They Feel So Threatened By The Truth – Spiritual Awakening Has Begun!


They Feel So Threatened By The Truth – Spiritual Awakening Has Begun!

A lot of people talk about the matrix now right how to escape the matrix or other people call it the rat race. You could just call it the system, but this entire system that controls.

Entraps and enslaves people into mental and debt-based servitude is perpetuated off of one simple thing, and that’s you and me trading away our freedom for safety, and in this video I’m going to show Exactly what they’re threatened about you finding out and how you can use it to free yourself from this entire game, this entire system, so my name is Jake Ducey.

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I’M wishing you a fantastic morning, put a smile on your face. It’s a beautiful day for us to be alive, especially when we find out what they’re so threatened about you finding out and how you can use it for some very powerful things if you haven’t yet my free success.

Hypnosis is right there down below it’s in the description, and it’s pinned to the comments right there down below it’s my free success, hypnosis to reprogram your subconscious, mind, psychologists, say that your subconscious mind is responsible for 95 percent of your entire life.

So, all of your thoughts, your feelings, your behaviors, your habits, about money, about relationships about career, about productivity, getting what you want in life, it’s all programmed in the subconscious, and they say 70 of it – is negative and redundant.

So, what does this mean? It means that our subconscious mind that controls our whole life is negative redundant, and it’s blocking you from getting what you want. But if you reprogram your subconscious mind, everything becomes quicker, faster and easier.

So, my free success hypnosis is right. There down below, hit the like button and let’s dive right into this video, okay. So if you look at the world today in the last 18 months, what have people done? They’ve traded away their freedoms for safety, but this isn’t the first time we’ve done this.

This is human nature, and it’s played itself out for thousands of years, and it’s how elites have always controlled human beings and how most human beings have quite literally always essentially kind have been one step away from animals right.

So, the majority of people are actively disengaged from their jobs. They don’t really like their life. They don’t really have a sense of purpose they’re underachieving financially they’re underachieving in their career, and they don’t really know what any of this is all about, and that’s exactly what is wanted by the control systems of the world.

So most people trade away their freedom for safety in life, and this manifests in many ways. This manifests essentially in us uh taking the good but not realizing, there’s a great it’s settling in our relationships.

It’s settling in our career, it’s settling with our goals. Right you make 40k, and you’d love to make 80, but you really don’t even think it’s possible, so you never even set the goal to begin with, so you settle, we settle in our career, we settle in our health, we settle in our fitness and this cycle perpetuates itself over and over and over and over where all we do is we constantly trade, our comfort in order to stay exactly in that same spot over and over and over again never getting freedom and this system perpetuates itself.

So, in order to get freedom and in order to break ourselves out of this system, we have to realize who and what we really are right, there’s a reason that all ancient traditions talked about self as spirit there’s, a reason.

All ancient traditions talked about spiritual awakening. There’s a reason that there are hidden books in the bible there’s a reason that the Vatican has hidden underground libraries, there’s a reason they don’t let the public see any of this type of stuff.

There’s a reason for all of this, and the reason is that reality isn’t what we think it is, and some uh very nefarious individuals for as long as humans have really existed going far beyond the Roman Empire.

They’ve always wanted power and control, and so they withheld very important knowledge. So, the way that we constantly trade away our freedom in exchange for safety in exchange for comfort, is we don’t know who we are? If you really think about it, it’s pretty crazy. So basically, uh, Jesus knew the entire Roman Empire, which eventually collapsed.

He knew it was a fraud. He was calling it out for being a fraud. The power system was so threatened by him. They wanted him out right. I mean this has happened to so so so many people, Socrates, drinking the poison, the power systems, don’t want you to know that you are a spiritual being and fear and love or fear in god can’t exist at the same time.

So, they have to x. God, out of the equation, they have to make you believe in an idea of it rather than have direct experience of it, they have to distract you with fear with doubt with worry you’d turn on the television. It’s fear. It’s terrorists, it’s death! It’s all these things.

We have to get distracted by bills and all of these um third dimensional things so that we don’t identify with our true self because this entire world changes if people wake up, if people wake up to who and what they are. This entire world will change, and so it begs the question: well, what am I, you aren’t a body.

So, what are you? The body’s just a rental car you’re a spiritual being in a physical body and when you realize that you’re a spiritual being in a physical body, there’s nothing to be afraid of because there’s no such thing as death. And when you realize there’s no such thing as death, there’s nothing to be afraid of, and when you realize there’s nothing to be afraid of.

Then there’s freedom to stand up for and when you realize, there’s freedom to stand up for you build your life based off of this purpose. You’re not afraid, you’re not afraid.

