in identity is about understanding one becoming aware of the stories we tell ourselves.

What are the stories you tell yourself because those stories are on autopilot and I know I talked about this a lot because it’s so powerful and so many people aren’t aware of the agreements they’ve made in the past.

Will you make agreement? Someone says something to you. You think this is Who I am you have something that happens.

You give it a certain meaning and based on that meaning if it stays on autopilot over and over and over again until you become aware of it once you come aware of it guess what you can change it, you know become aware of it.

Guess what can’t change it? So, this is about becoming aware of the stories that you tell yourself and even now, there’s this layers and layers and layers of these stories, because, as far as I have my ego as think that it’s gotten with this spiritual awakening journey, there’s still levels, there’s still Part of myself like something I’m going through right now, is I’m learning how to let go of control control.

The ego likes to do everything as I grow my business and go start doing live events. Guess what there’s a little ego that wants to control it all haha, but what happens is then.

I feel resistance if the ego can’t control everything – and I start to get in this little box. But then I become aware – and I say you know what maybe there’s a story going – that I have to do everything – maybe there’s a story that says that Aaron can’t just be and allow things to happen. He’s got to have his hands and every little thing he does, but you see that’s a story I become aware of.

So, you see the reason I say this is the process of spiritual awakening. It’s not like boom awakening done pack it up, I’m ascended five dimensional.

Fifth, dimensional level of consciousness: that’s it all those other people there, that’s not the way. It goes, there’s layers and layers and layers to spiritual awakening and those layers.

It’s about this letting go. I become aware of this belief. Aaron, you think you have to do everything you feel stressed, because you started to control stuff just be aware of it and then let it go and allow and realize your higher self is there to help you see.

This is the difference. It’s the way you go about things, but identity there’s still an identity there, that’s also on either side of this coin. Sometimes people say well when you because spiritually vacant you let go of identity all together. Well, we are still having a physical experience. The physical experience still needs the ego.

The egos job is to keep it to survive the egos job is that keep it to survive in its identity, for the way it sees itself.

So, in a way, the ego is kind of like an avatar in this game. We call life and basically, what happens is once we become aware of the avatar. We don’t react as much to things. Imagine you’re watching a game of Sims right now, and you are thinking you’re actually in the game you’re going through.

You have to go pick up. The kids from school you have to go, eat your Wheaties. You have to do everything that you would do in the game of Sims. I don’t really know the game of sins Sims. I played it when that a long time ago, but I’m assuming that’s what you do in the game.

Well, imagine that you’re in this game of Sims and somebody comes up to you and tells you’re a doodoo head, or it tells you something or gets into an argument with you.

Well, guess what, when you feel like the ego thing is the only thing: that’s real, and you don’t, and you just react to everything you’re like oh, my goodness, art of dish is really, really painful, and I don’t know what to do with it.

But then you get to a level work, we call spiritual awakening where you can observe what is happening from a neutral place. You don’t have to completely react to it. You can realize it’s an experience.

It’s something! You’re learning about you’re learning more about yourself.

You’re learning! More about your relationship to others, you can observe what happens rather than react with such a negative rigidity and by just observing it guess what happens? You then emotionally react differently.

You don’t emotionally react you instead, wow you put your hair back like this. You go.

Yes, I realize that, but this is just the game of Sims. It’s not that serious well in the same way we’re in the game of life and while the game of life feels much more real, and we’ve forgotten, who we are when were actuality, where our higher selves projecting ourselves into this reality, and then what we do is We come across a time when we realized hey, I’m not just little avatar, I’m not just this physical sense perception where I feel taste touch smell and do all these take these senses.

I’M beyond that, but you see, then it becomes a little bit more of also an ego trip because you say I’m so much more than an ego.

All these other peeps think that they’re just egos they’re way below me, I’m really spiritual advances.

