The Process of Awakening | Q&A Eckhart Tolle

The Process of Awakening | Q&A Eckhart Tolle

Your own spiritual awakening, came about spontaneously, while you were in the midst of a depression. Now, you teach people various approaches to awakening, such as paying attention to the inner body.

But since your own awakening happened on its own accord, not because of techniques or approaches, what makes you think that what you are teaching will actually work for people.

since you did Not use any of these approaches to awaken If awakening happens spontaneously, why meditate? Why pay attention to the inner body, Why invite in wakening in any way (all laughing)? Well, indeed, (continues laughing). Now you may have noticed.

I have never said to anybody, you should listen to me, or you should pay attention to the inner body, or you should be conscious or whatever. For some people, the awakening happens spontaneously very quickly, For other people.

The awakening is a more gradual process and all the things I mentioned in the question in paying attention to the inner body to meditate any kind of spiritual work is not separate from the awakening, but it’s part of the awakening.

It is the awakening consciousness that makes you do these things. It is not something separate from the awakening process, but part of the awakening process.

If you come here more than once, you’re awakening Once could be a mistake: Or if you read an entire spiritual book, that’s truly empowered by spirit, and you’re enjoying it.

You’re awakening You could read a few pages and hate it, or you could read an entire book because you had to write a review about it and hate it, That’s possible. So, there are some exceptions to this, but you knew you’re not enjoying it.

So, we can’t separate the awakening from what is happening to you right now. You would not be drawn to this if the awakening were not happening.

So, in other words, you are awakening. And if you are awakening, then you may feel a pull towards wants that. But the pull is not so much The mind may misinterpret it. It may say: I need to get to become fully awake.

But you’re awakening already. It’s already happening. That’s why you are here and why you’re listening, So we can’t really separate that Another similar question. That’s almost the same question as this is do we do something. These are very two extreme schools of teachings spiritual teachings.

You have to work hard at it. Otherwise, it won’t, you won’t get. It says one The other one says: there’s nothing you can do, But you’re not going to work hard at it. Just because somebody tells you need to work harder at it. You work harder at it.

If you even can call it that it’s something once to come through here through this form, something wants to come through you, And so then you take up some spiritual practice.

There’s an inner urge to take up spiritual practice. That’s the awakening, it’s its happening. It wants to make room, And sometimes the awakening makes room drastically.

It just pushes everything out of the way like a volcano and others at other times and more frequently, the awakening is a more gradually eroding of the egoic layers that cover the splendor.

That’s underneath that which wants to come forth. It’s a gradual erosion from within and from without Sometimes suffering helps to a little bit, So it’s undergoing the process of awakening You’re awakening already. It’s not something. That’s going to happen. Doesn’t mean that occasionally you can’t be asleep.

I mean spiritually speaking, you can still go back to sleep periodically. Most people do, That’s why it’s called awakening process. It means there’s a falling back on old patterns. You don’t go like that. You go like and sometimes.

This mind made sense of self is also much more focused on the negative than the positive To be free.

You awaken to who you are beyond your history and your life situation.

The Process of Awakening

Awakening is the process where self deceptiveness are revealed so fact can reside totally. Awakening is the procedure wherein the Divine Mother awareness in each and every males and female awakens from a deep sleep and keeps in mind to have union back with the Father, the source that produced everything. When the body and mind is cleaned up so we can start accepting the love present within us, awakening is.

The process of awakening is not easy. It is a procedure that shakes up all your limiting beliefs. The awareness of being wrong about your core beliefs requires fantastic humility.

This awakening process will take you to the heights of its magnificence if you can yearn for reality more than a pretty illusion. Along the way we’ll be asked to drop our ideas about the world, spirituality, religion and finally our ideas about God. This is done so you can finally clear your cup for fact to be revealed. Your fact may be really different from another because we are all in various stages in our awareness.

The process of awakening can trigger a deep sadness and anxiety as untruth is exposed. All circumstances of competitiveness, greed, rage, arrogance, jealousy, pride and all kinds of egoistical actions get to be seen in the light of reality. The ego or the restricting beliefs get to surrender to this knowledge awakening within us.

Every one on earth will go through this process of awakening. Be open to finding out from lots of teachers. Your Divine Mother knows the method and you can delay your teaching and get stuck if you have a resistance to an instructor or teaching.

The cleanup time right now has the potential for your body to manifest illness if you are in rejection with what your soul understands to be true. If you feel you are not competitive or arrogant and your soul knows otherwise, you can turn it inwards and injure your body.

Have the guts to break your comfort zone and take a leap into the unknown. Participate in as lots of spiritual programs by many teachers and permit yourself to keep in mind.

If you extend yourself out of your convenience zone, you will learn discernment and begin the procedure of trust just. In every teaching, take what is true for you and turn down the rest.

Just through walking through your worries can the process of awakening shift you to a higher place. Take a leap of faith and take action. The time is now.

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