First of all, to set big goals: you’re not afraid to speak out, you’re not afraid to stand up, you’re not afraid to focus on what’s important to you and if other people don’t want to come along on that journey.

You’re not going to be controlled by the fear of opinions of others, you’re not going to be controlled by the fear of rejection anymore. So, the fear of consequences is what keeps us trapped in the rat race.

So, the question is: who would you be without your fear? Who could you be without your fear because think about it? What is there to actually be afraid of? What is there to actually be afraid of, this entire body is 99.999 empty space.

It’s all empty space. It’s crazy. I think I am somebody I’m actually nobody, I’m actually nothing because 99 of who I am is empty space. It is nothing, I’m somebody, though, I’m nobody, I’m nothing, and so are you your spirit in your consciousness, but it’s vibrating at a frequency outside of visible light that we can perceive even with the most powerful microscopes.

And when you realize that it’s out it’s actually pretty exciting because you realize you’re on a cosmic journey and there’s no such thing as death and the dimension after this will probably be a lot better cause. There’s probably a lot less crazy people in the next dimension.

And so, what is there to be afraid of? Well, I’m afraid of dying well. What, if I told you, you actually never die well, who’s me! Well, not the body, your true self! Well, what about rejection?

What if they don’t like me anymore? What, if I put all my time into something, and it doesn’t work out what, if you couldn’t fail, actually what if it was impossible for you to fail and that it was really just an illusion of you trading your freedom for security? In this instance, the security is protecting yourself from failure. Think about that subconsciously. We don’t have all these things that are going to kill us anymore.

Quite like we used to back with our ancestors. We made it worried about the elements and animals and all these types of things, our own basic survival, our life’s got pretty plush and comfortable for the majority of people in the world actually and the brain hasn’t evolved and so the fear centers of the brain.

Now identify social fears and social anxiety, anxieties, um as things we need to protect ourselves from because they become death to the ego and the ego needs to survive. And so, we build these self-preservation techniques where we block ourselves from ever engaging in an intimate relationship as soon as it gets there. Well, my parents got divorced when I was younger and theirs was really bad.

spiritual awakening

It was really trauma. Thus, I have subconscious trauma and identification with relationships as pain. Vulnerability ultimately leads to upset. So, here I am, I really love this person and I just screwed it up again. Why?

Because we’re subconsciously programmed to protect ourselves from something that we feel is a threat. Why do we always blow all of our money as soon as we get it? Why do we have the best three weeks in sales we ever have, but then the next week sucks, and then it levels out with the previous month because well what? If I spend all this energy, and it doesn’t work out – you see how this works subconsciously. We’re always trading away.

What could be for what we already know, so you have to let go of your whole idea of whom you thought you were. It’s not scary, though because you move to an awareness where you recognize yourself as a divine being and when you move to the identity of self as divine being, and you identify with self as spirit you’re connected to the infinite source of the universe.

At this point, you’re not doing it alone anymore, and that’s why it says: seek first the kingdom of heaven and all things will be added unto you so here’s the question that I have for you. Are you gonna keep spending your life, never knowing what you’re really capable of? Are you going to keep trading your life for other people’s opinions?

Are you going to keep trading your life to stay at this level of homeostasis, where you never really fail that bad? But by default, you never really win. So, my final question to you is: what do you really want – and I beg of you to do that thing now because what we’re really in more than anything, is a crisis of people.

Waking up self-realization coming alive, we’re in a crisis of joy before uh the pandemic happened uh about 80 percent of people. According to the Gallup poll, said they’re actively disengaged from their jobs politically correct way to say 80 people 80 of people hate what they do we’re at the highest level of stress-induced illness.

One of the number one inducers of illness is stress, incredible levels of depression. Incredible levels of divorce: what is this showing us? It’s showing us that this path that we’re taking in life, where we’re identifying totally with the physical world, isn’t working out for us.

It’s not because we’re trying to do everything alone, we feel alone we’re always trying to arrive somewhere we’re never even the people that achieve a lot. I mean, you look at the Hollywood celebrities.

You look at top achievers. Many of them become suicidal right. So, this path that we’re walking where we think we are what we can touch and what we can see is leading us to a dead end because it’s not only is it not ultimately fulfilling because it’s temporal in nature, it’s temporary in nature, but it also Um blocks our spiritual powers, we have to change our awareness with looking at. I am a Jake, I’m this person right here uh, my hair. Is this long?

My eyes are blue, I’m 6′ 3. This is who I am I’m jake, i’m Jake, I’m this old here’s! My story: here’s how much money I make! Here’s where I live! Here’s who my wife is, one of my teeth is crooked.

