The Mechanics of Success and Victory – Sadhguru


The Mechanics of Success and Victory – Sadhguru

Today now modern world is always goal oriented in the sense we want to win the game, whether it’s life or game they’re. Only thinking about winning. I feel that’s a big mistake. If you, people, don’t win a game because they want to win a game who doesn’t want to win. Everybody wants to win.

People win a game because they play well, isn’t there anything wins because they play well, not because they want to win. Who doesn’t want to win? You know we say in yoga. If you keep one eye on the goal, you have only one eye to find your way. That’s not a good way to play a game.

It’s better. Both your eyes are on the game, the winning of the cup and the accolades are things which happen because we play a game. Well, it’s not because we want them, it’ll happen because we play well. It happens, so it’s always best that we keep our eyes our body. Our mind everything focused on just one thing: that is, when a human being functions at its maximum efficiency.

There’s a beautiful incident in our culture when dronacharya is teaching arjuna and a few other boys archery. He asked one by one to look up at the tree and aim and shoot at the bird that was sitting there. A wooden bird that was kept up on the tree and a small dot was marked on the neck of the bird and dronacharya said. You must aim at that particular dot and shoot so when they just pull the string, and they’re just about to shoot. He asked them to stop and ask what do you see, so they said we see the leaves.

We see the tree. We see the fruit, we see the bird we see so many things. Everybody said this and when arjuna’s chance came when he was ready to shoot and drona asked him. What do you see? He just said I see only one dot, and it is one who sees only one when one’s vision is totally one pointed that is when you get there, when everything in you gets organized in one direction.

That is when the best results happen, but so you’re playing a hockey game. It’s not about winning, it’s not about getting a cup back home. It’s not about newspapers, it’s not about fame! Your whole business is just to how to get the damn ball into the goal. Every moment of being there on the field, that’s all isn’t it as 10 people on the field just seeing how to get that ball every time in there.

The idea is to get it there every moment they won’t. Let you get it there every moment, but the whole thing is to just get it there get it there get it there. If our mind is focused on how to win the card, will we win the cup or not when we win the match or not? I have seen whether its football or cricket or hockey or whatever many matches are lost before the game is over. Somebody has scored three goals against you, so what three goals can be scored in a minute?

Oh such miracles, don’t happen, it’s not true. It can be done, and it’s happened, sometimes isn’t it, so the business is not how much somebody has scored or not scored, whether you’re going to win or not win when you’re playing a game. There’s only just one goal: putting that ball into the goal that song, if you just stay this way at least who we are our talent, will get fully expressed. What we are not, we cannot do if we do not do what we are not capable of. It.

Doesn’t matter, but if we do not do what we are capable of that’s a tragic life, isn’t it isn’t it? So if one does not do what he is not capable of, it does not matter, but if one does not do what he is capable of. That’s a wasted life and when our focus is not one pointed to this, wastage will always happen, because we are thinking about something else. If everything is focused in one way, your body, your energy, your mind, everything is organized in just one direction. A person who is going in one direction will go somewhere.

A person who is trying to go in five different directions will not go anywhere, so much time and energy effort is wasted in trying to go in different directions. So if one can just keep this in his mind, there is nothing else to the game except putting the ball there. It is not about winning it’s not about the cup. It’s not about anything, it’s just about putting the ball into the goal. That’s all.

At least your talents will be fully expressed if we are not good enough, we have to prepare more. If we are good enough, the results will come for us. That’s all the game is about, but if our talent doesn’t find full expression, that is a waste that should not happen to us.

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