I know all this stuff, they don’t know it, but I do I’m special, I’m here to enlighten the world, I’m here to help people and become light workers, but you see the thing about this, though, is there’s are these layers that you have to become Aware of because even the identity of being a spiritually awake person is a limitation in of itself and a lot of times will perpetuate a negative ego and many times, especially when it comes to this process.

There is this ego of separation because of spiritual awakening and separation, because, let me say well, I’m so different than everyone else. Everyone else doesn’t understand me and guess what happens because of that people don’t understand me.

Well, they’ve been to contexts, yet they will eventually get it, but guess what the more you have to see, this more I say, there are layers, because then you become aware of that layer, and then you say well: people learn to awake.

No one understands me: you go into the world, you project out a self-image and a belief that says no one gets me. No one understands me: everyone in this coffee shop is just drinking their forty dollar latte and on their computer.

Looking at Instagram and a whole bunch of stuff on social media, I’m gonna go read the law of one books, and I’m going to understand more about the universe. They are asleep. I am woke, well guess what then there could be people around that actually think.

Similarly, but you won’t actually perceive of them, because there’s that belief there clouds in that limitation. So, this is why I say no matter how high up our ego thinks it is, there’s always more to let go, there’s always more to let go of and the more you let a go of it.

The more you raise your frequency and the more you can then be who you really are at the core of enlightenment, it’s about knowing that you are nothing, and you are everything and here’s the thing, here’s something that I talked a lot about that I believe, if You want to be free, you have to become nothing, nothing, nothing! I can suppress this stuff right to you. They I’m doing it through.

You know my interpretation, but you become free where there’s no rules, there’s no rigidity now doesn’t mean your morality. But what I mean by this is you realize that everything is a form of illusion.

So, even though the sense perceptions and the things you do not to say that, there’s no repercussions for your actions because there are or the consequences for what you do.

But what I’m saying is you become nothing because everything that you think you are has been a level of identity or something that happened to that many times cause stuff to happen, your energetic field? So, once you become nothing you let go of all of that, you can then become anything you can, they become anything.

So, it’s about undoing all of the things, and then you become nothing.

No thing, not nothing. No thing not one thing, not some, not even like me, say: I’m a youtuber, that’s a thing. I have to become nothing to become everything, these limitations, even a human being, still limitation, your spiritual being, even a spiritual being, maybe that’s the limitation Source Energy. Maybe it’s a limitation who knows how far down this macrocosm goes.

But what I’m saying is that when you become no thing no theme from your past no identification with these things that have happened to you and all your limitations.

You will then be in the highest sense of vibration you can be in, and then you can be anything, so spiritual awakening is a process of letting go of layers, and if you want to know where you are on this process of spiritual awakening right now, I Have a quiz called: what’s my vibrate calm, what’s my vibration, calm, you go.

You calibrate your vibration by answering fifteen to sixteen.

You ever get many questions. There are you answer these questions takes about a minute and a half.

You get your vibration, which is represented in an archetype, and then you get a game plan for raising your vibration to the next level, plus a meditation personally for you at your level of consciousness.

So, what’s my vibration calm, you could check that out other than that. If you liked this video and its erratic crazy energy, because you smash that like button and let me know – and maybe I’ll do more – that are a little more expressive like this.

If you would prefer the other way of videos where I talk here a little bit more seriously, I move this back a little bit. Could you do me a favor and comment below and let me know say I like the older videos, where you’re just a very serious and less expressive, but it’s more relatable.

You, let me know, smash the like button comment which one you like. What’s my vibration, calm understand, there are layers to this, and you are letting go of what doesn’t serve, so you can be who you really are anyway. I got to be up early in the morning. I was just filled with this video, so I could feel good about myself, because I still tell myself a story that I got to make videos every single day in order to be on top of stuff. But guess what I’m aware of it?

And awareness is what matters so with that being said, I’m finally gonna end this video, I love you, peace, much love and I must and okay thank you for watching you

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