This is who I am it’s 99 empty space, I’m nobody, I’m nobody, and you’re nobody. So if you’re nobody, then what are you? Soul? Spirit but Alan what says you can’t get wet by the word water, so you can call it anything that you want to call it, but you can’t get wet by it can’t get wet by the word water.

It’s a direct experience so right now, while you’re listening to me, ask yourself this question: is there life in my hands, see if you can bring your awareness to your hand right now and see if you can feel the energy in your hand or ask it another Way say: is their energy in my hand, can I feel the energy in my left hand or my right hand, take a breath and see if you could feel it just focus?

It’s not a yes or no question bring your awareness to your hand and see if you could feel it if you could feel it see if you could feel it in both hands and if you could feel it in both hands, see if you could feel into Your foot or your whole body what you’re doing there is you’re moving your awareness to spirit the energy to true self.

And when we begin focusing on this, it opens up the doors to the universe, and we’re no longer controlled by other people by the system. And certainly not by our own minds and our own fear. So if you enjoyed today’s episode, make sure you get my free success, hypnosis right there down below its, it’s my free success, hypnosis to reprogram your subconscious, mind to rewire all those old limiting beliefs.

We’ve inherited from the system from society from the rat race, from the media, from our teachers, from our old fears from our old self. It’s right there down below the subconscious. Mind controls 95 percent of your life.

How Do I Assistance My Spiritual Awakening?

This is the 5th short article in a series on Spiritual Awakening. The previous article listed 12 symptoms of spiritual awakening ranging from changes in sleep patterns and physical aches and discomforts, to feelings of solitude, unhappiness and lack of passion. Now that you understand more about what’s going on, the next sensible concerns are:

· What can I do to support my awakening?

· How do I get myself on track to a place where I begin to feel some or all of these ‘symptoms’?

· How do I get to live more from my essence and be all that I can be?

If you’re simply starting out producing a more spiritual course, I am here to assist you to develop a daily practice that works within the limitations and restrictions of your hectic life. My hope is to support you in bringing spirituality and presence more totally into your life.

For those of you interested in deeper Spiritual Awakening, let’s take a minute to breathe deeply to produce an intent and a space for that opening. Remember that we can’t require this to occur. It will happen in its own time; the effort of looking for has been known to press the shift even more away!

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The last post of this series on Spiritual Awakening is dedicated to assisting you enquire more into yourself and support silencing the mind so you can take pleasure in the journey of life rather than focusing so intently on the location that you miss the attractions on the way.

It is not unusual for us to limit ourselves in life since of our inner dialogue. Each of us has a little voice inside our head that speaks to us of our imperfections rather than our successes.

When Awakening starts, we start to separate who we are from the relentless chattering of our mind, which can feel peculiar at first, however eventually is such a relief as increasingly more of our essential nature appears.

Many individuals have no concept that they are not their mind or that they can have control over their ideas!

It sends us messages about how we’re not excellent enough. In short, it cuts us off from Source and holds us back from any kind of joy or sense of accomplishment. The Inner Critic is the dream killer in us!

The messages our Critic sends us generally emulate those that we learned early in life from our parents, siblings, teachers or other coaches. These early judgments were designed to teach us how to behave appropriately and stay safe in the world however they often left us feeling that we remained in some way flawed or incorrect.

Some judgments were obvious while others were implicit. Just the raising of an eyebrow sufficed to let you understand that some things weren’t authorized of and yet there are lots of people out there who are flourishing and living their life ‘on purpose’ since they have discovered to ignore the critic or have resolved those restricting voices and beliefs. Fundamentally most human beings have the two core beliefs:

1. That they are not good enough, and

2. If they are unsatisfactory then they will not be enjoyed; and these 2 fundamental limiting beliefs cut them off from the reality of who they are – from Source.

If you feel dissatisfied and fed up with your life or are not doing what you would love to be doing with it, then when would NOW be a good time to make a change?

An essential practice in awakening is to question what you really think and to then apply that questions to your life, and one of the main mentors is to look within and discover what you seek within.

Following your happiness, your heart, your inner assistance due to the fact that it is the course that will take you ‘home’ is the best method we know of to start waking up.

Ending up being whole and real begins with getting truthful with yourself and doing and being what will light you up instead of listening to the ‘shoulds’.

We tend to offer far too much credence to what other people think is right for us and deny that wee small voice that is calling us house, until ultimately we can hardly hear it any more.

In some cases it can take a considerable life occasion like unexpected illness, losing a job, a relationship, an enjoyed one or our house for us to wake up and take a closer look at what we are finishing with our lives.

The last article in this series on Spiritual Awakening is entitled: “Who Do You Think You Are? You Create Your Life.”

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